Hollywood Regency Interior Design: Get the Glam Look of the 1930s

The glam style of Hollywood regency interior design drew inspiration from 1930s movie sets. While similar to the Art Deco style, Hollywood Regency features a more maximalist and luxurious approach to decor.

Today, the Hollywood Regency style is highlighted in the works of interior designers like Jonathan Adler and through glam decor trends. Here’s a look at the history of Hollywood Regency interior design and how to incorporate it into your home.

Hollywood Regency Interior Design

The History of Hollywood Regency Interior Design

Hollywood Regency interior design originates in 1930s California. During this era, designers built luxurious and over-the-top film sets. The lavish style took hold with actors, who adopted it in their homes.

One of the prominent Hollywood Regency designers was Dorothy Draper. Draper was an actress turned interior designer who worked on movie sets. She had a “more is more” approach to interior design, using elaborate and luxurious materials. Many celebrities hired Draper to decorate their homes, helping the style to spread.

Hollywood Regency was prevalent during the Art Deco period, although it remained bolder and more glam. It started to fall out of fashion in the 1950s as the sleek mid-century modern style took over.

How to Get a Hollywood Regency Look

Hollywood Regency style combines comfort and luxury, using vivid colors and layered textures. 

Try a Black and White Color Scheme

Black and white color schemes with a pop of jewel tones are a Hollywood Regency staple. You can opt for black and white tile, wallpaper, or go with white walls and layer in black and white checkered accessories.

Select Vivid Jewel-Toned Furniture

Furniture in vivid blues, pinks, purples, greens, and yellows all fit the glam Hollywood style. Look for pieces with velvet upholstery, skirted sofas, armchairs, and furniture with unexpected curves.

Look for Metallic Pieces

Metallic pieces are an element that Art Deco and Hollywood Regency style share. Popular choices include sunburst mirrors, coffee tables, cabinet hardware, furniture trim, and picture frames.

Layer in Fun Accessories

Hollywood Regency is playful, featuring fun accessories like porcelain animals, animal prints, bright colors, and unique art. Regarding accessories, Hollywood Regency is a maximalist style, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Install Crystal Chandeliers and Metallic Sconces

If you want a Hollywood Regency look, embrace the glam. Install vintage crystal chandeliers, metallic sconces, and other types of statement lighting.

Use Hollywood Regency Lamps

Original Hollywood Regency lamps were made in the 1930s-1950s, featuring glass or art glass bases and linen or silk lampshades with embellishments. Using one of these lamps is an easy way to add style to your space. If you can’t find an original, look for a modern dupe.

Hang Interesting Wallpaper

There are many types of Hollywood Regency wallpaper, but all offer glamor. Consider a black or jewel-toned wallpaper with metallic accents. Geometric and floral prints are also good options.

Hollywood Regency Color Scheme

The Hollywood Regency color scheme is black and white with pops of vivid jewel-tone colors like blue, green, yellow, and hot pink. White or black walls and white and black checkered floors are a staple of this style.

Examples of Hollywood Regency Interior Design

Here are some photos of Hollywood Regency interior design.

Hollywood Regency Room with Black and White Floor

Hollywood Regency Interior Design
Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The black and white stripe floor set the stage for this glam, Hollywood Regency-style room. The saturated blue and gold accents give it a luxurious feel.

Modern Hollywood Regency Living Room

Modern Hollywood Regency Living Room
Jamie Herzlinger

The sleek materials give this living room a modern Hollywood Regency look. The black and white color scheme is simple but glam, while the mirrored and metallic fireplace gives this space the iconic Hollywood style.

Hollywood Regency Style Bathroom

Hollywood Regency Style Bathroom - before after
Melinamade – Residential Design + Interiors

While this room is dominated by black, pink gives it a nice punch of color. The diamond wallpaper, printed curtains, slim stool, and crystal chandelier are all Hollywood Regency design elements.