Adirondack State Park Missile Silo Cabin

I have seen  houses build in  every shape possible  and  dimensions, with a  big yard, white fence or modern homes with glass walls and super cool terraces or gardens, but this is my first time and I bet yours too when I’m hearing about a missile silo cabin.Apparently during the Cold War missile launch  facilities were build.An underground cylindrical container for the storage and launching of intercontinental balistic  missiles.Now you can buy a missile silo like purchasing any  other piece of real estate.

Missile silo cabinView in gallery

First you need to scope out the property and than see if you like it, because buying a missile silo means buying multiples acres.Nosy neighbors aren’t a problem.Chances are there won’t be any  close by because  these facilities were build away from populated areas.If you like this idea of solitude  and if you have 750,000-1.75 milion $ this is the place for you.It is availiable on its own or in package with a ton of extra land, another log cabin and an airplane hangar.

This unique property is located in the pine forest of Upstate New York’s Adirondack State Park and is perfect for those looking for intimacy or extra security.It can be arranged in many ways above ground as well as underground.Its only up to you to decide whether you want to live in peace undisturbed or you want a proper base from which to start your quest for world domination.