15 Adorable Crib Canopy Designs For Eclectic Nurseries

The crib is the piece of resistance in every nursery room. And just like regular beds, cribs come in a variety of styles and designs. Those with canopies are the equivalent of canopy beds and they are especially beautiful and adorable. The designs diversify even further as there are numerous different crib canopy styles to explore.

Corner nursery crib with canopyView in gallery

A four post crib lets you pick the type of canopy you wish to accessorize it with. If you want the crib to have a girly look, then get a delicate, see-through fabric. If you want, you can hang fairy lights or string lights.

Cozy pink sleeping nursery roomView in gallery

We love the way the crib canopy blends in so beautifully and has a really beautiful and unique color. It’s a sort of light pink with a little bit of coral and it’s really wonderful, both relaxing and bright.{found on rikkisnyder}.

Baby blue nursery room canopy bedView in gallery

Sometimes the crib canopy is merely an accent feature and is not meant to have any functional use. It’s the case with the ones in the corner. This design suits traditional nurseries and goes well with ornate cribs and furniture in general.{found on creativewallcoverings}.

Glamoros nursery room canopy cribView in gallery

The canopy is a freestanding accessory in this case. It’s not attached to the crib in any way. Again. The design makes it a nice choice for traditional decors. The ornate crib and the wallpaper make a really great combo.{found on alidacoury}.

Traditional nursery room decor canopy cribView in gallery

There are also cases when traditional nursery decors are simple and lack the usual ornate features and accessories. But there are still defining elements of the style and the canopy design is one of them in this case.{found on graceandivy}.

Custom made canopyView in gallery

Custom made crib canopies have the potential to perfectly adapt to a certain décor and style. This is a ruffled canopy meant to look cute and playful but also a bit rustic, in a way to seem inspired by traditional fairy tales.

Red crib canopy designView in gallery

This red crib canopy is definitely a focal point in the nursery. It was designed to be reminiscent of theater curtains. Even though red is a strong color, not usually recommended for this room, it was used really great in this case. The décor is creative and tasteful.{found on afkfurniture}.

Make yourself the canopy for the cribView in gallery

This is the type of canopy you can craft yourself at home. You need the right type of fabric, not too heavy but not too sophisticated either. Attach it to the ceiling and the wall so it looks symmetrical over the crib. Here it also frames the shelf.{found on simplyhomedecorating}.

Deep purple canopy bedView in gallery

You can use the canopy to imprint a certain look or style on the room. For example, in this case both the colors and the little details (canopy included) help give the nursery room a royal allure. Purple and gray is a sophisticated combo.

Shades of grey nursery roomView in gallery

Most often, white canopies are preferred for cribs. It’s because the color is simple, neutral and relaxing. It doesn’t induce specific feelings and it pretty much matches any style and décor. Pair it with any accent color you like.{found on modernantiquitydesign}.

Bold colors nursery decorView in gallery

On the other hand, you can concentrate those accent colors in the print and design of the crib canopy. This one blends green and yellow with a repetitive pattern for a balanced look. It’s like all the accent details in the room were clustered in that particular spot.

Shabby chic canopy nursery cribView in gallery

Create a peaceful ambiance in the nursery by opting for simple, white, see-through fabric for the crib canopy. You can hang a mobile at the center without hiding it. Use pastels for the rest of the room décor and you’ll obtain a bright and fresh design. You can make it shabby chic, contemporary or however else you want.{found on projectnursery}.

Pom pom canopy nursery cribView in gallery

Instead of the classic canopy you can opt for curtains instead and use a pair of them to frame the crib. It could be a more practical idea if you decide to decorate the room yourself with stuff you already have.{found on projectnursery}.

Elephants and coral umbrellas nurseryView in gallery

This is not your usual kind of crib canopy but if definitely looks interesting. The design is ideal if you’re trying to mix modern and traditional or vintage elements. The key is picking the right fabric in terms of color and pattern.{found on projectnursery}.

Canopy hanging over the crib View in gallery

The canopy hanging over the crib matches the window curtains. It’s the same type of fabric put in a custom design. The approach is interesting and suits this traditional nursery room design.