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Why a James Martin Vanity Could Completely Change the Look of Your Bathroom

Have you ever wondered what makes a James Martin vanity so special? The cost is definitely impressive, but do the construction and features justify the price?

James Martin Vanity

We’ve created a list of some of the best James Martin vanities to help you find one that’s gorgeous and durable.

About the James Martin Brand

James Martin has been in business for over 17 years and is a renowned manufacturer of high-end bathroom vanity cabinets and mirrors. The story of their products begins by sourcing hardwoods from North America.

The wood is carefully chosen to guarantee that each lot matches high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Each component section of the cabinet is designed, handcrafted, and assembled by master craftspeople.

Their selection of furniture slides across different styles, meaning you can purchase pieces that are transitional, contemporary, or modern. Today, the company sells its products worldwide, particularly in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Where Are James Martin Vanities Made?

The company isn’t very transparent when it comes to where its factories are located, but the company’s main headquarters and showroom are located in Dallas, Texas.

What Style Are James Martin Vanities?

While James Martin sells a lot of different furniture pieces, they are mostly known for their high-end vanities. These products are available in traditional and contemporary designs, but they have such a versatile appearance, they could be matched with other bathroom decors as well.

Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom with a James Martin Vanity

Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom with a James Martin Vanity

James Martin vanities can be quite luxurious, which could make them difficult to pair with certain decor items around the bathroom. Hopefully, the following list of tips will be of service:

  • Natural components such as plants and flowers that thrive in a bathroom, can be used to enhance the appearance of your vanity. Vary the height and scale of items by incorporating some taller pieces with shorter ones.
  • Add a bathmat in front of the vanity. A bathmat can be used to soften the appearance of hard tiled flooring. Those with a little texture, as well as bamboo mats that give warmth, are a sure win.
  • Match the vanity colors with your bathroom towels. With retailers that carry a wonderful choice of economical yet luxurious towels, as well as boutique online businesses that sell locally-made designs, finding stylish towels has never been easier.

What to Consider When Buying a James Martin Vanity

Regardless of the brand you opt for, there are a few things you should know about when looking to purchase a vanity.


It is preferable for an aesthetic appeal that a vanity complements a bathroom and blends in, rather than standing out or becoming the only main point in it. Style is also associated with the quantity of storage provided, the amount of available floor space, and the general design of the bathroom.

For the most part, the standard design includes positioning the vanity mirror in the center of the room and placing adequate lighting above or on each side of the mirror. James Martin vanities are available in transitional, contemporary, or modern styles.


In terms of construction requirements, there are very few regulations that apply to vanities, resulting in a great deal of variety. Nonetheless, following a few basic guidelines will assist in creating a bathroom that is both attractive and functional.

Cabinet-type vanities can range in size from as small as 18 inches for a single-bowl model to as large as 72 inches or more for a vanity that comes with two sinks. Countertops range in height from 30 inches to around 36 inches. The standard depth is approximately 21 inches, but this might vary depending on the type.

As far as James Martin vanities are concerned, you can find plenty of sizes, as they offer products suitable for small and large bathrooms alike.


The price of a James Martin vanity will vary significantly based on its size and features. If you opt for a quality double-sink vanity, you can expect to pay at least $2,000 for one, while a vanity base with storage that doesn’t include the sinks costs less than $1,000.


Most James Martin bathroom vanities are equipped with a combination of cabinets and drawers (and sometimes, open shelves) for storing items such as cleaning supplies and toiletries.

This helps keep the space as clutter-free as possible. Keep in mind that the amount of storage space available may be limited due to the fact that the space beneath the sink is normally occupied by drainpipes and the bottom of your bathroom sink.


When selecting a material for a bathroom vanity, moisture resistance should be the most important factor to consider. Bathrooms are known for their high level of humidity, and there will almost certainly be some splashing, therefore the cabinet should be able to handle high levels of moisture. Calculate the cost of the countertop and hardware, in addition to the cabinet and its contents.

James Martin vanities are usually made with one or more of the following materials:

  • Stone – Countertops made of quartz, granite, and marble are beautiful and highly moisture-resistant, but they are also among the most expensive options.
  • Wood – Solid wood is frequently used in the construction of high-end vanities, which are either stained or painted. This particular material selection is typically more expensive than other materials.
  • MDF – MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard, which is one of the most economical cabinet materials since it is made up of wood fibers that have been compacted with a resin.

Double Sink or Single Sink

Double Sink or Single Sink

James Martin vanities are available in single and double-sink options, and the choice really depends on your personal preference and how much room you’re willing to allocate for your vanity.

For larger bathrooms used by at least two people, double sinks are the best option because they also come with more storage space, and they have a larger countertop space available.

Top 10 Best James Martin Vanity Ideas

Since you’re here to see some quality vanities made by James Martin, we’ve put together a list of products that are sturdy, versatile, and look amazing!

