White Interior Design Pictures by Per Gunnarsson

Modern interior decorating today is more inviting and warm, with a very functional feel to it. Using white to decorate a house it’s a good choice because white means clean and purity. The Swedish photographer Per Gunnarsson took some interesting white interior pictures.

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Choosing a color theme for your home is a very good idea because it creates a uniform and unifying image. Usually people choose either the basic white color, or some soft and light tone like baby, grey, baby blue, pink, purple and other combinations. In case you’re choosing to decorate your room in white, this is an elegant choice. The white color not only that it symbolizes purity but it also has the well known quality of making a room seem bigger. So it’s a very good choice for small spaces.

Here are some ideas of how you can successfully create a white décor for your home. As you can see for yourself from the pictures, white is a very pleasant choice, especially for the bedrooms and kitchens, even bathrooms. The living room could also look stylish in white, as long as you add some contrastive elements like some colorful paintings on the walls or a colorful furniture piece, maybe a colorful lamp or pendant. So if you decide to decorate your home in white, maybe these pictures could inspire you and give you some ideas.

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