Modern Chairs Always Great To Have Around

Chairs are always useful, whether you only use them occasionally when you have guests over or whether you use them as permanent furniture pieces in your dining room. In fact, chairs are more versatile than that and it’s always good to have a few extra ones around just in case. Folding chairs are perfect for such occasions but if you’d rather opt for a different kind, we have a few nice options for you to have a look at.

Alf Chair In Grey Pattern

The Alf chairs by Hart Miller are versatile in the sense that you can use them both inside the house and out on the deck or terrace. They are crafted using 3D laser techniques. The tubes are first cut and then hand-folded into their final shape. After that, the frames are welded and the chairs starts to take shape.

Verso III Chair for Outdoor and Indoor Use

The design of the Verso III chair by Tomoko Azumi is not meant to be glamorous but rather practical and suitable for outdoor use. The chair is lightweight and has a galvanized steel frame. The initial design idea was more compact and had no armrests allowing multiple chairs to be stacked. However, the idea was abandoned in favor of a more comfortable design.

Mint Black Wood Chair

The chairs designed by Mint promote a stylish and elegant look. They are a good option for dining rooms although their sleek frames and modern appearance also makes them suitable candidates for a variety of other spaces. You could even use one as an accent piece for the bedroom corner.

Four Legged Wood Chair

Inspired by classic designs, these 4 Legged Chairs stand out thanks to their graceful seats and backrests supported by tapered legs. They’re characterized by the type of simplicity specific to Nordic furniture. They’re a little bit vintage but with a strong modern appearance.

Wood seat and white wire legs

With elegant lines that define all furniture pieces from Sagal, this chair puts together a sleek metal frame and a thin wooden body that curves and forms the seat and backrest. The contrast between the trio of colors is well-balanced and harmonious.

Kids Chairs From Chaise510originale

Chairs that can be stacked offer the advantage of space-efficiency. This means you can easily and comfortably store a set of chairs without needing a lot of floor space so you can quirky grab them whenever needed. Apart from that, the chairs displayed here also come in numerous clever colors and color combinations which can be mixed and matched in tons of interesting ways. They’re a 510 originale creation.

Colorful Canteen Utility Chair

The Canteen utility chairs are also stackable not to mention that they have a really versatile design. They’re available in four wood finishes and 11 color options and they’re chic and simple, adding a nice touch of color to spaces such as home offices, dining rooms and lots of others.

Very Good & Proper design Red Chairs
Colorful legs Very Good & Proper design chairs

All products designed and manufactured by VG&P (Very Good & Proper) are meant to first of all be practical but also good-looking and style-sensitive. The chairs displayed here bring a new face to a classic design, being characterized by simple lines and visually-pleasing forms.

Another Country Wood chairs

Another Country also designs and manufactures a variety of contemporary and stylish furniture pieces including these chic chairs which can look exquisite in sets but also as freestanding accent pieces. This is the type of chair that would look lovely in the corner of your living room.

nomad Chair Design

Made from a combination of bamboo, canvas and leather, the Nomad Chair is a reinvention of a Scandinavian classic. Its design is inspired by the Roorkhee Chair and the piece is meant to be a field chair. This means you can assemble it and take it apart in just a few seconds and also that the chair is portable and space-efficient when packed flat.

Leaf Chair from Ton

Two versions of the Leaf chair are available, one being the simple model with a seat and backrest made of molded plywood and bent solid wood construction and the other being an upholstered version. Both the frame and the upholstery are available in a variety of different color tones.

Split chair design from Ton

The Split chair is quite similar to the Leaf design but features a full backrest without the opening specific to the design previously shown. At the base of the design is the use of manually bent wood which forms the seat and backrest. The chair is available in both a simple ash design and one with gradients spray painted manually.

chair Merano Design from Ton

The Merano chair is an interesting case. Its bottom section is made of solid wood while the seat and backrest are made of bent plywood. However, this doesn’t create contrasts and the result is a very light and smooth design which doesn’t have any visible screws or metal pieces.

Oak chari without arms
Wood and wire frame chair

Ethnicraft is a company that seeks to create simple, authentic and functional furniture following a contemporary and timeless design. The focus is on functionality and quality and this philosophy leads to beautiful and versatile designs among which you can find a series of very beautiful chairs.

ethnicraft Chairs collection
Wood Chairs from ethnicraft

The company offers a series of chairs without armrests, all crafted out of solid wood. Some models put together wood and metal while other keep the designs simple and basic.


NY11 Dining Chair, Walnut - Leather

The New York Chair or NY11 is a classic dining chair handcrafted out of solid white oak and with a seat of laminated oak veneer. A version with a leather-upholstered seat cushion is also available.