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How To Bring The Glamorous Accents With Gold Arch Mirrors

There is just something truly elegant and using a gold arch mirror within your home. They are both decorative and useful to have within your home, but the impact of the item never fails to be stunning and glamorous. Whether you are looking for a more traditional gold arch mirror or you want that traditional concept with a bit of a modern twist to it, you’ve come to the right place.

gold arch mirror

We will fill you in on some of the latest designing trends that incorporate gold arch mirrors and even show you exactly how people are using these timeless conversation pieces into their own homes today. You just can’t go wrong with this type of home décor piece, and we have plenty of examples to show you as to why these mirrors are still a staple within modern design.

Using Gold as an Accent Color

The color gold signifies wealth, royalty, and sophistication. There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to use the powerful color as an accent color within their home, but, traditionally, the more gold you used to adorn your home, the more wealthy you were. In today’s terms, the color gold still brings in a powerful impact into the home, but while you may not have a vault filled with gold coins, you are still demonstrating you know exactly how to use this gorgeous color within your modern home.

Gold just goes with about any color, and if used right, can provide a powerful feel into any room of the house. While you will never want to use gold as your primary color since it is a bold color, using gold as an accent color is a great way to bring out the subtle décor details of a space. Gold as an accent color also brings some shimmery sparkle into a room, so if you are using bold, royal color such as a deep ocean blue or emerald, using gold in combination with these colors will really help move the eye across a space with ease and comfort.

Gold has been used for hundreds of years as a décor color for within the home, mostly in family sitting areas or elegant dining rooms. Gold is a color that you are going to want to show off, so you want to be sure that your gold arch mirror, for example, is set in a place where plenty of guests can adore it as much as you do. Gold, after all, signifies prosperity and is a color often used with the many elements of entertaining, anything from table settings to fine framework. The way you use gold as an accent color can be entirely up to you, as you know your space and home and can best utilize the color for your own specifications.

How to Use Gold in Various Décor Styles

So, to be clear, just because you are using the color gold, it doesn’t mean that you have to wash your home with gold accents. Using gold pieces within your home should be accent pieces and bring in a subtle décor flair into the space that doesn’t overpower or take away from your main decorative elements. Gold is ideal to use for such accent pieces, and whether you are decorating in a more modern, vintage, or traditional austere, there are plenty of ways to use gold for each.


Using gold in a modern home is an easy task. There are plenty of ways to incorporate gold accents into a modern home. Whether you are using the gold arch mirror or other elements, a modern home has the capacity and depth to bring into it plenty of golden accents. With a gold arch mirror, you can use this piece in a main dining room or even a hallway. With their elaborate and elegant arches, these mirrors provide so much texture into a space without overdoing it. No matter the size of the mirror, the real impact the piece will have on your home depends on the size of the room. If you want a bold statement, use a very large floor length mirror with golden arches in a living room space or within a ball room. This will bring in so much glamour into a space without having to work too hard to achieve it. This will look great for any room, but the size will matter when it comes to using a gold arch mirror.


Use your golden accents, such as your gold arc mirror, in a more traditional sense by incorporating it with other accent pieces. Instead of making on clear bold statement such as a very large mirror in a formal living space, such as the modern concept idea, use your gold arch mirror in combination with wall sconces or even table settings. The eyes naturally want to see some well-rounded accent colors, and when you use gold as this accent colors, you will see how easily the eyes will move all around a space. No matter what kinds of wall elements you want to have, your best bet in showcasing a more traditional formal space is by incorporating several gold elements to give this sort of movement. Your guests will feel comfortable in the room and your accent pieces will still give off that impressive feel without overpowering it with gold.


Using gold arch mirrors within a country setting is just as doable. A muted color gold, or even golden decorative elements that have been stonewashed or sparkled, will give off plenty of that impressive gold use without overpower a space. Using gold in a more muted way will give off that country chic feel that is so popular in today’s home design ideas. Even if you use gold sparingly, such as that great gold mirror in the background of a dining area, you can easily bring this gold out by adding smaller gold accents. You can achieve this by using that gold arch mirror in the background and incorporating gold table settings in the foreground. This way, gold is not your primary color, but still accents the space in a more minimal way. This often brings out the color even more, especially when paired with more muted colors.


Using gold in a rustic setting is also a great concept because you are able to use the color to help bring other colors out. Rustic settings are usually incorporated with plenty of wood or sun baked wooden elements. Using gold, such as your gold arch mirror, within this type of setting is a great way to add some elegance into a rustic space. Whether you are planning an even in an old barn or you have a guesthouse you’d like to fill with a rustic feel, there are plenty of ways to use gold as an accent color to help you achieve this type of design style.

