How To Create A Welcoming Guest Room

What’s the point of having a guest room that isn’t a warm, inviting and cozy space? Whenever you have a guest over, whether it’s your mom, your best friend or your in-laws, you want them to feel at home and at ease. When decorating the space, think about what makes you the  most comfortable and use it in the space! Create a happy, peaceful place for your guests to rest their heads at night. Here are some simple ways to make it happen.

1. Serene colors.

Floral pillows

Light lilac, powdery blues, creamy beige …. use colors that don’t heighten the senses. A red room isn’t a cozy room. And a bright yellow room won’t make sleep come any sooner. Decorate and paint with shades that induce a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The colors will be the first thing to hit your guest as they walk in the room, so make sure it feels good!

2. Cozy spots.

Floral pillows

If there is a window seat, pile it high with fluffy pillows and cushions. If there is a spare corner, create a reading nook. And on the bed, make sure the sheets, comforter, pillow and blankets are the coziest, warmest ones in the house. Allow your guests to feel at ease at night and make it easy for them to snuggle up for a good night’s sleep. And make it even easier for them to find a spot in the room to take a load off and enjoy a book or two you’ve stored in the nightstand.

3. Window lights.

Floral pillows

Pay attention to the windows. You don’t want them bare but you don’t want absolutely  no natural light shining in. Dress the windows in something light and flowing to add to the relaxing vibes. Make sure it’s enough to cover the windows at night so your guest feels secure and comfortable. But add a small hook to the sides of the panes so the curtains can easily be hung during the day. This gives your guests free reign of natural lighting.

4. Fresh florals.

Floral pillows

Every room needs fresh flowers. They breathe life and create smiles in any space. Whether it’s a small daisy on the windowsill or a bouquet of tulips on the side table, your guest will feel special and happy when they spot the beauties. You could even be a little unique with your choice of an orchid, or fresh herbs on the windowsill that can act as aromatherapy too.

5. Thoughtfuls.

Floral pillows

An alarm clock on the nightstand. An extra pillow and blanket in the closet. Some toothpaste and other small toiletries ready for them if there’s a need. Make sure to think of the little details when preparing for your guest’s arrival. They’ll appreciate it and definitely use the extra bouts of generosity.

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