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Check Out These Gorgeous Round LED Bathroom Mirror Ideas

There are so many reasons why you’d want LED mirror in your bathroom. Aside from being practical and offering additional lighting for you to perform whatever mirror-related tasks you want to perform, it creates the illusion of space, makes the bathroom look more life-like, and it just give the décor a better appearance overall.

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

For these reasons and many others, today’s focus is shifted onto the amazing concept of round LED vanity mirror ideas. Let’s see how we can make them work in your favor.

Tips on Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Choosing the right vanity mirror for your bathroom might be a little complicated if you aren’t passionate about interior design, so we’ve put together a list of tips that might help you make the best out of your bathroom space:

  • One design tip is to opt for walls of mirrors instead of just a single mirror centered above the vanity. If you go for mirror built into walls, you have to consider a few things. First, they won’t be that easy to clean (as you know, mirrors can be a nuisance when it comes to making them spotless). However, they will make your bathroom appear huge, making a true statement in the bathroom. It’s a bold move, so it’s completely up to you.
  • The second tip is to not be afraid of bringing mirrors and lights together. And we’re not just talking about LED vanity mirrors here. Having the right lights and placing them in appropriate places comes with great benefits. Sconces and small mirrors are great for those of you with limited bathroom space, for example. Don’t skimp on lights because they can make your bathroom look amazing.
  • You may have seen that some mirrors are framed, while others have a frameless design, so which one is best for your bathroom? Frameless mirrors are stylish and less expensive, and they make bathrooms seem more modern, which is why they are chosen in minimalist spaces and contemporary bathrooms.
  • Ornate mirrors are great for bathrooms that are looking to make a statement. It makes the bathroom look more dramatic, so they aren’t suited for just any type of bathroom.
  • Round mirrors are amazing for those of you that want a relaxed and soft bathroom look. They look amazing when paired with pedestal sinks. They are a good choice for wall finishes that you want to show off because it covers up less wall surface but still gives you enough room to look at your face.

Why Choose an LED Mirror?

If you know a little bit about LED bulbs, you’ve heard talk about their efficiency, even if they require a greater initial investment. They pay off in time because of their long lifespan and their low energy consumption. So, when it comes to bathroom mirrors, why would they be considered a simple trend and not something that’s actually useful? But since mirrors come with multiple types of bulbs, why would you choose LEDs instead of anything else?

LEDs are hundred times more efficient compared to fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs. They consume less electricity, so you will end up paying less on electricity bills compared to what you’d pay if you chose other lighting options. Since they don’t emit mercury, they are more environmentally-friendly compared to other types of bulbs. They also have a longer lifespan, which means that you won’t have to change them that often.

It also happens that glass used to make LED mirrors tends to be of higher quality, which makes LED vanity mirrors more durable. They tend to fog up quite a lot but, thankfully, there are plenty of mirrors that are now equipped with anti-fogging features. With a single press of a button, your mirror can be clean in seconds.

Furthermore, backlit lights in the bathroom offer an even source of lighting that surrounds the entire mirror, which means that regardless of what you want to do whilst looking in the mirror, you will get the same amount of light coming from all sides, as opposed to the light you’d get from wall sconces or ceiling-mounted lights.

The Best Round LED Vanity Mirrors

Kory Glam Lighted Vanity Mirror

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

The first mirror that we wanted to show you today is a crystal LED product that looks incredibly stylish. It comes with an IP44 waterproof rating and integrated a defogger so that you won’t have to wipe it every time after the shower. It comes with a button that allows you to shuffle between multiple temperature settings: warm light, cool light, and daylight. The smart sensor allows you to turn the lights on and off and, with a long press, you can dim the lights for each temperature setting. There are four sizes to choose from, with the smallest one being 24 x 24 inches, and the largest one being 36 x 36 inches.

Monterey Back Lit LED Daylight Bathroom Mirror

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

The Monterey mirror is an absolute beauty, with a design that creates a beautiful optical illusion. It is a contemporary-style bathroom mirror that comes with a touch-sensitive power button located on the lower part of the front side, with a framed design surrounded by LED lights. It has a plug-in design that equips a dimmable and de-fogger touch button in an environmentally-friendly product. It comes with LED 6000K lights and has a silver frame finish. It measures 30” H x 30” W x 1.57” D and has a total weight of 19 pounds.

