Decorate With Test Tube Bases – 10 Micro Stylish Ideas

Flowers are extremely popular decorations and they’re appreciated for their freshness and delicacy. People put them in vases and admire them but when they lose their freshness they get replaced. This means you have little time to enjoy the flowers and you have to make it count. So choose the vase carefully. These test tub vases are particularly stylish and you can see it all the following examples.

Test tube flower vases.

Test flower vases

This is a very simple, chic and also original vase design. It’s hand crafted and they’re made with aluminum wire. The simplicity of the vases allows you to focus on the flowers and their beauty. The transparent vases don’t hide anything so get to admire the entire plant.{found on vidaflores}.

Driftwood test tube vase.


You can make your own test tube vase. This one, for example, is made using driftwood. You need a drill and some test tubes. Make holes in the driftwood and insert the test tubes. It’s that simple. Then you simply add some drops of water and some beautiful flowers and you have a wonderful decoration for your home.{found on littlesomethings}.

Hanging bud vase.

Hanging bud vases

There are numerous ways in which you can personalize a test tube vase. This one, for example, is hanging on the wall and sits inside this crocheted piece. It looks quite cozy in there. It only accommodates a single flower bud so it’s great for small arrangements.Available for 14$.

Wood and test tube vases.

Bark vases

This arrangement is similar to the one presented above, the one made from driftwood. It’s a smaller and quite different version made from a piece of wood that has three holes drilled in it. The test tubes sit inside the holes and they can each accommodate one flower.

Wood vase

If you want you can also make individual test tube vases using the same type of design. This one, for example, is made from a small piece of driftwood. All you have to do is drill a hole in the wood, insert the test tube and display your flowers or plants.{found on beautifulblooms}.

Wood base.

New test tubes

The idea behind this particular design is quite similar to what we’ve presented above but the difference is that arrangement is modern. The vase is made of salvaged maple and features three glass test tubes. It’s a piece that would look wonderful in the kitchen or in the bedroom and that would also make a great gift.Available for 29$.

Vintage tube vases.

Vintage tube

This is a vintage test tube rack. You can make a similar one using a rack, test tubes and corks. This one has 7 test tubes but the number can differ according to the dimensions you choose or your preferences. It has a simple and natural look and it’s a casual decoration for any room of the house.Available for 42$.

Wall mount test tube vases.

Wall hanging

This is a wall-mounted test tube vase. The base is made of wood and has geometric shapes. You can make something similar and you can choose any shape you want. The test tubes are attached to the wooden base and the arrangement is mounted on the wall and it can be displayed near the door, in the living room or even in the home office.Available for 85$.

Hanging painted test tubes.

Painted vase tube

Test tube vases are extremely versatile and can have various different designs. These ones, for example, are very simple. They are hanging test tube vases. First the test tubes have to be painted or cast in porcelain like in this case. They are suspended by leather laces and they can be displayed above a table or anywhere else in a room.Available for 38$.

Wall mount.

Wall mount

These test tube vases are quite similar to the ones we’ve just presented you. But the difference here is that these ones are mounted on the wall. They are also test tubes cast in porcelain and they have an unglazed exterior. A hole in drilled in the side and this way they are mounted on the wall.{found on etsy}.

Chandelier vase tube.

Chandelier vase tube

Well, this is not a vase but it’s spectacular and we couldn’t just ignore it. It’s a chandelier made from laboratory test tubes. It has two rings with hanging strings and 96 test tubes hanging from them. The chandelier is easy to install and quite durable, despite the fragility of the test tubes. The colorful test tubes are filled with colored water.Available for 245$.