5 Slick, Modern Color Combinations

For a fashion-forward look and chic layout, you must choose the right color combinations. Whether you’re vision is to have a trendy, modern living room or a super-slick contemporary bedroom, the right shades can create the look and enhance the theme. Smooth lines, bare tabletops, monochromatic schemes and color-blocked pieces, modern rooms are easier to decorate than once thought. But first, let’s take a gander at some color combos to help get your contemporary decor started.

1. Pitch Black & Bright White.

Turquoise pale kitchen

A classic, timeless pair, black and white is always right. You can’t go wrong with this pair in fashion or interior design. It doesn’t matter the room or the even how big the space is. The stark contrasts create that modern look and after you add a couple of great accent colors like a juicy red or neon green, you’re modern look will be complete.

2. Canary Yellow and Cloudy Grey.

Turquoise pale kitchen

Yellow and grey have the unique ability to conform to any theme. Of course they fit right into an eclectic vision or cottage look, but if done right they can be chic and futuristic. Use grey as the base and then add pops of bright yellow to enhance the natural hue. The pair is so different that a unique, cutting-edge look is easy to accomplish.

3. Violet Purple and Walnut Brown.

Turquoise pale kitchen

This fiery, sassy purple paired with a deep, smooth walnut brown is the perfect color combination for a serene, yet modern look. The deep hues look great next to each other, but even better in a space free of clutter and excess. It’s easy to create completely smooth lines and sharp edges with these darker shades.

4. Mango Orange and Charcoal Gray.

Turquoise pale kitchen

Although it’s not a combination easily thought of on the spot, this combo is unique, yet perfect for creating a slick, modern space. The orange will act as a focal point and the smokey hue will keep everything clean and contemporary. Mix in a bit of whites and creams for a brighter palette but don’t go overboard creating anything too feminine or beachy.

5. Gentle Green and Ashy Silver.

Turquoise pale kitchen

A great choice for the kitchens and bathrooms, this color is fresh and cleansing. Keep your appliances all stainless steel and then add this powdery, light green to seal the deal. Just make sure to add some white light fixtures or walls in the design so nothing turns out too dark. Even if you want a modern space, when it comes to the kitchens and bathrooms you can get away with brighter looks.

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