Delphia Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

The Delphia mirror comes with a more simple round design compared to the previous two products, but it is a masterpiece nevertheless. Perfect for modern-style bathrooms, it comes with a frosted glass edge and energy-efficient LEDs with a 6000K output. It has an aluminum structure and has 100/240 VAC – 50/60 Hz power requirements for hardwiring. You can choose between the 24 x 24-inch mirror or the 30 x 30-inch model.

Alec Backlit Modern & Contemporary Lighted

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

In terms of design, Alec and Delphia mirrors are strikingly similar, but they are not identical by any means. The Alec is designed to offer a sleek design and comes with a touch-sensitive button that allows you to turn the light on and off. The framed design is surrounded by a bright white light that’s perfect for putting on makeup, doing skincare routines, shaving, and other bathroom activities that require good lighting. It measures 24” H x 24” W x 2” D and has a total weight of 15 pounds.

Modern & Contemporary Lighted Magnifying Vanity Mirror

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Here is an excellent magnifying mirror equipped with lights for those of you that really want a good close-up of what they’re doing in the mirror. It has a cordless design and works with 4 AAA batteries. The extendable arm is great for small bathroom, where vanity space is limited and you want to be able to get the mirror out of the way when not in use. The mirror measures 7” H x 7” W and weighs only 2.6 pounds. It offers precise 7x/10x magnification and has a distortion-free design.

Dimarco Frameless Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

The frameless design of the Dimarco mirror makes it perfect for minimalist bathroom, where you want to feel like every element is giving you chance to breathe. Powered by batteries, the mirror eliminates any potential wires that might get in the way, and grants you more versatility over the mounting wall. The mirror measures 12.25” H x 12.25” W and weight a total of 3.4 pounds.

Monterey Lighted Bathroom

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Here is yet another Monterey mirror, only this one is made by Latitude Run. It comes in an oval shape and measures 32 x 42 inches, but you can also opt for the 36 x 24-inch or the 42 x 28-inch model. On the bottom side of the mirror, you will notice a couple of touch-sensitive buttons that grant you control over the settings of the mirror, with one of them being the power button. The warm LEDs emit light at 2830 lumens.

Baraboo Lighted Bathroom

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Here’s yet another oval light that just makes the entire bathroom look more charming. It comes with a frosted glass edge and is available in two size options: 30 x 20 inches and 36 x 24 inches. It is a hardwired product with requirements of 100/240 VAC – 50/60 Hz. The light is perfect for modern bathroom where you want to either ditch sconces or choose additional lighting that isn’t just useful, but also make the bathroom look more alive.

Nystead Modern Frameless Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

The Nystead bathroom vanity mirror with LED lights is the perfect choice for people who want a more unconventional design and an eye-catching mirror that pleases the sight every time you walk into the bathroom. It has an anti-fog feature to keep the mirror clean even when the bathroom feels like a sauna. Since it doesn’t use copper in its construction, it’s less likely to corrode. You can select between the two LED light options available, with one set being 3000K warm white and the other one being 5500K daylight. There are two touch-sensitive buttons: one for turning the lights on and off, and the other one for changing the light settings.

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

Bronwyn Frameless Lighted Bathroom

We end today’s list of round LED vanity mirror ideas for your bathroom with another beautiful oval light that fits modern bathroom so well. It comes with touch-sensitive buttons that allow you to change the setting of the light, ranging from 3000K warm white lights to 6000K cool lights. It has an anti-fog button to keep the mirror clean at all times so that you can always see yourself clearly in the mirror’s 30” H x 23” W surface.

Bottom Line

Round LED vanity mirrors for a bathroom are a wonderful idea, but why stop there? With the right mirror option, you can enhance the space in almost any room inside your home, turning it into a space that feels warmer, makes a statement, and draws the attention of anyone that comes in. For the most part, remember that LED mirrors require electricity to function, but some models work with battery power.