Chic California home with a bohemian interior

This lovely house is located in Silver Lake, California and it belongs to Sarah Rodenhouse. She’s been living here for two years and she managed to create a very beautiful and charming interior décor. The house has 2 bedrooms and three bathrooms and each room is different and yet equally stylish.

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The interior design is a combination of old and new. Saran mixed modern elements with vintage accessories and furniture pieces and created a design that suits her perfectly. The house is colorful, chic and beautifully decorated with lots of artwork. It’s also a very comfortable and cozy home. Sarah loves to be surrounded by things she love and that remind her of her past. She decorated this place with all sorts of objects that have significant sentimental value, such as photos from her grandparents weeding and a cuckoo clock she brought all the way from Berlin.

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The house is very charming on the inside but it also features a very nice outdoor living area, quite spacious and with wonderful views of the surrounding hills. Just like the interior, this area is decorated with beautiful colors and a mix of styles. The color palette used throughout the house includes tones of grey, blue, brown and other bright shades that make the décor stand out. The textures are also very beautiful and, even though very different, they were nicely combined.{found on apartmenttherapy}.