Cute Stools And Charming Little Ottomans We Love

Some things, although small and not as important as others, have an important role in the big picture, helping to define and shape a space or a decor. We believe that stools, poufs and small ottomans fit into this category. They can be used in all sorts of practical and stylish combinations. The chair and ottoman combo is already classic but it’s not the only one that we love. In fact, some of these footstools and modern poufs are so cute and beautiful we’d design an entire room around them.

Colorful fully upholstered stacking stool
Colorful upholstered stool - blue and yellow

You can get the Hyde Outside stools in lots of funky colors and even some interesting color combinations and patterns. The design is simple and playful and the stools are very versatile. You can use them in a variety of different environments and spaces, including residential spaces, terraces but also libraries, playrooms and public spaces. They’re lightweight and durable as well as stackable.

Colorful fully upholstered stacking stool

Aren’t these stools adorable? They look so simple but at the same time they’re so pleasant to the touch and overall appealing. They’re called Bombetta and they come in different versions with different heights. There’s even a bar stool version. The stools have seats made of cork and three legs made of wood. They’re both cute and sustainable.

Colorful Cryptogamme stool with white base

Sentou recently revived an iconic collection of funky-looking stools that were originally designed by Roger Tallon back in 1967. The stools have cup bases which can be purchased individually or in sets and which are paired with colored and comfy seat cushions.

Ballo by Don Chadwick

Ball chairs are pretty fun but not very comfortable or practical because of their proportions. Designer Don Chadwick made some improvements in that area and created the Ballo stool: a multipurpose piece that’s fun and eye-catching. It’s not the type of seat you could be using for long periods of time since it’s intended to serve as an occasional stools for active sitting.

Johanson design chairs and stools

There’s something special about the Shima poufs. Their slender metal bases support a comfortable upholstered cushion and some are also fitted with a small side table. Having a small table built right into the ottoman is useful when you need to use your laptop for a little while or to rest your drink.

Aline Stool From Jason Design

The design of the Aline stools and poufs is a bit unusual, mostly because their seats look like they could be the entire pouf without the need for a legs or a base to support them. The pentagon-shaped seats come in several different colors. You can use the poufs are individual pieces whenever you need an extra seat but you can also pair them in clusters.

Lisbon stool from Soft Line
Footstools and small ottomans are great to have around but they tend to usually be compact and a bit heavy and that makes them uncomfortable and impractical to move around. The Lisbon ottomans don’t have this problem. They each have a built-in handle and they come in two sizes and two heights as well as in a variety of different colors and materials.
Blue and Grey upholstered furniture

These are the Pollen Ottomans. They’re pretty eye-catching as individual pieces but they’re even more quirky when displayed in pairs. That’s because they’re available in more than 150 color combinations. Their designs and patterns are casual with a hint of luxury and style.

Casper Michael Sodeau's Cork Stool

The Bob stools designed by Michael Sodeau are some of the simplest and cutest ones we’ve seen so far. They’re cork stools shaped like cylinders and they each have two holes in them that look like eyes but which are actually meant to replace the handle. There are infinite ways in which you can customize these little pieces.

Arte Abe and Arne Cork Stool Table

Designer Michael Sodeau also created a set of three other cute-looking cork pieces. Their names are Art, Abe and Arne and they’re multifunctional. You can use them as stools, ottomans, side tables and even magazine racks thanks to their built-in storage grooves.

Colorful fully upholstered stacking stool

Thanks to the handle, you can take these stools everywhere you go. They’re easy to carry and they also look pretty cute. You can find the Carry On stools in a variety of materials and colors. The leather version looks a bit like a small barrel and the fabric ones are fluffy and cuddly.

Colorful fully upholstered stacking stool

We absolutely love the Scancaro ottoman series. It’s a collection that impresses with its simplicity and refined elegance. The stools, ottomans and tables are made of steel with bases made of MDF and covered in felt. They have a slightly angled cylindrical shape with perfectly cut lines and clean angles.

Colorful fully upholstered stacking stool

This is the Baobab stool. It has a pretty unique design that makes it recognizable. It’s crafted using woven threads that are intended for fishing nets. It’s handwoven and that makes each stool unique and different from the rest, each with its own imperfections. The cushion is made of polyurethane foam and colored to match the weave.

Colorful fully upholstered stacking stool

The Porada collection includes several interesting pieces of furniture, one of which is the Alcide stool/ small ottoman. Its design is inspired by classic furniture and has a hint of sophisticated casualness. You can find it in several versions, either round or square-shaped and upholstered in leather or fabric.