Whiteness and simplicity in a Stockholm apartment

Dan’s apartment is for sale, so if you live in Stockholm and you are fond of whiteness, thus simplicity and elegance, this is your chance!Another aspect that might be interesting for you is the location, apparently in the block where the Millenium movies were shot.The whiteness not only creates a calm and serene atmosphere, but it also gives the impression of a wider space.

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Actually, the apartment is small, but what is impressive is the character and the fact that it isn’t overcrowded. If you take into account the fact that it is as the best Scandi homes are, meaning white and you realize that you can simply turn it exactly the way you want.There are some splashes of color from place to place, like the orange modular sofa that animates the place.

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Probably the most obvious aspect is the presence of some touches of nature all around the house, no matter they are on the wall, at the entrance or on the floor, the horns, the tortoise shell provide a personal note to the entire flat. The wooden pieces, the flowers, the guitar make everything more pleasant and inviting.

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The kitchen is modernly equipped and the house in general has everything you need in the place where you live. The paintings on the wall, the colorful pillows on the sofa have their role of enriching a generally calm and relaxing atmosphere that seems to tell a story like no other. Dan’s apartment is among the kind of apartments that make you realize that simplicity is the key!{found on site}.