Get White-Washed!

Using a lot of white in your living space can feel bland, but it’s quite a décor trend that infuses a sense of openness and modern living to your home. Here is the correct way to white-wash a room.

Painting Wood White

White dressed gold
Wood grain showing through white creates rustic furniture

Painting wood white can be a great way to brighten up old furniture. If you don’t want to use white in large quantities in a room, opt for painting over furniture with white as an easy compromise. This décor trend creates various looks depending on how you want your room to be displayed. For instance, a chest of drawers that is painted white with some of the wood grain showing can evoke a rustic or cottage farmhouse feeling.

Add Bursts of Color

White dressed gold
Bright, bold colors against the backdrop of white are eye-catching

If you want to achieve more white in a room, it can be very striking if you have pinpricks of bright color added to it. Small amounts of color are key here – this will create much more effect. The splashes of color break up the white without ruining its polished look.

Befriend Beige

White dressed gold
The use of white and off-white for dreamy décor

Using a lot of white in your décor can make it lose effect, so a sneaky tip is to accentuate the white with shades of off-white (think beige or eggshell). This is sophisticated while being trendy, and creates more dimensions in a room.

Patterns Made Easy.

White dressed gold
Patterns brighten up solid white

White as a background makes it easier to combine lots of different patterns, and this is a great tip to invigorate white bedding.

Create Larger Living Spaces.

White dressed gold
Head-to-toe white opens up a room

White used in large quantities, such as a white painted ceiling, white walls and a white floor, can help to create a larger living space in a room. However, when used in more than one room, it can make the entire living space feel more united.

Brighter Shade of Pale.

White dressed gold
Metal trimmings work well with white

The use of metals is a great way to add a bit of personality to white. Silver, for instance, usually comes into play in the kitchen in the form of appliances. Choosing white as the main color can be very effective in creating clean lines and minimalist style.

White dressed gold
Gold adds sophistication to blank white

On the other hand, white and gold can be a very glamorous team, especially in a bedroom where the shade of white can create a zen-like atmosphere, inspiring relaxation.  Try to revamp white with the above tips to make your décor more modern and crisp.

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