50 Cool DIY Projects That Can Make Your Home More Beautiful

Small DIY projects are a great way to pass the time and also do something useful or nice for your home. Even you’re not really into this sort of activities you’ll surely find something you’ll want to try. We have a bunch of cool DIY projects lined up just for you so take your pick and have fun creating something special.

Cut a glass bottle

There are plenty of things you can do with a glass bottle. Sure, you can just recycle it but we have something else in mind: a stylish vase. You can use any glass bottle for this project. You’ll have to cut off the top and that’s the trickiest part. After that just sand down the edge and you’re done.

Test tube flower vases

You can also make vases out of test tubes. You can use as many or as few as you want. You’ll also need a wood block, sandpaper, a drill and some polyurethane. Sand the wood block and drill the holes for the test tubes. Then just put these in and enjoy your new vase.

Hanging planter tubes

If you’re more into potted plants then check out this hanging planter. It can be made out of some metal tubing. You’ll need a pipe cutter, twine or string and a plant pot or a bowl. Cut the pipe into smaller pieces (after you’re measured the planter). Start building the base out of thread and then add the metal pieces.

Air plant stand DIY

Air plants don’t need soil so you can display them in all sorts of interesting ways. For example, you can make a cute little air plant holder like this one. You’ll need a wooden block, thin wire, a wire cutter, a drill and a cylindrical item. Drill a hole at the center of the cube, put the wire in and make a loop at the top.

Copper pipe magazine rack

Copper pipes are really versatile and you can use them for a lot of things. For example, make a magazine rack. You’ll need a 2 meter pipe, 12 connectors, adhesive and a pipe cutter. Measure and cut the pipe and then assemble the pieces as shown in this tutorial. If you want you can also spray paint it at the end.

Copper Pipe Jewelry Stand

There’s also this copper pipe jewelry stand that’s also pretty easy to make. In addition to the copper pipes you’ll also need pipe fittings, a pipe cutter, a drill, a wooden block, lacquer, varnish, stain or paint and some glue. Drill a hole in the center of the block, sand it and paint it and then assemble the pipe pieces and fittings.

Magnetic knife holder

Every kitchen needs a magnetic knife holder. They’re really practical and also very simple and versatile. You can even make such a thing yourself and you’d only need a few things like a wooden block, a drill, some glue, lacquer, 2 brackets and 4 nails and some heavy duty magnets.

Mason jar soap dispenser

For the bathroom you could make a nice mason jar soap dispenser. It’s really simple actually. You’ll need a jar, a soap pump, spray paint, glue and sandpaper. Paint the outside of the jar and let it dry. Then cut a hole in the center of the lid and slide the pump through. Glue it to the lid and then put the lid on the jar.

Tree stump side table

If you want you can even make your own furniture. How about a tree stump side table? The hardest part about this would be to find a stump. Apart from that you’ll need casters, screws, a drill, sandpaper, polyurethane and a paint brush. Put the casters on and sand and seal the wood.

Hairpin legs side table

This hairpin leg side table is pretty easy to make as well. You could make the wooden part from scratch if you want or you could repurpose a box or something else. If you choose to built yourself you’ll need some wood boards, wood screws, wood stain, polyurethane, a drill and, of course, four hairpin legs.

Wood coat rack

For the hallway you could make a nice coat rack that’s both chic and space-efficient. If you want it to look like this you’ll need hooks, knobs and pegs. You can use any combination of these three or come up with some more ingenious ways to repurpose things. You’ll also need a drill, glue and paint.

Bow with Ribbon how to

Some of these projects would also make lovely gifts for someone. Make your gift box look just as unique and special as the thing inside it. Learn how to tie a beautiful bow in four different ways. Follow our tutorial to improve your skills and to always make your gifts look beautiful.

