Beautiful Corten Steel Planters Shaped And Inspired By Nature

Corten steel has been around for quite some time but only recently we started exploring all the design possibilities. Corten building facades are just one example. There are many other uses for this material and some of them focus on little things like planters or decorations. Corten steel planters are an interesting example. They take advantage of the particularities of this material is a really practical way.

Modern corten Planter
The corten steel on the planters matches in style the exposed bricks on the wall

The Shard planters displayed here come in three different sizes, all featuring geometric forms reminiscent of volcanic shards. This resemblance also inspired the name of the collection. The planters are made from Corten steel or aluminum and they are available in a variety of finishes, including a natural rusted look or a powder-coated one.

Corten steel planters
Corten steel has a naturally rusted finish meant to protect it from further damage

The rusted box planters featured here are also made of Corten steel. This finish is intended to forma  protective layer which prevents the steel from suffering further damage caused by weather and site conditions. The planters are manufactured by Five Twenty Two Industries and their design is a very simple and very versatile one.

Elevated corten steel planters for backyard
The rusted finish on the planters lets them blend in with the house
Front house Weathering steel planters
The planters are all made of weathered steel and they have different heights and shapes

The succulents on this terraces garden contrast nicely with the aged weathered steel planters and the different heights and shapes create a really nice dynamic. The result is a three-dimensional design that plays with textures, colors and finishes.

Driveway house with corten retaining walls
The rusty planters contrast with the green grass and plants

A similar contrast is also displayed here. The rusted planters and the green lawn and plants make each other stand out. At the same time, the planters coordinate with the large house doors.

Vertical angle corteen steel
The Corten steel creates a very nice transition between the gravel pathway and the green lawn
Modern Backyard design with corten steel
The Corten steel that lines the pathway gives it a geometric shape, creating clean angles

An interesting contrast is also featured here, where Corten steel was used to set a barrier between the green lawn with plant beds and the gravel pathway that follows the gentle slope. The weathered steel makes the transition less abrupt both in terms of color, shape and angle.

Corten retaining wall
Not all Corten steel has an accentuated orange-like finish. The color is created over time

Corten steel develops its defining rusty color over time as it’s being exposed to the elements. It forms a layer of rust which protects it from further damage. This way the steel can withstand harsh weather conditions without suffering damage or needing constant maintenance.

Tall planters from corten used like a fence
Weathered steel is used here as a fence and plants are draped over it

You can combine weathered steel with a variety of other materials. Corten steel planters can be displayed along a reclaimed wood fence or they can delineate a brick or gravel pathway or driveway.

Weathering steel planters
The color of the planters is a good match for desert landscapes

Certain climates and locations naturally integrate Corten steel planters into the landscape. A desert area, for example, is defined by colors and textures very similar to those of this material.

Backyard garden corten stairs and planters
The planters are complemented by matching stair treads

It’s also possible to match the planters to other decor elements such as a garden statue, a set of stairs or a fence. Either way, there are many different ways in which you can create harmony in a garden or backyard.

Growing plants in corten planters
The crisp and clean beauty of this garden is the result of a series of contrasts

This is a beautiful landscape design that Sustainable Garden Design Perth created. They used Corten steel planters of different dimensions. Their rusted finish has a bold orange hue which contrasts with the vivid green of the plants.

Rectangular planters from corten
The planters in this case form a link between the garden and its natural surroundings

Landscape design and construction firm Huettl also used Corten planters but the goal in this case wasn’t necessarily to emphasize a contrast of colors but rather to balance out the decor and to find harmony between the garden and the surroundings.

Beautiful spiral corten planter
Although a little rough around the edges, Corten planters are a way to establish a dialogue between landscape and the nature in general

Guided by a desire to create a harmonious relationship between nature and people and to find new ways to honor the earth, Exteriorscapes experimented with Corten steel planters and use their rusted finish to their advantage.

Corten modern planters - fence design
We find this combination of plants and colors to be a beautiful match for the planters

Planters are usually decorative but in this case Yamamardesign used them to also establish a physical barrier similar to a fence. It delineates the deck offering it privacy while also adding a touch of color and charm to the space.