Brookfield Single Bathroom Vanity

Brookfield Single Bathroom VanityView in gallery

The product has raised panel doors with filigree accents that have been hand carved. Besides the two doors on either side that open to shelves for storage below, the three center drawers provide additional storage space.

The appearance is completed with drawer and door pulls available in an antique brass finish to complete the look. The backsplash is made of stylish wood. Note that this purchase does include the sink, but doesn’t come with a faucet, drain assembly, or mirror. Overall, this bathroom vanity measures 34.30” H x 60” W x 23.5” D.


  • Sealed for moisture resistance.
  • Comes with sink included.
  • Made with quality hardwood.


  • Faucet and mirror not included.

Addison Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Addison Single Bathroom Vanity SetView in gallery

Addison’s thin, strong lines will provide a significant look and feel to your bathroom, while still being versatile enough to fit with a range of various decors. The cabinet is raised on square legs, allowing for plenty of toe-kick area.

This exquisite modular series is available in two fantastic finishes, all of which are wonderfully hand-finished: a rich, warm mid-century acacia color or a sharp, clean glossy white color, both of which are accentuated by burnished nickel hardware. Door panels that convert to textured cork in a beautiful herringbone pattern provide the ultimate in adaptability.

This vanity set measures 34.5” H x 35.88” W x 23.38” D, comes with a countertop made from quartz and includes the sink and cabinet handles needed to complete the look. It doesn’t come with a backsplash, faucet, or mirror.


  • Sink included.
  • Quality quartz countertop.
  • Multiple finish options.


  • Faucet and mirror not included.

Alicante Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Alicante Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity SetView in gallery

The Alicante vanity is designed with raised panel doors and a sleek metal base that combine to produce the ideal modern bathroom vanity. This piece of luxury bathroom furniture is constructed from fine-grade solid hardwoods and includes the company’s top-rated resin countertop, making it the essence of luxury bathroom furniture.

The Alicante vanity would look stunning in a bathroom with wainscotting to accent the detailing in the doors. Paint the paneling a neutral color to make the lovely blue pop and you’ve got yourself a high-end bathroom look!

The vanity’s timeless and adaptable style is enhanced by its lovely metal base, and it was constructed with external cubbies to provide additional storage for washroom supplies and toiletries. Measuring 29.4” H x 39.5” W x 15.6” D overall, the vanity comes with a sink, cabinet handles, and mounting brackets.


  • Sink and mounting bracket included.
  • Non-porous surface doesn’t attract bacteria.
  • Multiple finish options.


  • Lacks mirror, faucet, and backsplash.

Brookfield Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only in White

Brookfield Single Bathroom Vanity Base Only in WhiteView in gallery

When you want a stylish white bathroom vanity base, the Brookfield doesn’t fail to deliver. So simple and yet so elegant, this vanity base features raised panel doors and hand-carved accenting filigrees to deliver a piece as you’ve never seen before.

The vanity base offers three storage drawers and a cabinet that measures the height of the three, being made from solid and manufactured wood. The doors have a soft closing mechanism and conceal interior shelves that are adjustable and removable. The precuts allow for easy pipe installation, making this one of the most practical and gorgeous James Martin vanities out there.


  • Comes with precuts for pipe installation.
  • Adjustable and removable shelves.
  • Soft-closing door mechanism.


  • Includes only the vanity base.

Columbia Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Columbia Single Bathroom Vanity SetView in gallery

This collection’s intrinsic green story is told through the use of engineered and solid wood veneers that are composed of salvaged and cast-off wood, as well as fresh wood sourced from a rapidly developing, renewable species. It is the constancy of the design, the texture of the wood, and the attractive stainless-steel base that’s so popular amongst customers.

The vanity top, which includes an integrated sink, is made of a dependable, reinforced polyester solid surface material that is cost-effective, durable, and functional as a countertop surface. The impermeable surface is resistant to water, stains, bacteria, mildew, and mold, and it is easy to clean. Premium zinc hardware is used to add the right finishing touch to this item, which makes it look even more luxurious.


  • Sink is included.
  • Has both open and closed storage.
  • Doors have soft-closing hinges.


  • Top is made with plastic.

Addison Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Addison Single Bathroom Vanity SetView in gallery

With a glossy white finish on Parawood and a quartz top, the James Martin vanities series of free-standing vanities offers a contemporary take on Shaker-inspired design with a luxurious appearance. Designed to be gender-neutral, it may be seamlessly integrated into contemporary or transitional spaces.

Each of the drawers has complete extensions with under-mounted slides, as well as a brushed aluminum polished laminate that is placed on the bottom of the drawer for simple maintenance. The cabinet’s main body is constructed of solid oak with robust MDF panels for strength.

The classic quartz top by Silestone, which provides a chilly contrast to the warm wood and burnished nickel hardware, is the ideal alternative for individuals who want to be innovative without sacrificing the traditional look and elegance.


