White Duplex Apartment Renovation in Amsterdam

Dutch firm Laura Alvarez Architecture has completed the renovation and interior design of a two-floor apartment in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The architect has redesigned the interior of this 1,290 square foot duplex, catalogued as a national monument.The task the interior designer faced was mainly to get rid of the dark, claustrophobic feel of the old apartment and introduce a bright loft atmosphere. As a consequence, she had the existing property thoroughly gutted.

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The existing rooms divisions relating to prior uses were removed, transforming the footprint of some 70 square meters of the lower floor into a single room. This room is conceived as a continuous space capable to host different living activities. Moreover a staircase at the center of this apartment has risers that are almost but not quite at right angles to the treads.

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The upper level houses two bedrooms positioned around a central bathroom. Here the ceiling height is lower than on the ground floor. The homely tone upstairs is set by the pattern of exposed roof beams and the use of bright parquet flooring. What’s more indirect lighting was chosen for the place in order to allow different possibilities to the apartment.

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The Singel Apartment is a beautiful, bright house. It presents clean lines, a minimalist and modern design, making it the perfect place to call home.