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15 Stylish Kitchen Canisters to Liven Up Your Space

Welcome to the unexplored potential of kitchen canisters. They are very useful kitchenware items that are often chosen according to the wrong criteria, which makes them frustrating to use or in need of replacement sooner than it should be.

Stylish Kitchen Canisters

From farmhouse kitchen canisters to ceramic jars with hand-painted details, we are here to show you what it means to choose the right products and guide you through a list of just of few of the amazing product options that are out there.

Tips on Choosing Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen canisters are usually something that you don’t really pay much attention to before purchasing because you think they’re just there to store a bunch of ingredients, so why does it matter what they’re made from and whatnot? It does matter, so here are some things that you should consider before purchasing them.

  • Glass canisters are a very popular choice and they aren’t always the dull things that most people imagine them to be. They are great for traditional-styled kitchen and they are useful because of their transparency that allows you to see the contents of the jar at all time, so you’ll always know what you’re reaching out to grab.
  • Plastic canisters are also an option worth considering because they are easy to clean. However, plastic is a material that’s very likely to absorb odor from food (for instance, storing coffee for a longer period of time in a plastic canister is going to leave the material smelling like coffee). Also, if you do choose plastic, remember to opt for BPA-free containers.
  • Stainless steel canisters are very popular because of their durability and ease of care. They are also available in a multitude of styles, which makes it super likely to find some cool canisters that range from shiny silver to retro copper.
  • Ceramic canisters are amazing for different types of kitchen decors, but they work particularly well with vintage-style decorated kitchens. They are mostly available in really light colors, like off-white or cream, but you can also expect to find hand-painted designs or ceramic canisters of completely different colors.
  • Round containers are usually better in terms of air circulation and they are the most popular shape chosen by people who want to preserve food for longer.
  • On the other hand, rectangular or square-shaped canisters are easier to store because they don’t take up as much room as round ones and they are easier to place side by side. This feature is particularly important if you are going to place your canisters in a cupboard where you have limited storage space.
  • If you have children or pets that are likely to knock the canisters over, it’s really important to choose a material that is safe as possible when it falls on the ground. That being said, you might want to avoid glass or ceramic canisters if they are placed within the reach of children. Instead, you can opt for stainless steel ones because, at most, they are going to bend when fallen on the ground.
  • It’s really important that you opt for canisters with airtight seals. The foods that you are going to store in these canisters will likely not be consumed within a week, which means that you want to create all possible conditions for them to stay as fresh as possible for longer periods of time. Airtight canisters do a great job in keeping the contents fresh.
  • When you choose a particular set of canisters, make sure that the opening is large enough to fit a large spoon inside comfortable. Imagine having to use sugar from a cupcake recipe and having said sugar placed in a container with a very narrow opening. That would be really frustrating.
  • The size of the canisters isn’t to be neglected either. For instance, if you have to store ingredients that usually come in large amounts (like sugar or flour), you can’t choose small canisters, or that will make it likely to run out of said ingredient in the middle of preparing a recipe. On the other hand, if you want to store a variety of different spices, there’s really no point in buying large containers.

What Do We Store in Canisters?

This section of the article is dedicated to those of you who aren’t yet sure what a kitchen canister can do for you. There are so many different options and materials to choose from, it might seem daunting to try and understand why some canisters might be more suitable for you than others, so here are some tips related to what to pick in certain scenarios:

  • If you plan to store sticky ingredients, you want to choose canisters that are dishwasher-safe. That’s because scrubbing honey off the interior walls of the container might turn out to be a real nuisance. In such cases, plastic or ceramic containers can go a long way.
  • Glass jars are well-known for being designed with airtight lids, which means they are most useful for storing items that should get minimal air exposure, like coffee or rice. They are also good for ingredients that need bug protection, like flour.
  • If you often found yourself in a situation where you were cooking and had to reach for a certain ingredient fast, only to discover that you picked up the wrong container, you definitely want to opt for one that has a transparent structure somewhere its design. This will help you see the contents of all the containers at hand and you can pick the canister you need from the first try.

Top Stylish Kitchen Canisters

Scandinavian 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Our first suggestion is a 3-piece canister set that would make a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The cylindrical ceramic canisters are adorned with a beautiful honeycomb pattern and come with bamboo lids for the ultimate design fitting. It’s a set that comes with canisters in three different sizes, with the largest one measuring 9.25’’ H x 6.25’’ W, the medium-sized one being 8’’ H x 5.5’’, and the smallest one coming it strong at 7’’ H x 5’’ W.

Newmont 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Available in white, red, blue, and black, this canister set is the perfect addition to your arsenal of kitchen organizing tools. Made from ceramic, the set is designed with a silicone lid for a tightly-sealed content. Each canister is different in size, with the small one measuring 7’’ H x 4’’ W x 4’’ D, the medium one being 8’’ H x 5’’ W x 5’’ D, and the largest one having 9’’ H x 6’’ W x 6’’ D in dimensions. The canisters are rust and scratch-resistant, and are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe.

Boyette 4 Piece Round Screw Top Glass Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Transparent canisters are sometimes the only way to go, especially if you don’t want to label them but want to be able to tell their contents at a first glance. The simple white glass body doesn’t have any ornaments, while the lid each canister is equipped with offers an airtight seal. This particular set comes with four canisters of different sizes, with silver tops that complement the glass bodies. The sizes included in this four-pack are 4.5’’ H x 4.5’’ W, 6.5’’ H x 4.5’’ W, 8.5’’ H x 4.5’’ W, and 10.5’’ H x 4.5’’ W.

