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Round End Tables Can Open Up a Space – On-trend and Timeless

Versatile and extremely useful, an end table might be the perfect piece of furniture to complete your living room setup. Useful for anything from holding your cup of coffee to supporting a lamp that allows you to get some reading done in the evening, these end tables are available in a variety of different styles that can complement pretty much any type of room decor out there.

Round End Tables Can Open Up a Space

With different designs, different materials choices, and different weight capacities, round end tables don’t always have to be forgotten in a corner, and they can actually draw the attention when walking into the room. Today, we’re going to talk about round end tables and discover what makes them so unique.

Top 3 Picks

Best Wooden Table: Joss & Main Solid Wood Drum End Table

Made from quality teak, this Joss & Main round end table is the perfect wooden choice due to its versatile open slat design and natural appearance.

Best Two-Piece Set: Kinchen 2 Piece Nesting Tables

“Love it! Adds a mini modern style and saves room.” (Customer review)

Best Eco-Friendly Table: Ewan Solid Wood Drum End Table

Made from painted coconut pieces, the Ewan round end table is a sustainable eco-friendly solution that results in a beautiful piece with unique design features for each individual product.

Benefits of Round End Tables

There are so many different shapes to choose from when it comes to end tables, it’s only natural to wonder why you’d choose a round one over any other of the existing shapes.

  • They are safer for children (and just about anyone else). Tables that have corners often pose a danger to kids, especially when the little ones made it on their own two feet and are starting to explore the world. Generally speaking, less furniture corners translate into less injury potential for the little ones that are always up and about.
  • Unlike end tables of other shapes, round tables can be placed in smaller spaces and still give you some room to move around them because of their shapes. So, if you’d like an end table while actually having space to move around it, a round one might be the perfect option.
  • There are unlimited styles to choose from. Don’t assume that just because an end table is round, you are somewhat limited in the design options that are available. You can find these tables made from all kinds of materials, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, and others.

Materials to Look For

You can find round end tables made from a wide range of materials, each of them offering a unique appearance and properties that might be closer or further away from your needs. Round end coffee tables are typically made from:


Designed from various grades of timber, wood end tables are made from solid or hardwood, with some having MDF particles and boards. The best hardwood choices for end tables are maple, walnut, and oak, and the most common solid wood choices include cedar and spruce.

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Metal is usually used to build the frame of an end table, but there are models out there built from metal alone. It is a material that’s often combined with wood to create a more unique appearance for an end table. You can also opt for models with metal frames and glass tabletops, as these have a more modern appearance.


While it’s not common for people to opt for end tables made from glass alone, it is a very popular material because it’s used to make the top side of the table. Tempered glass is the best choice because it’s stronger and safer (when tempered glass breaks, it shatter into tiny fragments which aren’t sharp enough for you to cut yourself with).


Some tables are made entirely out of stone or feature stone bases or tabletop and use some other material for the rest of the construction. Marble tables are elegant and usually more expensive, but they add a natural appeal to the room. When stone is used in the construction of end tables, you usually see veneers or solid pieces.

Styles to Consider

Choosing the wrong style of round end table could turn out to be a fiasco in terms of room appearance, so it’s important to know what your options are and determine what style of round end table best matches your existing room decor:

  • Traditional styles are often characterized by a lavish appearance, with some furniture pieces having opulent details. If you’re looking to buy a traditional style round end table, consider looking for models that have cabriole legs, turned spindles, and decorative details.
  • When it comes to transitional styles, you’re basically looking for end tables that don’t have as many ornaments as traditional ones, but aren’t as simple as contemporary pieces. There is still a level of details present in this style, but it has been toned down to bring these tables at the border between traditional and contemporary. A transitional end table often has crown molding, curved lines, and is designed to be comfortable and functional at the same time.
  • Contemporary style end tables aren’t that rich in detail, but instead focus on functionality and form. They are known to have geometric shapes and rounded corners, with clean lines.
  • Country style end tables are typically made from wood and details that include wainscoting and scalloped aprons, stenciled decorations, and even milk-painted finishes.
  • Eclectic round end tables bring together a mixture of several different styles, as it combines different trends throughout history. Due to the nature of this style, you can combine these tables with all kinds of furniture, provided that you opt for pieces of furniture that have a similar finish/color.

Best Round End Tables

Bancroft Glass Top End Table


Our first choice for today is oil-rubbed steel round end table with a tempered glass surface that perfectly fits modern living rooms and spaces that would benefit from a drop of shine brought by the golden frame. Measuring 21.6” H x 19.7” W x 19.7” D and having a table top thickness of 0.59”, this table has a delicate appearance but a sturdy construction that can support up to 88 pounds in weight. You can also choose between two other frame finishes: black and rose gold.

