What is Neo Industrial Interior Design?

Neo-industrial design is a new take on the industrial interior design style prevalent in the early 2000s. 

While the neo-industrial style incorporates familiar items like steel, brick, and concrete, it has a warmer color palette. Here’s a look at this new design trend and how to work it into your spaces.

The History of Neo-Industrial Design

What is Neo Industrial Interior Design?

 In the world of architecture and interior design, the term “neo” means revived of. The definition of neo-industrial is “revived of industrial style,” or a new take on the popular factory-like interiors.

The original industrial interior design grew popular during urban housing shortages in the early 2000s when builders turned abandoned factories into housing complexes. These 19th-century factories kept their original finishes like exposed brick walls, concrete floors, exposed ductwork, and metal light fixtures. 

The industrial style caught on and spread throughout the United States. While the original industrial interior design has a cool color palette featuring lots of grays in the form of concrete and steel, the new spin on industrial design features warmer tones.

But, the truth is the term “neo-industrial” is new, and different designers will have different interpretations.

How to Get the Neo-Industrial Look

Neo-industrial combines traditional industrial elements with other styles. While many neo-industrial designs have a warmer color palette, that’s not always the case. Here’s a look at how to get this style.

Use Your Favorite Industrial Elements

The critical elements of industrial interior design include using concrete, brick, exposed ductwork, and steel. To create a neo-industrial design, incorporate at least some of these elements into your space.

Try a Warmer-Toned Flooring

If you opt for concrete-like walls or a cooler paint color, use a warmer wood floor. You can use a mid-tone hardwood or light-colored ash. Consider adding a warm-toned rug for contrast if you have a true industrial space with concrete floors.

Weave in Organic Elements

Organic elements like plants, rattan, and lots of wood complement the harsher steel, concrete, and exposed ductwork elements of industrial design.

Use Modern Furniture

Traditional industrial design favors worn-in furniture, often made of natural materials like leather or linen. To give this style an updated look, consider furniture with clean lines. You could also add pieces with a mid-century modern flair.

Keep Decor Minimal

Industrial designs work well with minimal decor. Consider high-quality materials for permanent finishes, and be intentional with the objects you select for decor-only purposes. 

Install Industrial Light Fixtures

Metal light fixtures work well in neo-industrial design, with popular options being caged light fixtures, exposed Edison bulbs, or metal pendants.

Mix Styles

Another way to pull off “neo-industrial” is to combine another interior design style with a prominent industrial look. Consider mid-century modern, farmhouse, or rustic.

Examples of Neo-Industrial Interior Design

There are many ways to achieve a neo-industrial interior. Here’s a look at how some homeowners and designers interpret this style.

Neo-Industrial Dining Room

Neo-Industrial Dining Room
Trailside Homes

The sparse decor, industrial light fixture, and metal chairs help give this room an industrial look, while the wood floors and warm wood trim provide contrast. The space is minimal, but the finishes provide texture and visual interest.

Neo-Industrial Laundry Room

Neo-Industrial Laundry Room
Jackson & LeRoy

Combining traditional and industrial styles, this neo-industrial laundry room is fresh and bright. The traditional white cabinets are topped with a stainless steel countertop, while the cool-toned floors and metal light fixture also add to the industrial look.

Neo-Industrial Kitchen

What is Neo Industrial Interior Design?
Studio Nato

The mix of modern and industrial styles gives this kitchen a contemporary feel. Using steel in the island, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and appliances pay homage to industrial style, while the hardwood floors add warmth.

Luxury Neo-Industrial Bedroom

What is Neo Industrial Interior Design?
2C Design LLC

Featuring a concrete wall, exposed ductwork, and warm wood floors, this bedroom is an excellent example of neo-industrial interior design. Rather than competing with each other, all elements work together for a high-end look.