What Is English Countryside Interior Design?

English countryside interior design blends modern and classic styles to create warm, inviting homes that are anything but boring.

If you’ve grown tired of modern and minimal interior design trends, English countryside decor might be the solution. The once luxury style popular among wealthy residents of the English countryside is timeless. Here’s how to get it.

The History of English Countryside Design

English Countryside Interior Design: How to Decorate English Country Style

English countryside interior design draws influences from large homes and mansions in the English Country. But, the name and style elements were defined by American interior designer Nancy Lancaster.

Nancy got her start in interior design when she inherited her grandfather’s Virginia estate in 1922. She quickly made changes to make it feel more domesticated. Then, in 1933, Nancy purchased her dream home in Oxfordshire, England, called Ditchley Park.

Nancy decorated the English mansion in a southern Antebellum style to make the grand home feel less extravagant. She would continue to develop the English Country House style over her career, partnering up with interior designer John Fowler. Her design goal was to make people feel comfortable, and she believed each room should have at least one ugly item.

Today English countryside design is still prevalent. It has a timeless look that meshes traditional and modern with a more-is-more feel. The design trend has been in the spotlight for the past few years as the cottagecore movement develops, romanticizing English countryside living.

How to Decorate English Country Style

The English country-style decor is relaxed and comfortable. It embraces imperfection and a lived-in look.

Go for a Warm, Muted Backdrop

It’s no secret – the English Country Style is full of bright colors and patterns. But, the backdrop is most often a warm neutral. So, if you’re not adding wallpaper, consider painting your walls a warm cream or sand color.

Add Florals Everywhere

English country design is big on florals – consider floral patterned wallpaper, curtains, and furniture. But, of course, your florals don’t have to match. 

Choose Oversized Furniture with Rolled Arms

Rolled-arm sofas and chairs are a staple in English countryside decor. These pieces look elegant while still offering comfort.

Use Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood offers warmth and texture, perfect for any English country room. Consider a reclaimed wood farmhouse table, reclaimed wood bookshelves, and exposed wood ceiling beams.

Stock Your Bookshelves

English country style is slow and romantic, meaning less TV and more reading. The reading material also doubles as decor, as most English country homes boast packed bookshelves.

Use Stripes and Linear Lines

Any type of fabric with stripes or linear lines, like linen or grain sack pillows, works well in this type of interior design.

Display Antique Decor

Antique clocks, wall hanging, photographs, and desks are all ideal for the English country style. A mix of antique, traditional, and modern pull this style together.

Add Wainscotting

Adding wainscotting, or bead board, to a wall is a simple way to give it an English update – consider painting it a warm color after installation.

Examples of English Countryside Interiors

Here are some pictures of English countryside interiors.

English Countryside Living Room

English Countryside Interior Design: How to Decorate English Country Style

Fireplaces help an English country-style home achieve a cozy look. The designers of this room painted the bookshelves green and loaded them with reading materials. The wingback chairs and floral patterns add to the style.

English Country Style Kids’ Bedroom

Red beds country english

The designer of this room chose a warm floral wallpaper with bright floral blankets for this English-style kids’ room. The beds are traditional, but the bright red gives them a modern, updated look.

English Country Style Bathroom

English Countryside Interior Design: How to Decorate English Country Style

With its imperfect but elegant finish, this bathroom exudes English country style. You can even see a floral patterned chair peeking out of the corner.