Front house corten planters
The geometry of the planters and their large dimensions are a reflection of the style that defines the house

Responsible for the landscape displayed here is Landform Design Group which chose large weathered steel planters as a means to imprint the same clean geometry and modernn allure that also defines the house and its interior design.

Growing tomatoes in corten planters
It’s possible to use weathered steel planters in a zen garden in combination with other simple materials and features

Corten steel generally has a strong industrial look which is passed on to everything around it. However, in this case the planters are a good addition to a very zen and tranquil environment defined by simplicity and delicate forms. This is a design by Huettl.

Corten fence and planters
This is a beautiful mix of Corten steel and wood with ceramic and brick accents

We mentioned before that weathered steel looks beautiful in combination with a series of other materials that include wood or bricks. This combo was used here by Exteriorscapes and you can see how the materials complement each other while also sharing a connection with all the greenery.

Contermporary house with planters in front - house number
Although Corten steel doesn’t need to be painted that doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility for customization

It takes a few years for Corten steel to develop its defining rusted finish. The steel gradually gets a patina and this eliminates the need for paint and constant maintenance.  It’s a really great plus in the case of planters that are displayed outdoors. These ones are part of a project by Slic Interiors.

Geometrical modern house with corten large planter
There’s a nice and balanced distribution of colors here and the image is completed by the planter

The large weathered steel planter displayed in front of the house establishes a nice balance of colors and completes the design envisioned by Ben Miller. That’s because, visually, the planter matches the wooden elements on the ground and upper floor.

River rocks and corten steel
The draught-resistant plants and Corten steel make a good combo that suits the surroundings well

When designing this beautiful residence, Kendle Design chose to make it blend in with its surroundings. The exterior dialogues with the landscape and the garden emphasizes this relationship.

Corten boxed planters
The patina on the planters gives the garden a very charming look

Weathered steel is a good material for garden planters. The fact that it sits outdoors exposed to all sorts of weather conditions means it has to be tough and resistant and the layer of rust that this type of steel develops is the perfect answer to those concerns. (landscape by Lauren Dunec Design}.

Rooftop corten planters
The planters in this case come as an extension of the Corten steel facade

The design idea captured here by Spacecrafting is very simple and also very inspiring. The building has a Corten steel facade and the planters displayed in its proximity are made from the same material, thus creating a sense of harmony and cohesiveness.

Outdoor kitchen and corten planters
Large planters like these ones are often used as a buffer between the house and the street

The beautiful weathered steel planters you see here are placed in front of a beautiful residence designed by Bates Masi Architects. Here they seem to also envelop an outdoor kitchen station, making it a part of the landscape.

Cactus corten planter
Corten steel is a good match for designs and decors in arid zones thanks to its natural rusted color

The large cacti are in this case nicely complemented by the rusted planters which in turn come as a really good match for the soil and a few design elements that define the house and the fence.

Staircase wall and stairs from corten
The stairs extend into planters, featuring weathered steel treads and matching guardrails

The transition between stairs and planters is a very seamless and subtle one. Stairs turn into planters while at the same time being flanked by gradually taller planters with the same rusted finish as the treads. This creates a nice symmetry for the landscape designed by D-crain.

Bamboo corten planters for backyard
These robust planters are designed to make a statement while also keeping the decor simple and modern

The dark color tone featured by the planters is a beautiful match for the manicured green lawn but also for the light-colored wooden fence behind them. They’re robust and solid, in contrast with the delicate plants growing in them. Nice Planter offers a variety of other custom designs.

Cactus planters from corten
The planters can be the center of attention or they can be a practical accessory for eye-catching plants

We love the idea of variety and diversity and especially the way in which it was applied here. The planters share similarities in terms of designs but they also stand out as individual ornaments together with the variety of cacti and succulents they’re home to.

Corten planters for gardening
This is an ingenious and interesting way of organizing different types of plants

Although there are not planters per se, they have a similar role, that of containing and organizing various types of plants and making the garden look beautiful. The undulating Corten steel panels also form a pathway at the center.