How To Decorate The Room Of A Football Fan

Football for some is more than just a sport. It has become a way of life so it’s no wonder there are so many ideas for how to decorate the room of a football fan. There are a few things to take into consideration before starting such a project. For example, should you focus on a specific team or should it be a more general approach and what are your options in terms of furniture and decorations?

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An interesting idea is to paint the floor green and make it look like a football field. If you want to be very specific, then I guess you can find carpets that look just like grass. Then add a few other themed elements such as a beanbag chair shaped like a ball.

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Another idea is to opt for a mural. One of the walls can be a huge image showing a scene for a football game or anything else football-related. As for the rest of the room, a few subtle accents should be enough.

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Or you can focus on the little things like the bedding, the window treatments, the wall art, throw pillows, etc. Decide what the colors should be. Each team has its own colors so if it’s something specific, pay attention to this detail.

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You can have photo panels custom made and turn one of the walls into a focal point. He other walls can be decorated with framed football memorabilia.

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And speaking of wall décor, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice an entire wall. Maybe you can use a corner or part of a wall to make a statement.

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Sure, you don’t have to be flashy if you don’t want to. A few subtle hints are enough. For example, paint the dresser using the colors of a football team and decorate the bed with a few football-shaped pillows.

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Place football-themed accessories and decorations in strategic places such as on the nightstand, on the dresser, at the foot of the bed, etc.{found on citrineinteriors}.