Coffee Caddy

This coffee caddy is not for everyone but some of you might find it useful so here we go. To make it you need wood glue, wood sticks, tape, a saw, sandpaper, foam, a hot glue gun, a drill, stain and cord. Basically you just have to build a box and then add two handles and a divider that splits the interior in two. The foam will keep the coffee safe and secure. (found on wecanmakeanything}.

Marble gold side table

Doesn’t this table look interesting? We found it on Sugarandcloth. It has a concrete base and a marble top. You could make one just like it and you’d need a galvanized pipe, a cement cylinder (which you can also make yourself if you want), a floor flange, gold spray paint, adhesive felt pads, a round marble board and some sandpaper.

Rope ombre hamper

Keep your home clean and organized and make yourself one of these beautiful ombre rope hampers. You could easily just find a plain hamper and add some color to its design. But if you want to make everything from scratch you’ll need tutorial featured on One-o. Here’s the list of materials you’ll need: cardboard, rope, a hot glue gun, scissors, a brush, watercolors and tape.

Back to school pinboards

A pin board could a really nice addition to the home office. You can find out how to make one by having a look at the description on Enthrallinggumption. The project starts with some noticeboards which you decorate using spray paint and tape. You can create any design you want. The geometric ones are the easiest to get right.

Industrial kids bookshelf with pipe

The bookshelf featured on Cherishedbliss is something you can for the kids’ room. It may seem like a complicated thing to do but the project is actually pretty simple. All you need is some plywood, a metal pipe, some screws and nails, glue and a drill. The unit as a whole looks like a large shallow box. Add some shelves and metal pipes to hold the books in place.

Paint drip planters

Make something beautiful for your indoor plants. For example, decorate some plain planters or give the old ones a makeover. You just need some paint and brushes. Clean the empty planters. Before you start painting, test the paint to see how drippy it is. Add some water if needed. Then take a brush and paint across the rim of the planter and let it drip. {found on linesacross}.

Green custom doormat

Welcome your guests with a custom doormat that you made yourself. The one featured on Acraftymix is made of fake grass and looks really nice. All you really need is a strip of astro tuff. If you want you can also use some twine to make fringes on the edges. Just make hole around the edge and run the thread through, then knot it.

Cup mini garden

Those old cups you no longer like because you got some new ones don’t have to go to waste. You could turn them into lovely miniature gardens. The idea comes from Thecrafedholicwitch. This cute little cup garden was made with a few things such as small rocks, mixed soil, succulents, moss, sticks and twigs, glue, an X-acto knife and mosaic stones.

DIY vertical garden succulent

A small vertical garden could also look nice somewhere in your home. It should be pretty easy to make one if you have all the necessary supplies. You’ll need things like a picture frame, some wood pieces, a hammer, nails, screws, a drill, wire mesh, a staple gun, plywood, paint, soil and succulents. Check out the full project on Thecraftygentleman.

Modern key holder

Another useful home accessory is the key holder. You could make some for your entryway. You can find all the necessary details on Francoisetmoi. The one featured here is simple and chic and to make something similar you need a dremel tool, a piece of wood, small hangers, a screwdriver, leather cord, jump rings necklace pendants, pliers and a wire cutter.

Copper cat bed

Maybe you’d like to make something nice for your pet. If you have a cat or a small dog, you could make a cozy bed like the one on Acraftymix. The frame is made of copper pipes and the bed is made from a fluffy sweater. You’ll also need some copper T pieces and elbows and join bolts. After you cut the pipes and assemble the frame, make the furry bed.

Concrete round flower vases

In case you have some bud vases just lying around, check out the project on Burkatron that shows how to make them look even more beautiful. For that you’ll need some cement and a container. Mix the cement and then dip the vases in the container. You can use tape to make the line clean and straight or you can let it look random and more natural.

Geometric gold cake stand

Sure, there’s no shortage of cake stands in stores but what if you want to make something special? Then you could craft something like this. We found this design on Birdsparty. The materials needed for this project include some glue, metal geometric candle holders or vases, metal cutters, gold spray paint, flat-bottomed plates and some newspaper.