Gold Arch Mirror Ideas

From traditional to bold, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas on how to use your gorgeous gold arch mirror. This piece will surely become a conversation piece and will make your room look absolutely gorgeous.

ArchCrowned Traditional Accent Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This gold arch mirror brings plenty of that traditional style into the room it’s placed. This is a particularly beautiful concept because, as you can see, that bold gold color just pops so impressively behind a deep forest green wall. The two colors just complement each other and makes this room look incredible. It’s a great way to play with color and add impressive elements into a space. 

Tysen Modern Arch Floor Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This gorgeous modern arch floor mirror is a prime example on how to create a modern space using gold as an accent color. This is a larger mirror, but it’s not overly ornate or distracting. Since white is the primary color here, the gold accent mirror brings in a fine line of elegance with a minimalistic modern flair. This would be ideal to use in a beach house or within a guest bedroom since it’s a décor style that almost everyone will love.

Glam Distressed Accent Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This gorgeous glam distressed accent mirror brings in that beautiful gold line of gold. The shape is more modern while the accent color is more traditional, so this style of mirror would look fantastic within a master bedroom or a guest bedroom. As you can see, it’s just enough gold to make the space really pop out from all the white background, but not overpowering at all and won’t muddy up the space with too much gold. In this case, less gold is more.

Mackay Arched Dresser Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This mirror brings in those more traditional, royal standards as this accent mirror is quite impactful. From the gorgeous arches to the bold color, this mirror is not playing around when it comes to grabbing your attention. This style of ornate mirror would look best in a dining room or within a sitting room of a larger house. You don’t want to fill a smaller space in with this type of mirror as it needs the appropriate amount of space to give off its powerful vibe.

Arene Accent MirrorArene

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

Perfect for a bedroom or a study, this gorgeous accent mirror brings in just the right amount of gold accent texture into a predominately white bedroom. The lines of this mirror make the accent piece all the more interesting to look at and uses gold as an accent without being at all overpowering. This type of accent mirror would do best in a minimally decorated room so that the features of the mirror can really stand out.

Abdiel Leaner Full Length Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This gorgeous gold full-length mirror brings in plenty of intrigue and glamour into a space without being too much or distracting. You could essentially use this type of full-length gold arch mirror in any room, but it’d most commonly be found in a bedroom or a dressing room. It brings in plenty of flair without being too distracting and will make the entire space feel more elegant. It’s a gorgeous piece that you could use in several areas of the house if you wanted to.

Misael Modern & Contemporary Distressed Wall Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

Bold and beautiful, this contemporary distressed wall mirror packs a powerful punch without being too much. The thicker gold arch of this mirror is artistic and can be combined with other smaller accent pieces, but due to the size, you definitely don’t want to add much more golden elements to the space. In this design photo, the use of blue is a good idea as it is a great contrast between the gold and bold color to make all of the elements really pop.

Aretha Beveled Accent Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This lovely, beveled accent mirror brings in so much class to any space it’s placed. This mirror has a bit more texture in it due to the beveling but is impressive as it uses a more muted gold color to bring in those fantastic gold accents. This mirror would look great in an entrance hallway or even in a bathroom or dressing room. It’s elegant but a bit minimalistic, so you won’t have to worry about his mirror being too much for any given space.

Willow Traditional Accent Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

Blending a perfect combination of texture with a traditional feel, this accent mirror has golden accent willow leaves that perfectly frame this mirror to make it so easy on the eyes. This mirror could double as a piece of art, so you will want to place this mirror in an area that it will get a lot of attention, such as a dining room, living room or entrance hallway. The golden leaves to this mirror are delicate, finely crafted and bring in such a wonderful feel to the mirror as a whole.

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

Needville Modern Beveled Accent Mirror

This mirror is perfect for anyone who loves a good accent piece as this mirror incorporated plenty of interesting lines. This is a more modern take on a classic gold arch accent mirror and your guests are going to surely love its intricate design. This mirror would look great in an entrance hallway or even in a parlor area or sitting room so it can get the attention it deserves.

The Wrap Up

There you have it – so many great ways to use your gold arch mirror to bring in just the right amount of gold as an accent color. Whether you are looking to make a space more traditional, or you really just need some gold elements to add into your rustic farmhouse design, you can’t go wrong using gold as your accent piece and you can’t go wrong using a gold arch mirror to bring in this type of feel.

With so many designs to choose from, you could easily fill several rooms of your house with different types of decorative feel. There are no limits when it comes to filling your home with delicate gold accent pieces and you really just can’t have too many mirrors within a home in general.