Wonderful Wood, Concrete and Twigs Restaurant Design by Sebastian Marsical Studio

New York is an amazing city which can offer you wonderful places and various ways of spending you’re your free time. It is a place which everything means movement, energy and life no matter if it is a day or night.

Pio Pio Restaurant by Sebastian Marsical Studio 9View in gallery

If you are a person who likes privacy, elegance and a rustic ambiance then you can choose a place in New York called Pio Pio Restaurant. It is a restaurant which has a wonderful design, realized by the firm Sebastian Marsical Studio.There were used various materials like wood, concrete rustic twigs or marble.

Pio Pio Restaurant by Sebastian Marsical Studio 9

It has a modern design based on contradiction: the various materials used the different sizes of the table, the marble bar.All in all, these contradictions are used in a harmonious way and create an elegant and modern place where you can enjoy pleasant moments in a wonderful place.