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The Best Spray Foam Insulation Kit – Most Useful Products For Homeowners and DIYers

Have your heating bills been through the roof? Are you also struggling to keep your house cool during the summer? If so, you might have insufficient insulation. When your home isn’t insulated correctly, there’s a chance of drafts getting into the house during the winter and escaping during the summer.

Spray foam insulation kits

To prevent such an incident from occurring, you’d need to invest in spray foam to create a more energy-efficient home.

Spray foam insulation kits are a great choice because they can insulate all sorts of spaces from wall cavities to floors. They’ll also come with everything you need to insulate an area – whether open cell or closed cell. When you purchase a spray foam insulation kit, it’ll usually come with spray nozzles, a gun dispenser, and a hose. Some of them may also come with safety gear.

If you’re new to purchasing a spray foam insulation kit and not where to start, our comprehensive guide will help. We’ll talk about the benefits of getting a spray foam insulation kit and its pros and cons. Then, we’ll give some tips on what you should look for when buying a spray foam insulation kit and provide you with five excellent spray foam insulation kit options.

Benefits of a Spray Foam Insulation Kit 

Why should you be getting a spray foam insulation kit? To start, these kits help with reducing energy losses in a home by up to 50%. They also work better than standard insulation because it’s flexible and prevents air from leaking through. While it may be expensive to get everything set up in the beginning, you’ll be saving on energy expenses in the long run. Spray foam insulation helps seal up cracks and holes, so your utility systems won’t have to work so hard to compensate for lost air.

It also helps with deterring moisture. Water can easily seep through openings around pipes and vents – putting your home at risk for unwanted bacteria and rot. In other words, your home could be looking at some costly damage. By spray foaming your home, it’ll seal the tiniest crooks and crannies, so there are minimal chances of water seeping into your home.

If you’re not a fan of drafts, a spray foam insulation kit will help solve that. Spray foam insulation helps to create an airtight seal that’ll protect your home from the elements. It’ll prevent any temperature fluctuations in the building and will instead provide a consistently comfortable temperature. Unlike other insulations, spray foam also sticks to the surface, so you won’t have to worry about a hole that you may have missed.

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Another great benefit of spray foam is that it helps minimize indoor allergens such as dust and pollen from entering your home. If you’ve got allergies, it’s especially helpful as there’s no way it’ll be able to come in through the walls. It’ll also prevent pests and rodents from coming into the home and is a non-toxic option that won’t release harmful contaminants into your space.

Spray foam insulation kits aren’t difficult to use. When you purchase a kit, you’ll get everything you need and just have to follow the instructions. Primarily you’ll be using a spray foam gun to spray the material on your desired area. After you’ve done the spraying, your insulation should be dried up and ready to go in about a day.

Spray foam insulation kits are also environmentally friendly since you’ll be consuming less energy in the long run. It’ll help reduce your carbon footprint, and you’ll be doing your part for the environment. It’s long-lasting since it’s only made of two materials and will never lose its shape. It won’t sag or shift over time even in various temperatures, and it’s also heat-resistant.

Another great quality of spray foam is that it’s incredibly dense and has strong adhesive qualities. With that, it’ll provide additional strength and structure to buildings while acting as a layer of protection against humidity and wind. Finally, spray foam also helps with reducing sound. If you’ve been woken up by noisy neighbors or road traffic, spray foam can help. The insulation absorbs sound waves and soundproofs your walls, so you’ll have a quieter home and more privacy.

Pros and Cons


  • Reduces energy losses at home. It helps to seal up cracks and holes, so your utility systems don’t have to work as hard.
  • Deters moisture and prevents drafts. Sealing the tiniest nooks and crannies that prevent water from seeping into your home.
  • Easy to use. You’ll get the instructions and all of the items you need upon purchase of the kit.
  • Environmentally friendly. You’re consuming less energy in the long run and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • It helps with reducing sound. Spray foam can absorb sound waves and soundproof your walls.


  • Be detailed with the installation. When using spray foam, you’ll want to spot-check the area a few times to make sure that you’ve filled every spot – especially if you’re using closed-cell foam.

Best Features to Look for

When purchasing a spray foam insulation kit, there are some things that you’d need to consider. The first thing to consider is the R-value. The higher the R of the spray foam, the better the insulating power. If the winters in your area are particularly cold or summers are warmer than usual, you’d want to opt for a higher R-value.

The next thing is to make sure that your spray foam is fire-resistant. Fires can happen, so you’ll want to make sure that your kit has a high fire rating. The next thing to think about is density. The higher the density of the spray foam, the better the insulation power, and the more soundproof and protected your home will be.

When purchasing your kit, you’d also want to consider if you’ll be installing the kit on your own or getting a professional to help. Some kits require professional assistance, while others can be installed on your own; you should read the recommendations before your purchase. If you’ve decided to do it on your own, make sure that the kit comes with all of the necessary hardware. Ideally, it should also come with safety equipment such as goggles and gloves.

