Marble clock from KBA

Marble is usually used for big constructions, for bathrooms or floors, for statues or outdoor items. But every now and then some inspired designers use this beautiful and special material for manufacturing beautiful works of art like this amazing Marble clock from KBA. The clock is not actually made entirely of marble, but it is a normal clock with a marble pedestal. It looks great and inspires nobility and richness, taste and class.As you have probably imagined, such clocks are no longer made in these modern times when everybody wants to produce very cheap items that are made of plastic and last for only a few days.

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So this item is a classic one, a vintage item that is admired and purchased by connaisseurs. It looks more like a sculpture, a statue carved in marble that happens to have a clock mechanism attached to it. Its origins are continental and it has some very beautiful brass accessories that make it even more beautiful if this is possible. The clock is right on top of the marble support and is also made of brass, just like the two thin and elegant arms of the clock. There is also a nice and fine basket with some long decorative plants hanging from it just below the clock dial. If you are interested you can ask for a price on Kenny Ballantiques web site.