DIY Rope Basket and Paint Dipping Process

Who doesn’t love a crafty and cute catchall place to store items for everyday use? This handy little rope basket is not only convenient but super easy to create! Create in just a few minutes and customize with different colors or go for the “paint-dipped” look created here. They are perfect for mudroom or office areas where a little extra organization can go a long way!

DIY Rope Basket


Materials you’ll need for a rope basket and painting process:

  • heavy rope available at hardware stores
  • large hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • painter’s tape
  • scissors
  • spray paint
rope basket supplies

Instructions to make the rope basket:

Step 1: Circle wrapping

Start with one end of the rope and cover the frayed edges with a dab of hot glue. Wrap around in a circle and glue the end of the rope to itself as tightly as possible to form the start of the bottom of the basket. Continue wrapping and gluing in a flat circle pattern.

Step 2: Glue

After wrapping and gluing in the flat pattern about 3-4 times around at the bottom (this has created a flat surface to the basket and allows it to stand upright without tipping over), start to create the basket by lifting the edges of the rope just slightly higher up on the circle, making each row only very slightly large than the previous row. Continue to use hot glue as you are wrapping the basket to ensure that it is secure. Wipe off any excess glue or pull off extra dried globs of hot glue as you continue wrapping and gluing.

DIY rope basket

Step 3: Upwards basket

Continue wrapping to create the upwards basket until satisfied with the height and size of the basket. Once complete cut rope at an angle and glue down. Control any frays in the rope edges with just the smallest amount of hot glue. Let the basket dry (just a few minutes).

paint dipped rope basket

Step 4: How to paint the basket

Lastly, give the basket a two-toned or paint-dipped effect by taping off the part that you don’t want sprayed with painters tape. Make sure to cover this area very well. Then spray a few coats of spray paint on untapped part or in this case, the bottom of the basket. Let dry for approximately 30-45 minutes. Once this is completed your basket is done! You may want to snip off any excess fly away strands from the rope with scissors, but otherwise your project is complete!

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