  • Sturdy and elegant quartz top.
  • Includes 6 drawers and a storage cabinet.
  • Sink is included.


  • Faucet and backsplash not included.

Boston Single Bathroom Vanity

Boston Single Bathroom VanityView in gallery

With the Boston bathroom vanity, you can combine the contemporary texture of stainless steel with the long-lasting beauty of solid surface countertops. It is possible to clean beneath this item with ease because of the metal legs, and it also provides an open view option that makes the space appear larger.

The lower open portion of the cabinet can be utilized to store additional towels or bath supplies, which will come in handy when you need them. Using a combination of solid surface tops and metals, this cabinet achieves the ideal balance of utility and aesthetics. All of the pieces are pre-drilled for a single faucet. The vanity measures 33.5” H x 19.62” W x 15.37” D overall.


  • Sink is included.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Shelf made with thick tempered glass.


  • No concealed storage space.

Regent Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Regent Double Bathroom Vanity SetView in gallery

If you want a royal-looking double-sink vanity set, this is the perfect product for you. This cabinet is handcrafted with old-world elegance and pieces of history incorporated into each facet of the design. In addition to having a beautiful warm English Burl finish, this vanity has a distinct character that will add depth to your bathroom decor.

Adding depth to your home with dark antique brass hardware and deep wood tones will help you to create the ideal soaking environment. The rectangular porcelain sinks are a nice complement to the cabinet’s canted corners and marble countertop. This vanity measures 33.75” H x 70.5” W x 22.75” D overall and comes with the sink, the cabinet handles, and the backsplash.


  • Gorgeous high-end old-world vanity design.
  • Quality marble top.
  • Includes two sinks.


  • Difficult return process.

Addison Single Bathroom Vanity

Addison Single Bathroom VanityView in gallery

This premium vanity collection, which is handcrafted of solid parawood, features many of the vanity’s details, including vertical support, full-extension soft-close doors, English dovetail construction, as well as a premium finish for enhanced moisture resistance, are all features of this cabinetry design.

The cabinet is raised on square legs, allowing for plenty of toe-kick area. This exquisite modular series is available in two fantastic finishes, all of which are wonderfully hand-finished. Door panels that convert to textured cork in a beautiful herringbone pattern provide the ultimate in adaptability, giving you two looks in one piece of furniture.


  • Quality quartz top.
  • Generous storage space.
  • Sink included.


  • Mirror and faucet not included.

Athens Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Athens Single Bathroom Vanity SetView in gallery

This collection, which was created by professional craftsmen, has a wide variety of diverse pieces to meet the needs of every customer. Its lovely raised-panel doors have a vertical grooved aperture that allows you to show off either the standard elegant acacia paneling or the distinctive cork look in between the grooves.

The use of soft closing doors and drawers ensures smooth and silent operation, while the addition of burnished bronze finished metal hardware adds the finishing touch to the design. Additionally, overflowing sinks, dovetail joinery in the cabinetry’s drawers, pre-drilled holes to accommodate 8-inch broad faucets, and a multi-layer finish on the cabinets ensure that the cabinets remain beautiful and durable for many years to come.


  • Quality quartz top.
  • Soft-closing mechanism.
  • Multi-layer finish for extra durability.


  • Faucet and mirror not included.

Other James Martin Bathroom Furniture Pieces to Consider

Since we’re talking about using James Martin products to spruce up your bathroom, we thought it would be a good idea to throw in some bonus items and talk about other cool bathroom items you might want to add to your decor.

Brookfield Beveled Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

Brookfield Beveled Bathroom / Vanity MirrorView in gallery

This mirror is the ideal combination of contemporary and traditional design elements. The hand-carved accenting filigrees on this mirror demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship, while the simple lines make it a piece that will complement any room but works really well with the matching vanity from James Martin.

410-M25-WLT Lakeside Medicine Cabinet

410-M25-WLT Lakeside Medicine CabinetView in gallery

The hanging medicine cabinet is streamlined with an industrial look, providing plenty of storage space for your bathroom needs. With three inside shelves that can be adjusted to match your products and a wide entrance for easy access, this unit is great in every aspect. It is constructed of durable stainless steel.

Linen Cabinet

Linen CabinetView in gallery

The linen closet series by James Martin Furniture is nothing short of spectacular. It features a combination of a lower door and drawer, providing sufficient storage space for your towels, linens, and toiletries. It’s made of poplar wood and measures 65” H x 20.51” W x 16.26” D overall.

The Verdict on James Martin Vanities

Overall, the Addison 48″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set meets all of our quality, design, and storage demands, offering a piece of furniture that will easily blend into multiple bathroom styles, and offers plenty of drawers to store your cosmetics and toiletries. Plus, the quartz countertop is the cherry on top of the cake, being both durable and gorgeous. Want more home design tips? Check out our guide on bathroom remodeling right here!