Wooden hanging plants

It’s easy to imagine these hanging wooden planters in a variety of contexts. They’re versatile and stylish and you can craft them yourself. You’ll only need a few things. You can build the planters yourself out of wood or you can find ready-made ones. In any case, once you have them. Drill two holes and run some rope through them. You can then hang them anywhere you want. {found on thesurznickcommonroom}.

Coppe small tables

We’ve already showed you some really cool and simple projects you can do with copper pipes. It’s time for one more. This time it’s a lovely table with a sculptural base. To make it you need copper pipes, cutters, a wood panel for the top, some cord, glue and mounting clamps. Cut the pipe into pieces and thread rope through them to give the table the shape you want. Use glue to secure the pieces in place.{found on madmoisell}.

Leather catchall tray

Some accessories are not necessary very useful but just nice to have around. For example, take a look at this tray we found on Makeanddocrew. It’s a small tray that lets you organize things like your keys, phone and other stuff that usually just gets scattered across the desk.

Vertical planter from wood

When you’re short on floor space but you still want to have plants in your home, you could opt for a vertical planter like the one on Thecraftpatchblog. It’s not a difficult project and it only requires a few little things like some cedar fence pickets, a piece of wood, metal clamps, some scrap pieces of MDF, spray paint, screws and nails.

Pastel rope flower vase

Having trouble finding a vase that you like? Maybe you could do something about that. If you want you can decorate a simple glass container with some lovely cord or rope and make a really nice vase. We found this idea on itsprettynice. The vase featured here is cylindrical so you can use that as a guide for your own project.

Colorful test tube vases for succulents

Remember the test tube vase we showed you at one point. We found something a little bit similar on Akallochiclife. To make this decoration you’ll need plastic test tubes, painter’s tape, acrylic craft paint in different colors, two pieces of wood painted white, a drill and glue. Paint the wood pieces, drill holes in them and stack them. Glue them together. Then decorate the test tubes.

Clay candle holder

If you like to have candles in your home and to display them on tables, shelves and mantels, maybe you’d enjoy making some lovely candle holders out of clay. You can just shape the clay and then paint it or you can use a mold if you prefer a well-defined shape. In any case, check out the candle holders on enthrallinggumption as a reference.

DIY Pebble Heat Trivet

There are plenty of useful things you can make for the kitchen. For example, you could use a good-looking heat trivet. We found this nice tutorial for one on DIYs. You can cut out a round piece of felt and glue small pebbles on it until it’s completely covered up. Make several of these in different sizes for all your pots.

Small diy terrariums

Miniature gardens and terrariums are really lovely to look at and you can have a lot of fun building them. You can use all sorts of things like pebbles, moss, plastic toys and decorations. Check out these dinosaurs that take over the terrariums featured on Hellowonderful. They’re pretty cool and funny.

Concrete garden stones

There are plenty of things you can do for the garden too. For example, check out these beautiful decorative stones we found on craftsbycourtney. If you want to make something similar for your own garden you’re going to need fast setting concrete, plastic plant trays, decorative glass shells, some water and a bucket

boot tray DIY

A boot tray could also be a good garden-related project. Here’s what you need: plywood, garden rocks, casters, screws, wood glue, nails, a hammer, a drill, acrylic paint and wood finish. Make a shallow tray box out of plywood. Then screw the casters on and paint the top edges in a different color. Fill the tray with rocks and place on your boots in it. {found on farmfreshtherapy}.

DIY outdoor votives lighting

For your outdoor areas, you can make some votive lighting to create a pleasant ambiance. It’s a great since a lot of outdoor areas don’t have outlets. Follow the instructions on DIYs to create something just as beautiful. You’ll need two glass shelves, three pieces of wood, sealer, glue, sandpaper and tea light candles.

