Best Interior Design Magazines of 2023

While the internet allows easy access to design advice and inspo pics, there’s nothing like the feel of an actual magazine in your hands. Interior design magazines provide access to curated ideas for specific styles, a glimpse into the design process, and are a tangible resource you can look to over and over.

Best Interior Design Magazines of 2023

If you love home decor and are looking for the top interior design magazines, consider picking up a few of these.

Top 20 Interior Design Magazines

Here’s a look at the best home decor magazines on the market. We’ve provided the first-year subscription price for easy reference, but since this can change anytime, check before you subscribe.

1. Architectural Digest Magazine

Architectural Digest Magazine

Architectural Digest magazine offers interior design and architectural tips, inspiration, and advice. They also showcase celebrities and noteworthy homes. With a subscription, readers get a monthly print magazine, with the exception of July and August, which are one combined issue. Magazine subscribers also get access to exclusive editions like those focused on celebrity homes or exclusively on kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Dwell Magazine

Dwell Magazine

Dwell magazine highlights modern design with photos, ideas, and advice. Even though Dwell covers contemporary design, they also feature modern twists on other styles. An annual subscription includes six magazines per year.

3. House Beautiful Magazine

House Beautiful Magazine

House Beautiful magazine prints six issues per year. Each issue features expert renovation advice, home tours, and styling tips. In addition, subscribers to the all-access and print magazine receive unlimited access to content, exclusive discounts, and more.

4. Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens is one of the most famous and longest-standing home decor magazines in the United States. They published their first issue in 1922. They mail monthly print magazines featuring design ideas, gardening advice, and lifestyle tips. BHG also offers readers a chance to bundle BHG and Real Simple magazines together at a low introductory price.

5. Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design magazine is well-suited for interior designers, decorators, or anyone interested in interior design news and fundamentals. Each magazine features the latest news and groundbreaking projects. A subscription includes monthly issues plus two special editions.

6. Elle Decor Magazine

Elle Decor Magazine

If you like to keep up with the latest interior design trends across the globe, Elle Decor might be right for you. They publish eight magazines per year with advice from designers, home styles from around the world, shopping guides, and inspirational images.

7. Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine highlights a slower country life with advice regarding home decor, gardening, pets, and landscaping. When you purchase the subscription from their website, you also get unlimited access to their online content and exclusive members-only benefits.

8. Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living is a home and garden magazine featuring design styles, gardening advice, and lifestyle tips with a southern twist. Aside from DIY Ideas, the magazine also includes recipes and fashion advice. You can get an annual subscription to Southern Living for $14.95, which consists of 13 issues.

9. Style at Home Magazine

Style at Home Magazine

Style at Home is a Canadian home decor and design magazine. Each issue features home decor and design tips, renovation advice, room makeovers, and gardening ideas. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you’ll receive nine magazine issues.

10. HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine

From the popular HGTV network, HGTV magazine delivers the same trusted and practical home decor advice. There are eight issues of HGTV magazine in an annual subscription, each offering DIY decorating tips, instant curb appeal ideas, kitchen updates, and house tours.

11. Frame Magazine

Frame Magazine

Frame magazine is geared toward professionals in the interior design industry. Frame is based out of Amsterdam and has been highlighting interior design news and stories since 1977. They cover home design topics and business advice. An annual subscription includes quarterly issues, each containing 140 pages. 

12. Veranda Magazine

Veranda Magazine

Veranda is a home decor magazine focused on sophisticated living. Each issue contains four sections: objects & artifacts, flowers & garden, art & craft, and architecture & home. There are six issues included in an annual subscription.

13. Livingetc Magazine

Livingetc Magazine

Livingetc is a top modern home design magazine from the UK. Readers learn about new design trends in each issue, get expert design advice, and view pictures of beautiful homes. Rather than an annual subscription, Livingetc magazine offers a quarterly subscription with three print editions each quarter.

14. Homes & Gardens Magazine

Homes & Gardens Magazine

Homes & Gardens is the UK’s first and longest-standing home design magazine in business for over 100 years. Homes & Gardens showcases seasonal decor ideas, advice from designers, and shopping suggestions. Rather than an annual subscription, this magazine also offers quarterly subscriptions, with three print magazines per quarter.

15. Rue Magazine

Rue Magazine

Rue started as a digital home decor magazine over ten years ago. While they don’t yet have subscription options for their print magazine, you can pick up a copy at popular newsstands and convenience stores. Rue prints seasonally, with a magazine edition for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each issue contains home pictures, designers’ advice, and curated product ideas.

16. Wallpaper Magazine

Wallpaper Magazine

Wallpaper is a magazine focused on design, but rather than only home design, it highlights ideas from architecture, technology, fashion, and interiors. So if you like all types of design, this magazine might be a good fit. They publish one print edition per month.

17. Do It Yourself Magazine

Do It Yourself Magazine

Since 1995, Do It Yourself Magazine has been sharing home improvement advice that ranges from renovation projects to room makeovers. Each issue contains home and garden DIY ideas, photos, and step-by-step how-to instructions. Do It Yourself Magazine publishes four print editions per year.

18. The World of Interiors Magazine

The World of Interiors Magazine

The World of Interiors showcases architecture, interior, and exterior design ideas from various styles and locations. Rather than only focusing on trending design, this magazine also celebrates individuality. They offer a six-month subscription which includes six monthly print issues.

19. Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Luxe Interiors + Design has covered the design industry for more than 17 years with stunning images of modern homes, decor ideas, architecture news, and artist spotlights. An annual subscription includes six print issues of the magazine.

20. Log & Timber Home Living Magazine

Log & Timber Home Living Magazine

Log & Timber Home Living caters to those living in log cabins or wooden homes. Each magazine issue features timber home inspo pics, floorplan ideas, and design ideas for different rooms. An annual subscription includes eight print issues.