Colorful Barn House Redesigned For Rural Tourism

The funky barn house you see here is located in Linhares, Portugal. The barn was originally built here back in 1699. Then in 1703 works were done and at that time the construction process was complete. The structure was part of a farm and used to serve as a farmer’s house.

Modern barn house L shape

In 2014 the latest renovation was completed. It was a project by Escritorio de Arquitetos. The historic barn went through a major transformation. However, a lot of its original character was preserved. The exterior was intentionally kept as close to the original as possible.

Modern barn house surrounding
Modern barn house roof design

The stone clad exterior walls help the barn blend in with the surroundings. The roof has a similar role. Together they give the house an authentic look that matches its historic background story. The glass doors and the windows, however, offer a glimpse at a very colorful and playful interior.

There’s quite a bit of contrast between the exterior facade and the interior design of this one-of-a-kind barn house. Step inside and its true character is revealed. Playful pink walls and green, turquoise and blue accents stand out and contrast with the white backdrop.

Modern barn house exterior walls
Modern barn house stone facade

The purpose of this latest renovation was to get the barn ready to be used as an independent house for rural tourism. The architecture is traditional to this part of Northern Portugal. The stone walls that define both the exterior and the interior add texture to the design and offer a very authentic and rustic look.

Modern barn house stone walls and glass doors
Modern barn house entryway

In addition to being redesigned, the barn was also enlarged. A wall was added, making the interior more spacious. It was built using similar techniques and the same type of stone as for the rest of the walls in order to ensure cohesion throughout the interior.

Modern barn house interior hallway
Modern barn house pink and turquoise

Inside the barn tourists can find two bedrooms and a studio. The floor plan is L-shaped and the rooms are relatively small but very inviting. There’s a very beautiful blend of styles in here. Rustic, traditional and modern elements coexist harmoniously offering the house a unique charm.

Modern barn house kitchen area
Modern barn house dining table

Modern rural tourism is redefined through such projects. The use of bold colors and the overall simplicity of the interior décor elevate the usual farmhouse design to a new level. You can easily distinguish a lot of the elements that were preserved as testimony of the barn’s past and history.

Modern barn house living area
Modern barn house social zone

At the same time, the newly added features and elements contrast with the rest but also complement everything else in a really nice and refreshing way. It’s not just about the colors, although they play an important role. It’s also about the built-in furniture, the clean and simple layout and the dialogue between all these individual features.

Modern barn house bedroom interior
Modern barn house bedroom blue wall