Granite hairpin legs table

Another nice project for outdoor decks and terraces is the table featured on Annamarialarson. In fact, the table is lovely and versatile enough to also look nice indoors. The top is granite and the base features hairpin legs. This contrast is beautiful and the design is both simple and stylish. Moreover, the project is really simple and be done in just a few minutes.

Instagram pictures wall decor

Decorate the walls of your home with instragram-style photo galleries. It’s an interesting way to display your favorite photos. In fact you’re wondering where to starts from, check out the description on Ajoyfulriot. The photos are displayed here on square wooden blocks and they look very elegant.

Dream catchers diys

Dream catchers are interesting decorations and they’re also easy to make once you figure out the whole process. We found this nice tutorial on petitepartystudio. The dream catcher featured here is made out of washi tape, embroidery hoops, colored yarn, feathers, felt balls and beads. You can also add other things if you thick they’d look good.

Table art accessories

Embroidery hoops are also needed for the project featured on Sharonjoyceinteriors. You need a large and a small one as well as a wooden dowel and a piece of wood for the base. Drill a hole in the center of the base board and then insert the dowel in. Attach the dowel to the embroidery hoop and make it stand straight. This project is purely decorative.

Leather wall hanging magazine holder

Looking for a fresh new way to store your favorite books? How about a leather book holder? There’s this chic one we found on Dwellbeautiful. You can make it out of upholstery leather, You’ll also need scissors, a hot glue gun, a stapler, a ring and a ruler. Cut two equal strips of leather and run them through the ring. Make a loop with each one and secure them with staples and glue.

Granite tealight holders

Tea light candles aren’t exactly eye-catching or very stylish on their own but you can make them look pretty with some nice holders. The ones featured on Burkatron look like they’re made of granite but i’s really just the paint. They’re actually made of plastic tea light holders and it’s the stone effect spray paint that gives them this special look.

Shell coconut

Ever thought you could repurpose coconut shells into something else? It’s an interesting idea that actually makes sense. You could turn empty coconut shells into bowls which you can fill with candy and other goodies or use as storage containers for tiny things. Just spray paint them to make them look pretty. {found on bittersweetblog}.

Concrete mason jars Hack

It’s no secret that mason jars can be repurposed in a lot of useful ways. Find out how to turn jars into vases or planters and how to make concrete holders for them by following the tutorial on Flair-blog. If you want to make something similar you’ll need empty jars, concrete mix, a container, a stirrer and sandpaper.

Air plant palms

Air plants are great given how easy it is to care for them. They’re also easy to display in interesting and eye-catching ways. You can find one such idea on monsterscircus. To display your own air plants like that you’re going to need rocks, bamboo sticks, wire, pliers and a glue gun. Wrap a piece of wire around the base of the plant and then run it through the bamboo stick. Put glue on the rock and press down the stick.

Tree branch faux planter

There’s also this idea we found on Bybrittanygoldwyn. You can use it for air plants or faux plants. The supplies needed include a small piece from a tree branch, wood stain, a drill and a faux succulent or any other type of plant that’s suited for the project. Drill into the branch piece to make a hole on one end big enough to hold the plant. Then sand it and stain it and put the plant in place.

Faux marble kitchen accessories

Make everyday objects more stylish and pleasant to use. Perhaps your kitchen utensils could use a makeover. You could decorate them as shown on Ajoyfulriot. All you need is some marble paper. Use it to decorate the handles of the utensils. You can also use washi tape if you want.

Ombre dyed basket

You could also make storage a little bit more enjoyable. Doesn’t this basket look nice? Check out the project featured on erinspain to find out how to make one just like it. You’ll need dye in different colors, brushes, painter’s tape and a basket. Use tape as a guide to get the stripes straight.

Gold wire basket

You could also make a basket yourself. For example, you could make a wire basket. You can find a tutorial for that on Homemadebycarmona. You can add your own touch to the project and customize it in all sorts of ways. For example, instead of leather handles you could opt for something different or make the base a different shape.