Glass Flower Vase From Test Tube and Reclaimed Wood

It’s peony season here and there is no better way to show off gorgeous flowers than with a fun glass vase do-it-yourself.

Glass Flower Vase

This project is great for those who love to bringing the outdoors in and want an exciting way to show off single stems! Perfect as a centerpiece for your dinner table or as a way to bring blooms into the bedroom or guest room.

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Materials you’ll need for these glass flower vase:

  • test tubes (you can use as many or as few as you want for the length of the wood you are using)
  • water based polyurethane
  • paint brush
  • wood block
  • sanding block/ paper/ or sander
  • drill
  • appropriate size drill bit (match to your test tubes- here we ended up using a 1 and 1/8ths inch bit for these tubes)
  • wax adhesive buttons if needed

How to make the glass flower vase with reclaimed wood stand:

test tube vase DIY supplies
test tube vase how to

Step 1: sanding

Start by sanding the wood to get off any splinters, smooth the edges, and grind off any dirt. Here we used a reclaimed oak barn wood beam so we did extra sanding to get down to the true color of the wood. If you leave the edge live, make sure to use sandpaper to get in there to get out any shredded wood pieces or splinters.

test tube vase tutorial

Step 2: drilling the holes

Using a drill and the appropriate size bit, drill the holes for the test tubes. You may find it easier to mark the center, measure equal distance out, and mark where you want your holes before drilling. Drill down approximately 2-3 inches or about 2/3rd to one half the size of the test tube. Dust off the wood shavings and sand around the holes to make smooth if needed. Helpful hint- measure your test tubes in the holes before going on to the next step. Move up to the next drill bit size if you are having trouble easily fitting the tubes in the holes. Don’t force the tubes in or the glass may break.

how to create a test tube vase

Step 3: Wood coat paint

Clear coat the wood with a thin evenly applied coat of water based polyurethane and let dry for about 1 hour. Once it is dry, inset the test tubes. Use wax adhesive buttons if needed to keep the test tubes standing directly up (you may need to do this if your holes are on the larger size for your test tubes). Fill the tubes with single stems for your finished piece!

These vases can be made in any length or size, so they are customizable to your space. They also make a fun housewarming gift!

test tube vase DIY
DIY test tube vase tutorial
DIY test tube vase
DIY test tube vase tutorial