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Where To Buy Plants Online To Ensure They Are Healthy

Shopping for plants is fun. Do you know where to buy plants online that ensure they are healthy? If not, join us as we answer this question and more.

Where To Buy Plants Online

There are many places to buy plants online. Not all of them are safe or legit. You do not want your plant to die before it arrives.  We’ve found the best places to buy plants online. You will find one that suits your fancy. 

Where To Buy Plants Online

There aren’t that many reliable places to buy plants online. You can browse Facebook Marketplace or classifieds, but how reliable are they? Here are the top spots to buy plants online that have never failed us. 


Amazon - the biggest place from where you can buy plants online

Amazon is one of the best places to buy plants online. It’s a safe place to shop. For Amazon Prime subscribers, shipping is free. It’s a money-saver as plants aren’t cheap to send via UPS.

If you’re looking for a nice mini palm tree, the Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree on Amazon is a winner. You can get it with different planters at various prices. 


Where To Buy Plants Online

Teleflora is the best place to buy plants online when looking for a gift or one-of-a-kind houseplant. They sell flowers and plants for holidays, birthdays, funerals, and more. Their customer service is the best top to bottom.

If you need a cute home gift, their Cool Camper Succulent is nice. The plants look good in any RV or mobile home.


Where To Buy Plants Online

Lowe’s sells plants and seeds. If you want to grow your plant, then buy seeds. If you’re moving to a new home, you will need Lowe’s. Add a plant to your cart the next time you shop online.

A crowd favorite is Costa Farms Golden Goddess because blends in well with any decor. The gold and green leaves look nice. If you want to balance your room with colors, start here.  


Where To Buy Plants Online

Terrain is good if you can’t find what you’re looking for on other sites. They have a nice array of plants and seeds. If you need garden extras for your backyard plants, you can find them here. They also sell garden supplies and bathroom candles.

The Fresh Pepperberry Branch Bunch is a breath of fresh air. It is fun for the holidays yet neutral year around. The berries are dried and ready for you to arrange them. Herb garden seed packets are great stocking stuffers for green thumbs. Think about it.


Where To Buy Plants Online

Plants has a name you can trust. They sell potted plants at fair prices. Are you in the mood for a tiny Christmas tree? No problem. They sell them.

One of their top sellers is the Mass Cane Plant. The plant fights toxins that can cause ear, nose, and throat problems. There’s nothing better than a plant that helps you stay healthy at home.

The Sill

Where To Buy Plants Online

The Sill is one of the most popular online plant stores. The name is dreamy and happy. They offer many plant varieties at low prices. Their plants start at $20.

One of the cutest plants they have is the Hoya Heart Plant. The plant spreads joy in any space. Also known as the Kerrii plant, you can’t go wrong with this one. It also comes in four planter styles.

Their String of Pearls plant is a trending seller. You could buy your mother a petite orchid for Christmas. The flower blooms once a year for three months. They are perfect for warm indoor settings.

My City Plants

Where To Buy Plants Online

My City Plants has a website that is super easy to use. They sort their plants in size, upkeep, and seasons. They have a pet safe section, so your puppies will be okay with your plants.

One of their top window plants is the Anthurium Window Plant. It’s ideal for your window because of the planter’s long shape. If the shape or color isn’t right, other styles are easy to find.


Where To Buy Plants Online

Believe it or not, Etsy is a solid plant source. Shop at stores that have many five-star reviews. Search for the plant you want and choose a good store for the best results.

One trusted store is Peach and Pebbles. They have many plants you wouldn’t expect on Etsy. Their plants are hand-potted and cared for before they arrive at your home.


Where To Buy Plants Online

Bloomscape has a vast array of plants and herbs. They also sell tools, green supplies, and gifts. Their prices are cheap. If you are on a small budget, this place is for you.

If need herbs, look no further. They have a wide range of garden flavors. The Mint Plants are tasty. They have chives, basil, they have it and more. You can order your new garden online.  

You might need a garden pest control set. What about houseplant sticky stakes? On their website, you can chat with a plant expert. Their team of plant experts can help you. They can teach you how to care for your plants.  