Racine 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

When you’re a fan of vintage-like China or have very particular tastes that involve intricate details, you have to check the Racine canister set. Made from porcelain, this is a set that comes with a vine pattern, very similar to what you would find in a French country-style kitchen. The canisters are completed by the rubber seal that’s meant to provide an airtight seal to keep your products fresh for longer. The measurements for each canister are 6.75’’ H x 5’’ W x 5’’ D, 8.3’’ H x 6’’ W x 6’’ D, and 10.25’’ H x 7’’ W x 7’’ D.

Hammered Square 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

When you want to keep your snacks and spices fresh in a see-through canister, sets like this one are a purchase worth considering. Made from glass and equipped with stylish silver lids, these containers come in three different sizes, with a storage capacity of 1.34 Quarts, 2 Quarts, and 2.34 Quarts. They are suitable for storing food in the pantry, but look really nice when places on top of visible kitchen shelves or directly on the countertop.

Gold Hammered Storage 4 Piece Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

If you wanted a set of shiny canisters that simply shimmer under the slightest spark of light in the kitchen, this is the set you want to consider purchasing. Made from stainless steel, the champagne finish tone is the perfect way to compliment a kitchen that belongs to a dedicated cook who likes to make a statement via the kitchen tools and accessories they use. Each of the four canisters has different measurements to cover multiple storage needs: 5.5’’ H x 4’’ W x 4’’ D, 6.5’’ H x 4.75’’ W x 4.75’’ D, 8.5’’ H x 6.75’’ W x 6.75’’ D, and 7.5’’ H x 5.75’’ W x 5.75’’ D.

Rustic Quilted 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

We continue our list of stylish kitchen canisters with another interesting set made from rustic containers that will blend into a similar décor to perfection. The country-style design is given by a distressed finish and elements that adorn the ceramic surface. The set comes with three different containers, measuring 6.5’’ H x 6.5’’ W x 6.5’’ D, 7.5’’ H x 6.5’’ W x 6.5’’ D, and 9’’ H x 6.5’’ W x 6.5’’ D.

Glass Kitchen 5 Piece Storage Jar Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

If you’re interested in a more generous set with plenty more storage space, then you’re going to have to choose something like this set over here: one with five generous canisters that provide storage for everything from spices to coffee. The jars are made from transparent glass, you can always catch a glimpse of the contents and go straight for the right canister each time. The lids are made from acacia wood and compliment the glass construction perfectly.

Milford Dinnerware 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

When you’re looking for a nice set of jars for your food storage needs, the Milford set is straight up that alley. Made from earthenware, this set includes three white kitchen canisters with matching lids that create an airtight seal meant to preserve the freshness of the content for as long as possible. From small to large, the dimensions of the canisters are 6.3’’ H x 4.5’’ W x 4.5’’ D, 9.8’’ H x 7.5’’ W x 7.5’’ D, and 8’’ H x 5.5’’ W x 5.5’’ D.

4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

If you’re looking for a set of canisters with a more modern design, you are going to love the combination between metal and glass that these jars feature. The glass base provides just enough see-through potential so you can always see what container you’re reaching out for. The majority of the body is made from brushed stainless steel and the shimmering silver finish looks just gorgeous. There are four canisters in the set, with a holding capacity of 23, 33, 50, and 67 oz.

3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Here is yet another example of a modern set of kitchen canisters with incredible design details that make them perfect for a contemporary-style kitchen. They have a metal silver body that shines all the way through and they are also equipped with a glass window so you can get a glimpse of the contents every time you reach out to grab the ingredients you need. The lids have a suction system that creates an airtight seal for better preservation of the freshness of your food.

3-Piece Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

When it comes to stoneware canisters, this is one good-looking example. The dishwasher and the microwave-safe set is made with traditional finishing techniques and brings forth generous details that make it seem like a luxury set. The golden elements add a touch of shimmer to the design, while the espresso lids complement the cream tone of the jars. The canisters are of three different sizes: 6.25’’ H x 4’’ W, 7.25’’ H x 4.5’’ W, and 9’’ H x 5.5’’ W.

Ceramic with Spoon 4 Piece 1 qt. Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

This ceramic kitchen canisters set is adorable as it is practical. There are four containers in the set, each one with its own spoon that makes it easier to pick up powdered contents. The spoons have their own storage loop that’s attached to the side of the canisters. The locking mechanism makes it so that every container is sealed such to prolong the freshness of the contents. The jars have different storage capacities: 25, 33, 40, and 45 oz.

Colorful 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

If it’s design features you’re interested in and you’re the kind of person that likes to invest in kitchen items that make a statement, you are going to love the details found on these ceramic kitchen canisters. The Nordic-inspired design adds a drop of color to your kitchen, with geometry elements that create a wonderful sense of symmetry. The canisters measure 8’’ H x 5.5’’ W, 7’’ H x 5’’ W, and 9.25’’ H x 6.25’’ W.

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Heritage Embossed 4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Those of you that love metal kitchenware should take a look at the Heritage set. The four canisters that are included in the set are made from quality steel and have an antique pewter finish that makes them stand out of the crowd. The grapevine motif is handcrafter, which makes all of these pieces even more symbolic, like they have a powerful story behind each piece. Each of the canisters has a different storage capacity: 1, 1.5, 2, and 4 quarts.

Bottom Line

When you’re on the market opting for a new set of kitchen canisters, the two most important things to consider are the size of the jars and the materials they’re made from. Each material is suited for specific situations. For instance, glass is a solid material if you like see-through container, but kids can easily smash the glass and get hurt. Plastic, on the other hand, is more affordable, but also more likely to attract permanent smells from the food you store inside them.