Wildermeth, A Clinic For Children

Wildermeth by bauzeit architekten is a clinic  made  especially for children. It is in Biel, Switzerland and the location  already says some things about it, as when hearing about Switzerland, people think about good things: seriousness, high quality, technology, professionalism. And Wildermeth stands for all these and even more. Its modern form was especially chosen in order to gain as much space as possible; it has two levels and is very colorful, things that are definitely attractive for children, especially because it does not look like an ordinary hospital.

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The dynamic shape that anyone can notice offer different perspectives and give the feeling of new, modern, pleasant.The glass facades are also coloured, thing that makes you think all the architect thought about, was to please children all along their staying. No matter if you see things from the perspective of a child or of an adult, it is as attractive as possible, especially when taking into consideration the access to the garden, a special place which can be seen from inside also. One of the most intersting things for children is the existence of some penguine sculptures which animate even more the lanscape.

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It was thought not only as a clinic where children are treated, but also also as a place where they can play, have fun, communicate with other children and this is probably the best solution people can think of when they have to do with innocent human beings who need love and affection, but not only.