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Wicker Laundry Basket Ideas That Make Organizing Laundry Quick And Easy

There is nothing like a good old laundry basket to keep all dirty clothes in one place instead of having them spread all over the floor. Often an underrated item, it usually happens that people just purchase the first laundry basket they come across and then end up being disappointed with their choice for various reasons. With that mind, we’ve decided to take a look into some of the best products in this niche, with a focus in helping you find the best wicker laundry basket.

How to Choose a Laundry Basket

Wicker or not, there are a few rules to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new laundry basket. In this section, we are going to focus on the main characteristics of such a product to help you determine what separates the good products from the bad ones:


Nobody wants to purchase a new laundry basket every year, which means that you’re going to have to focus on the construction and durability of the products you’re thinking of buying. A good laundry basket can be made from thick canvas, flexibler plastic, or wicker, but keep in mind that each of these materials comes with pros and cons. Wicker is prone to warping, plastic can crack if it’s low quality, and thick canvas is exposed to stains. Also, baskets made from a single piece are more durable compared to multiple-piece constructions.


While they are not mandatory if your laundry basket is located close to the washing machine, handles can really come in… handy. You will most likely find yourself having to lift a basket full of clothes and that will be very uncomfortable to do if you don’t have a couple of handles to grab it by. Handles make it easier to move the basket from one place to another, so they’re surely a feature that you want to look into.


“These dirty clothes smell so good” said nobody ever. It’s really important to choose a laundry basket that will allow dirty clothes to breathe. Otherwise, when you lift the lid on the basket, the smell will be unbearable, especially if there are a few dirty socks and some sweaty T-shirts in there. This is why you would focus on baskets that have plenty of holes in their design. It doesn’t just help with unwanted smells, but it also helps prevent dampness inside the hamper.

Ease of cleaning

This is a feature that often goes by without us paying too much attention to it, but having a laundry basket that’s easy to clean is life-changing. This is a product that will inevitably get dirty quite often, so it’s important to be able to clean it easily. Look for wicker laundry baskets that come with washable bags that can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.


We wanted to refer to this as volume and not the actual size of the basket because we have seen large baskets that would easily get filled with three pairs of jeans. That’s something that you want to avoid if you live in a large household and dirty clothes are frequently found everywhere. Large laundry baskets can fit more items and even if you live alone, you might want to consider one with a generous volume if you have, for instance, a lot of large bath towels.


At first, it may seem like the shape of the laundry basket isn’t something to pay attention to it, but it’s actually something that can make a difference. Most of you will likely want to carry the basket underneath your arms and expect them to hug your hip. If the basket doesn’t have the right shape for that, you will find it very uncomfortable to do. There is no right way to determine what laundry basket shape is right for you. For instance, square/rectangular products can hold folded laundry, so maybe they’re more appealing to you.


Yes, some laundry baskets have wheels and this feature can be a gem if you wish to exploit it. These are great for holding large amounts of clothes because you never actually have to lift them from the ground, so the weight of a filled basket shouldn’t be a problem. Wheels also make it easier for you to pick up dirty clothes that might have been left around the house, but also aids in putting fresh and clean clothes back in everyone’s room.

Foldable design

This isn’t something that’s possible with every type of laundry basket, but some of them can actually be folded and stored when not in use. They are exceptionally good if you have a small bathroom or limited bedroom space that you’d rather use for something else. It’s typically not a viable choice in large families, where the dirty clothes volume is constant and you can’t afford to have a folded laundry basket.

Laundry Basket FAQ

How do you clean a wicker basket?

This is one of the downsides of purchasing a wicker basket: it is quite a high-maintenance product. While it looks good, you will have to clean it while avoiding soaking the natural plant fibers. Instead, you can make your own cleaning solution by combining 3:1 mixture of water to vinegar and using a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the basket clean.

Which material is best for a laundry basket?

This question comes with a very subjective answer and it really depends on what you want to gain/sacrifice in this shopping decision. We’re saying that because each material that’s typically used to make a laundry basket has significant pros and cons. Plastic costs less but if you drop you, you’ll most likely crack it. Wicker is a very beautiful and elegant choice, but also a difficult one to clean. Baskets made from fabric are easy to fold and store away when not needed, but they are also easy to tear.

Top Wicker Laundry Baskets

1. Rattan Laundry Hamper

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

This beautiful laundry hamper is more than just a spot to throw dirty clothes. With its gray and white combination, it is something that fits really well in French-style homes and can be placed in both the bathroom and the bedroom because it looks really well. It comes with a lift top lid and a removable liner with an offwhite color. It measures 34.2 H x 20.8 W x 20.8 D, which means it has plenty of storage space to offer and can be suitable for large families. It weighs 12.1 pounds, so it’s not the most lightweight laundry basket you’ll see today.

