What is Scandifornian Interior Design?

Scandifornian interior design is a combination of Scandinavian and California styles. It’s a newer interior design trend that’s picking up momentum.

Scandifornian interior design aims to create a light, minimal and airy space. If you love Scandinavian design but want to put a unique spin on it, here’s how to decorate Scandifornian style.

The History of Scandifornian Interior Design 

What is Scandifornian Interior Design

The history of Sandifornian interior design is a short one. Interior designer and founder of Veneer Designs, Natalie Meyers, coined the term in February 2019 to describe her style. 

Meyers appreciated the minimal look of Nordic and Japanese design but also enjoyed the warm sunny feel of California style. While her designs have also been described as minimal boho or earthy mid-century modern, she coined Scandifornian to describe this joining of interior design types.

How to Achieve Scandifornian Style

The Scandifornian style focuses on edited decor and a fresh look. Here’s how to get it.

White Walls

All Scandifornian-style rooms have one thing in common: white walls. White walls are the basis for the airy look and set the room for a clean slate to layer in furniture and decor.

Light Wood Floors

If you want scandi-style floors, opt for blonde wood. Popular hardwood varieties include ash, birch, and maple. 

Incorporate Natural Materials

Incorporate natural materials into your design as much as possible. Standard pieces for Scandifornian style include upholstered and wood furniture – like a linen sofa with wood accents. Opt for wood tables, wooden shelving, and jute rugs. Use plants as accents – since this design comes from California, decorating with cacti is popular.

A Mix of Mid-Century Modern and Vintage Furniture

Scandifornian style is heavy on mid-century modern furniture and decor with sleek profiles and geometric shapes. But this style also incorporates vintage or antique pieces for a collected look. 

Because Scandifornian interior design focuses on minimalism, be sure you love whatever furniture you incorporate into your design.

Natural Light

Creating an airy look is one of the primary design goals of Scandifornian interior design style. Maximize natural light by keeping your blinds open whenever possible. Also, consider outfitting your windows with light-colored curtains, bamboo shades, or wooden blinds.

Boho Accessories

Californian interior design is big on the boho look, as is the new Scandifornian style. Choose printed throw pillows, textiles, and boho accessories like wicker and rattan tables or stools.

What is the Scandifornian Style Color Palette?

The Scandifornian color palette contains white, black, tan, cream, gray, and rich brown, with accents of warm green, red, orange, and yellow. It focuses on a neutral backdrop with warm pops of colors.

The Difference Between Scandifornian and Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandifornian and Scandinavian interior designs use minimal decor, organic elements, and a neutral color palette. The most significant difference is the type of furniture. Scandifornian incorporates mid-century modern, vintage, and boho styles, while Scandinavian furniture is modern with clean lines.

Scandifornian Interior Design Examples

Here’s a look at pictures of Scandifonian-style rooms you can draw inspo from.

Scandifornian Dining Room

Scandifornian Dining Room

Designed by Scandifornian creator Natalie Meyers, this dining room has a light, airy look with its white walls and modern flooring. The table, artwork, and light fixture add a mid-century modern flair, while the centerpiece adds life through plants.

Scandifornian Style Bathroom

Scandifornian Style Bathroom
@Natalie Meyers

With its light backdrop and mix of mid-century modern, boho, and vintage, this bathroom gives off a fresh Scandifornian look. The wooden chair, plant, and bamboo blinds add an organic touch to the space.

Scandifornian Bedroom

Scandifornian Bedroom

This Scandifornian-style bedroom is simple yet relaxing, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a hard day. The accent wall creates texture and interest, while the white bedding and warm pillows keep the space visually calm.

Scandifornian Living Room

Scandifornian Bedroom

If you’re looking for Scandifornian living room examples, this one weaves in all elements, including a jute rug, mid-century modern furniture, and lots of natural light.