Then, you’d also want to think about the color. Spray foam insulation does come in multiple colors from brown to white, so that’s something you’d need to consider for the interior of your home. The type of spray foam you purchase is also important as each one of them comes with a different density – depending on the purpose of your insulation, and the room you’d like to insulate.

As a brief overview, there are three types of insulation – high-density spray foam, medium-density spray foam, and low-density spray foam.

  • High-density spray foams are thick, moist-proof, fire-retardant, and great for all sorts of environments.
  • Medium-density spray foams, on the other hand, are relatively good as well and ideal for insulating and dampening noise.
  • Low-density spray foams are lightweight and generally don’t offer the same kind of insulation as the other types of foam. It’s mostly used for rooms that don’t rapidly lose warmth or aren’t connected to what’s happening outside.

The last thing to consider is open-cell versus closed-cell insulation. Open-cell spray foam is ideal for interiors and is cheaper than closed-cell foam. It also helps with dampening sound and can be installed at a low cost. Overall, however, they’re more suited for interior walls as they’re not great for sustaining the house.

On the other hand, closed-cell spray foam is a flood-resistant material that’ll offer reliable protection for your home; it can also work in very low temperatures and helps to add strength to the wall. Closed-cell spray foam is also moisture-resistant, has a high bond strength, and lasts long. They’re great for adding strength to your home’s overall construction and are usually used for exterior walls and roofs.

Top 5 Best Spray Foam Insulation Kits

1. FROTH-PAK 620 Sealant – 2 Component Foam Insulation Kit

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This spray foam insulation kit comes with closed-cell foam that’ll help with filling gaps within the home. It yields up to 620 board feet of foam and can be used on roof and wall junctions, drywall, and more. It’s also quick curing and will be completely cured in less than a minute. Upon purchase of this kit, you’ll have everything you need from a gun dispenser and hose assembly to cone and fan nozzles, a wrench, a petroleum jelly packet, and an operation instruction manual.

Those who have purchased it mentioned that you should watch as many installation videos as you can before beginning the process. You should also order a chemical vapor suite and eye protection. Other customers have also mentioned that the spray foam sticks to everything, so you want to make sure you’re using clothes that you can throw away.

2. Foam It Green 602 Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Kit

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This closed-cell spray foam insulation kit can seal and insulate your home in one easy step. It provides a seamless air barrier and will provide approximately 602 square feet of foam. It’s also fire retardant, is made of an antimicrobial formula, and comes with everything you need to complete your project.

Some tips for using this foam insulation kit include making sure that you have safety gear on – goggles, a proper respirator, full suit with hood, hat, shoe covers, and extra gloves, preparing your walls a few days before spraying, and shaking canisters for at least 60 seconds before spraying. You’ll also want to have drop cloths because the foam dribbles out of the nozzle. It does work as advertised, and you’ll want to have a serrated insulation blade to cut the foam.

3. Dow Froth Pak 650, Spray Foam Insulation Kit

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This spray foam insulation kit will help fill any cavities, cracks, along with expansion joints for insulation and air sealing. It helps stop energy loss and can insulate stud wall cavities up to two inches thick. The spray kit comes with up to 650 feet of foam and comes with a gun dispenser and hose assembly, wrench, petroleum jelly packet, and operation instruction manual.

Those who have used this spray insulation kit mentioned that it’s pretty easy to do and also stated that you might need a few more fan nozzles then what the kit gives you. As with all other spray foam, you’d also want to make sure that you’ve got a respirator mask, splash-proof goggles, and a full suit as spraying can get a bit messy.

4. Foam It 202 Fire Retardant Spray Foam Insulation Kit

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Another fantastic spray foam insulation kit, this one comes with closed-cell foam and will help provide a seamless air barrier. The kit offers about 202 square feet of foam, and it’s both fire-retardant and has an anti-mold formula. Upon purchase, you’ll have everything you need for your project, from detailed instructions to 24/7 customer support and plenty of videos.

Those who have purchased it like how it even comes with a tip sheet of mistakes that other users have experienced before so you don’t make the same one. Another great thing about this spray foam insulation kit is that the spray will start turning yellow or blue when one of the parts is depleted.

5. AWF PRO Gaps and Cracks Kit

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Last on the list is this spray foam insulation kit that’ll help fill the gaps and crackdown on energy loss. It’s fire retardant and forms an airtight and water-resistant seal and will adhere to a range of materials from wood to glass. Using the kit is easy, you’ll need to take the top off the can, screw the can onto the gun, and open the gun’s valve. With the kit, you’ll get two cans, one foam dispenser gun, two plastic nozzles, two plastic straws, one cleaner can, and a pair of nitrile gloves.

Those who have purchased this kit are very happy with their purchase and mentioned that you can control how fast the foam comes out – extra handy when you’re working on small cracks. They also love how it comes with a cleaner product and how everything screws right on the gun.

The Bottom Line 

As the weather starts to get colder, insulating your home is incredibly essential, especially if you’re looking to minimize your electricity bill’s cost. We hope that the comprehensive guide above and the product options will help with your purchase. Remember that if you’re working on the exterior of your home, it’s best to opt for closed-cell spray foam as you’d need that extra protection.