15 Popular Interior Design Companies for 2023

Interior design companies create and implement design plans for commercial, government, and residential clients.

If you’re trying to encompass a specific aesthetic or need help designing your business or home’s interior, an experienced interior design firm can help you achieve your goals. Our list of popular interior design companies includes options worldwide, but you may be able to find a local interior designer to fit your needs.

Best Interior Design Companies

To choose our list of the most popular interior design firms, we started by looking at companies with the highest cumulative design fees, as reported in 2021. From there, we narrowed down companies that offered at least some residential interior design services.

The following list contains the most popular companies offering commercial, government, and residential interior design and architecture services.

1. Gensler


  • Headquarters: San Francisco
  • Website: Gensler

Gensler provides architecture, design, and planning services with more than 53 locations spanning multiple countries. They service business sectors and offer residential interior design in industries such as student housing, supportive housing, senior living, and more.

They’ve designed popular workplace interiors like the LinkedIn office in Chicago, Adobe Seattle, and the Etsy headquarters.



  • Headquarters: Dallas
  • Website: AECOM

AECOM is a full-service firm offering architecture and design, engineering, construction management, environmental services, and product management. While their global headquarters is in Dallas, TX, they have worldwide offices. AECOM provides interior design services across business, government, and residential sectors. Their residential services range from small-scale projects for clients to high-rise apartment buildings.

Notable interior design projects from AECOM include USC Health Sciences in LA, GE Ventures Capital Office, and the DirecTV Headquarters in El Segundo, CA.

3. Gold Mantis

Gold Mantis

Founded in 1993, Gold Mantis is an interior design company based in China. They specialize in sustainable design and service many sectors, including workplace, commercial, and residential. China has named them the number one decoration company for 19 years.

Some of Gold Mantis’s top clients include American General Company (GE), PetroChina, Red Bean Group, and Hainan Airlines.

4. HOK


  • Headquarters: New York
  • Website: HOK

HOK is a famous interior design firm specializing in architecture, engineering, and planning. They operate in 3 countries, with 26 offices and over 1,600 employees. In 2022 Time Magazine ranked them as one of the most influential firms. HOK provides design, landscaping design, and architecture services for more than a dozen markets, including residential, tech, healthcare, and government spaces.

Notable works from HOK interior design include CarMax Office, Honeywell Global Headquarters, and Accenture Innovation Hub.

5. HBA


  • Headquarters: Santa Monica
  • Website: HBA

HBA (Hirsch Bedner Associates) is a global brand specializing in hotel design. They have 24 worldwide offices and have completed projects in 80 countries. Even though HBA’s specialty is hotels, they have other branches, including HBA residential, which caters to high-end and luxury residences.

HBA has designed for Azura Ala Moana in Hawaii, Hilton, Cancun, Sheraton Chengdu Oidu, and much more.

6. Perkins Eastman

Perkins Eastman

Perkins Eastman is a global architecture, planning, and interior design firm with 24 offices spread across the globe. They offer various services, including architecture, waterfront design, interiors, branded environments, experiential design, and more. They provide services in 18 distinct markets.

Some notable interior design work from Perkins Eastman includes AIGA Headquarters, St. John’s University Men’s Locker Rooms, and USO Great Lakes center.

7. Smith Group

Smith Group

The Smith Group has been in business since the late 1800s, with headquarters in Detroit. They now have 18 offices across the US and one office in China. They offer many distinct architecture and design services, such as urban design, workplace strategy, lighting design, and landscape architecture.

Smith Group has designed interiors for Oakland University Engineering Building, Ally Bank Headquarters, and Mountain Park Health Center.

8. Callison RTKL

Callison RTKL

Founded over 70 years ago, Callison RTKL is a global architecture, planning, and top interior design company. Callisonrtkl headquarters are in Washington, but they have 15 offices worldwide. They have vast expertise, offering dozens of services, including store planning and design, workplace strategy, interior design, architecture, and historic preservation.

Some notable interior design work from CallisonRTKL includes the National Democratic Institute, ATA-Capitol Hill, and The Ridge in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

9. Studios Architecture

Studios Architecture

  • Headquarters: New York
  • Website: STUDIOS

STUDIOS is an architecture and design firm focused on diversity and sustainability. They offer architecture, interior design, workplace strategy, and master planning across a variety of sectors. STUDIOS operates in the United States and France, with offices in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, and Lyon.

STUDIOS has designed interiors for Nike Headquarters in NYC, Adobe, Microsoft, and Estate at the Yards.

10. PGAL


  • Headquarters: Houston
  • Website: PGAL

PGAL is an international architecture and interior design firm founded in 1946 with 13 offices across the United States. They specialize in interior, architecture, and engineering for private and public clients. PGAL works with small and large clients, from designing residential spaces to working with Universities and corporations.

Notable interior design work from PGAL includes Florida International University Bayview Housing, Boca Raton at Palm Beach Resorts Condos, and Balmoral Crystal Clear Lagoon + Amenity Village.

11. Leo A Daly

Leo A Daly

Leo A Daly firm has been in business for over 100 years, offering interior design, architecture, and engineering services. They’ve completed projects in all 50 states and more than 91 countries, winning many top design awards. They work in many sectors, including (but not limited to) the food industry, workplace strategy, residential interior design, and civic design.

Leo A Daly has designed interior spaces for Mammee Bay Luxury Resort and Residences, Alder Apartments, The Capitol District Apartments, and The Aventine.

12. Vocon


  • Headquarters: Cleveland
  • Website: Vocon

Vocon is a women-owned design agency founded in 1987. While based in Cleveland, this firm has 200 nationwide employees offering small and large design services for various clients. They also have an office in New York. Vocon offers architecture services, procurement, interior design, and experiential brand design.

Notable interior design projects include the Cleveland Browns headquarters, Flatiron Health, Goodyear, and World Monuments Fund.

13. HLW


  • Headquarters: New York
  • Website: HLW

HLW is an architecture and interior design firm founded in 1885. They have offices in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and London. HLW offers design services encompassing sustainability, strategy, planning, branded graphics, interior design, and architecture.

HLW has completed interior design projects for Aspen Insurance, Genesis House, Charter Communications Headquarters, and the Health Foundation.

14. B + H Architects

B + H Architects

B+H (bold + human) architects have been in business for 65 years with studios worldwide. Their services include architecture, interior design, planning, landscaping, renewal, compliance, and experiential graphic design. They design buildings in all sectors, including commercial, residential, retail, government, and healthcare. They also have an interior design-only branch called CHIL interior design.

Notable interior design projects include Arbutus Club, Blue Rock Therapeutics, Crystal Lodge Whistler, and Douglas Border Crossing.

15. Marc Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Marc Michaels Interior Design,Inc.

Founded in 1985, Marc Michaels Interior Design is a luxury firm based in Florida. They provide services for multi-family and high-rise developments, private residences, yachts, planes, and commercial interiors like hotels and restaurants. Aside from interior design, they offer space planning, project management, and model merchandising.

Marc Michaels Interior Design has designed the interiors for hundreds of private residences, taking on styles like coastal transitional, ultra-luxury, modern, artful, Georgian style, and more.