Solid Wood Drum End Table


At the border between rustic and modern, we find this Joss & Main round end table, a superb wooden piece with a rather unique appearance. Made from teak, one of the best woods for furniture, this round masterpiece measures 18” H x 12” W x 12” D and has a tabletop thickness of 2.5”. It can support up to 60 pounds in weight and comes with a natural brown or a dark brown finish. The open slat design and the natural distressed look of the wood allows you to combine the style with a variety of different room decors.

Brockman Barrel End Table


Those of you looking for a round-end table to complete an industrial farmhouse or rustic decor are going to love the design and construction of the Brockman. Resting upon a metal frame, we find a round piece of wood that completes the 24” H x 20” W x 20” D construction of the table. The barrel-like design of the table offers a sturdy appearance, leading to a product that successfully combines two different styles for more versatility.

Morrissey Glass Top 3 Legs End Table


While practical and often not considered the focal point of a room, round end tables can be elegant, especially when they are rich in details such as the Morrisey table is. The iron legs are adorned with metal birds and branches, creating an intricate base that leads to a delicate glass tabletop. The table measures 24” H x 14” W x 14” D and the glass surface can be removed for convenient cleaning. You can choose between multiple finishes, such as gold or aged bronze.

Enrique Cross Legs End Table


Fans of industrial and farmhouse setups are going to love the design of the Enrique table. It comes with a metal frame that’s covered in powder-coated steel to make sure that the durability of the construction can’t be contested. The frame is combined with a high-grade MDF and laminate top, leading to a construction that can support up to 25 pounds in weight. Measuring 23” H x 17.87” W x 17.87” D, this table is perfect for small spaces. There are different tabletop finish options to choose from, such as slate gray, dark walnut, or rustic oak.

Kinchen 2 Piece Nesting Tables


Nesting end tables will always be practical because the elevated edges prevent things from rolling off the surface (a feature with uncontested benefits, especially from cat owners that are tired of their furry companions pushing everything off the table). This two-piece set is made from MDF wood and comes with tables of two sizes, with the largest one having a 19.75-inch diameter and the second one, a 15.75-inch diameter. You have multiple finish options to choose from: white, black, brown, and gray.

Crewkerne Glass Top Frame End Table


Measuring 20.125” H x 16.25” W x 16.25” D and with tabletop thickness of 0.75”, this barrel-style round end table is perfect for a variety of different room styles, offering plenty of versatility when it comes to the decor options it can be integrated in. It is designed with a metal frame and a tempered glass tabletop, supporting up to 20 pounds in weight. The glam design and the gold finish of the frame brings shimmers of light to the living room, but you can also choose other finish colors, such as white, black, or bronze.

Monica Drum End Table with Storage


Big spenders that are looking to invest in a cabinet-style round table with an appealing wood design should definitely take a look into the Monica drum end table. It has a cylindrical silhouette that brings forth a blend of solid and manufactured wood to create a piece of furniture that can support up to 30 pounds in weight and measures 26” H x 17.75” W x 17.75” D. The design includes a cabinet and a drawer for convenient storage and is available in finishes such as satin black, white, honeynut, and cherry.

Akbar End Table


Designed with a metal frame and a marble top, this end table is a regular focal point and a piece that stands out of the crowd when you first walk into a room. It measures 24” H x 24” W x 24” D and has a luxurious appeal to it, thanks to the full marble tabletop construction that’s complemented by the metal base with curved lines. The bronze finish of the metal frame completes the elegant appearance of the table.

Ewan Solid Wood Drum End Table



The Ewan end table is yet another perfect example of how far people can go when using their imagination for good. Made from painted coconut shells, this is an eco-friendly end table that looks absolutely amazing thanks to the mosaic-style pattern. Because of the natural variations, every one of these tables is unique and provides us with a sustainable solution and a beautiful table that can be used in the living room or as a bedside table.

Beth Pedestal End Table


When you combine solid and manufactured wood, you often end up getting amazing decor pieces, such as the Beth round end table. With a wooden top and base, this table features interesting design elements and draws attention thanks to the round and curved pedestal base. It is available in a multitude of different colors, including black, yellow, teal, or red.

Shropshire End Table


When you’re looking to buy a beautiful traditional-style end table, the Shropshire has all the elements that are characteristic to this style. Made from solid and manufactured wood and measuring 24 x 18 x 18 inches, this table is equipped with a drawer that helps you put away small items that you want to have by your side while you’re enjoying your coffee or reading a book.

Final Results

Round end tables add a certain appeal to the room and could sometimes provide you with more benefits that tables of other shapes could. With a multitude of styles to choose from and being easy to match with multiple room decors, round end tables are practical, easy to move around, can help you save space, and are safer to own if you have children because they lack sharp corners.