DIY Gilded Pencil Holder

Who doesn’t have a need to get a bit more organized? If your desk is a mess this DIY project is for you! This gilded wooden block pencil caddy not only cleans up your work space but adds a bit of bling to your desk. Store pencils, pens, scissors and more with varying sized slots. Another easy DIY that is very customizable (make in whatever length or size desired). Just a few quick and easy steps and you will have the perfect little organizer for your desk!

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  • drill
  • varying sized drill bits (we used a large, small, and 2 medium sized bits)
  • sanding block
  • spray paint
  • wooden block (cut down to desired size)

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1. Cut the block down to the size you want to use. You want to use a thicker block (approximately 4 inches high- this one is 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide but you may want to use something thinner if you have a smaller desk). Cut the length to desired size. Drill holes with varying drill bit sizes. Large ones for scissors or markers and smaller to medium sized ones for pens and pencils. You may want to mark where you want to place each hole prior to drilling. Here we created 2 rows of holes in varying sizes, 3 holes in each row. Drill down approximately two-thirds of the block. Make sure that the holes are deep enough to hold pens and pencils.

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DIY wooden block pencil holderView in gallery

2. Once you have placed the holes, sand down the sides or edges if desired with a sanding block or thick grit sand paper.

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3. Spray the block with an even coat of spray paint. Here we used a bright bold gold for a gilded look. You can leave the block au natural if desired and spray a coat of clear, or have fun and go for stripes or a two-toned effect. Use tape to block off any areas that you don’t want painted if you go for this look.

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Once the paint is dry the project is complete! Now it’s time to clean up your desk and find the perfect place for this bright and fun organizer!

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wooden block pencil holderView in gallery