2. Bamboo Laundry Hamper

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

Another gorgeous wicker laundry basket is this gem right here. It is a foldable basket that can easily be collapsed and put away when there aren’t any dirty clothes in need of a temporary home. It is made from bamboo and measures 25 H x 14 W x 14 D. due to its lightweight construction, it only weighs 3.6 pounds, which makes it super easy to move it from one room to another when needed. There is no lid included and it doesn’t come with a removable liner either. It does, however, include a convenient set of carrying handles.

3. Wicker Handwoven Water Hyacinth Storage Laundry Basket

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

This particular choice in wicker laundry baskets is such a versatile one that we dare to believe some fashionistas might turn it into a shopping companion during their next market trip. While we can totally picture the fresh produce peeking out the top, this is definitely usable as a laundry basket as well. Measuring 18” H x 17 W x 8 D, this basket comes with carrying handles for convenient transportation, but lacks a removable liner. It can support a total weight of 75 pounds and has an average weight of 1.26 pounds, being one of the most lightweight products of its kind.

4. Nova Wicker Laundry Hamper

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

Those of you looking for a spacious and traditionally-looking laundry hamper will love what the Nova has to offer. Measuring it at 23” H x 17 W x 17 D, this is a lid-covered laundry basket made from quality wicker and equipped with an inner liner that can easily be removed and cleaned. It is a rustic piece with a hand-woven arrow pattern and constructed with solid wireframe. It weighs 8 pounds, so it’s not the most lightweight product but it’s still easy to carry around the house.

5. Wicker Linen Lined Laundry Basket

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

Next up, we have something that you could consider quite the basic laundry basket, but it comes with a sturdy wicker construction and covers your basic hamper-related needs. It doesn’t come with a removable liner, but it does include lining material nevertheless. It measures 24 H x 18 W x 18 D and can support a total weight of 30 pounds. It has an eco-friendly construction and comes with a lid that can cover the unaesthetic laundry coming out of it. There are also a couple of carrying handles located on the sides for easier transportation.

6. Bayou Laundry Basket

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

The Bayou Breeze laundry basket is a little different compared to the other ones we’ve seen so far because it is divided into two separate compartments. They are labeled accordingly so that you can easily separate light from dark clothes (well, it basically encourages your family to separate their clothes so you won’t have to waste time when putting the laundry in the washing machine). Measuring in at 25 H x 25.25 W x 15.75 D, this laundry basket comes with a bunch of cool features, including wheel casters that can be locked and carrying handles for easier movement.

7. Rolling Wicker Laundry Basket

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

Here is yet another product that seems to be different from all the rest because it comes with a more original design compared to what we’ve seen today so far. It’s a product focused on making it easy for you to move it from one room to another, using caster wheels that can be locked in place if needed. It is basically a combo between a wicker table on wheel and the actual laundry basket, which can be removed from the top. It includes a machine-washable liner and measures 32” H x 27 W x 27 D overall. The stand alone measures 18.5″ H x 27″ W x 27″ D and the basket is equipped with handles to make it super easy for you to pick it up.

8. August Wicker Laundry Basket

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

Simple and spacious; this is the best way to describe this August Grove wicker laundry basket. It measures 14.96 H x 24 W x 14.6 D and weighs only 4 pounds, being one of the most lightweight products of its kind. It features an inner liner that can be removed and washed whenever needed. While also described as foldable, we can’t help but wonder how you can actually fold it due to its rugged wicker construction. It comes with two carrying handles as well, which facilitates grabbing the basket and moving it around the house.

9. Seville Classics Handwoven Basket 

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

Here we have yet another gorgeous example of how a simple laundry basket can beautifully conceal something as nasty as dirty clothes. It is made with two different clothes compartments that can help you separate the darks from the lights even before having to put the items in the washing machine. Each of the compartments comes with its own removable liner for easier washing. There are two cutout handles that make it easier to carry this thing around. It measures  22.75″ W x 13″ L x 24″ H and has two separate lids for concealing dirty laundry in each compartment.

10. Extra-Large Rattan Belly Basket, Natural-Black

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

The Kouboo is the type of laundry basket that could easily pass for some decorative piece in a Boho-style house. Measuring 25” H x 22” W x 22” D, it has a very generous holding capacity. Due to its design and shape, it can be used as a storage basket, as even your largest pillows or clean duvets would fit in here. It is hand-woven from naturally-grown rattan and is equipped with a removable lid that conceals the interior.

11. BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

BirdRock Home Oversized Divided Hamper with Liners

The last product on our list for today is another beautiful wicker basket that has a gorgeous espresso finish. It has an interior divided into two separate compartments and it measures 28″ W x 14″ L x 27″ H, which should give you plenty of room to divide and store your dirty clothes until laundry day. The best feature is probably the fact that each of the two compartments actually comes with its own removable laundry liner, which means that you won’t have to drag the entire basket to the washing machine, as you can just take the liners.

Bottom Line

You might have thought that choosing a laundry basket is child’s play, but there are so many little details that you add up and can make the world’s difference. Little things like the shape of the basket, the removable linens, or the carrying handles can make it more comfortable for you to actually do laundry, and it’s not all just about the design. What are the features that you feel might be of use in a laundry basket for your household?