Home Depot

Where To Buy Plants Online

Home Depot sells healthy plants. You can ship orders to your local store for a low price. When you are ready, you can go pick up your plants. The store will call you when your order has arrived.

One of Home Depot’s bigger items is the Ficus. The plant has shiny leaves. It can live for a long time. Also, the plant can match any home decor, rustic or modern. 

Best Online Stores To Buy Planters

If you want to buy a plant, you will need a planter. Wayfair is known for their great planters. They sell many types of home items. Planters are easy to find. 

Cubi 1 – Piece Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter

Where To Buy Plants Online

Check out this Self-Watering Planter from Wayfair. You don’t have to do much. It waters the plant for you. Outside or inside, it doesn’t matter where you put it. You don’t need a green thumb. It can take care of itself.

Jariel Plastic Pot Planter

Where To Buy Plants Online

The Jariel Plastic Pot Planter comes in six colors. They have ivory and lime green shades. The plant’s odd shape works with a modern home. If you want rustic, pick a neutral color.

Duo Series Self Watering Plastic Planter Box

Veradek planters come in three tones, like cedar. The planter looks good on a deck or next to a window. The two tones make for a solid combo.

Elanah 2-Piece Fiber Stone Pot Planter and Stand Set
Where To Buy Plants Online

Wayfair planters are good when you want to mix and match.  You can use all kinds of sizes and colors. If you’re going for a black and white look, then start here. It doesn’t matter. The set is perfect. 

Kasamodern Planter

Where To Buy Plants Online

The Kasamodern Planter is a top item. White colors sell the best. It comes in grey and black, too. The wavy lines look cool for your beach or lake house.

Lark Manor Cement Pot Planter

Where To Buy Plants Online

A natural or rustic planter like the Cement Pot Planter from Lark Manor is a rare find. It looks like stone and is also heavy. This makes it good for outdoor and indoor use. 

Kenney Traditional Urn Planter

Where To Buy Plants Online

The Kenney Planter at Ophelia and Co. is cheap urn planter. The shape reminds one of Greece. It comes in brown and silver. 

Louviers 2 Piece Self Watering Plastic Pot Planter Set

Where To Buy Plants Online

If you want simple and bright, the Louvier set by Orren Ellis is perfect. The set comes in red, black, and white. With these colors, you can match any room with this smart design. 

VegTruf Herb Garden

Where To Buy Plants Online

This raised herb garden from VegTruf is a must-have for anyone growing herbs. It can hold eight mid-sized plants. If you want to grow herbs in tiny spaces, this is for you.

Louane Paulownia Wood Hanging Planter

Louane Paulownia Wood Hanging Planter

Louane Paulownia Wood Hanging Planter

The Louane Paulownia Planter from Union Rustic is stellar. They look like wood slices. The ropes are natural. If you want something that looks natural, clean, and peaceful, the hanging planters are perfect. 

Anything Else To Know?

If you want to buy a plant online, learn how to care for it. Each plant needs a type of care. Learn as much as you can about the plant before buying. 

Where To Buy Plants Online Frequently Asked Questions

How cheap is it to buy plants online?

Last year, plant prices soared due to the surge in online demand. Shipping fees start at $25 and depend on the size of your order. Local nurseries have delivery options at cheap rates.

It may not seem cheap, but the more you order, the more you save. Plus, think of the time you’ll save if you do not go to your local nursery to buy that special plant.

What are some mistakes to avoid when buying plants online?

There are a few key things to consider before buying plants online. At the top of the list is fire safety. You don’t want to buy something that could easily catch fire and destroy your home. Also, don’t order from a variety of nurseries. Pick one or two you trust and stick with them.

How long can plants survive during shipping?

After you’ve made an online order, allow seven days for it to arrive. During shipping, plants can live for two weeks. If it’s longer, your plants will die before they arrive.

Where To Buy Plants Online Conclusion

Searching for where to buy plants online is the hard part. Before ordering, make sure you deal with a legit plant vendor. Trust is the name of the game.

Look online and find a plant seller that has good reviews. Once you’ve built trust, you can shop with ease.

Online demand means more for your plants to arrive. After you get your plants, the hard part is over. With online plant shopping, you’ll find yourself with more free time to design your home nursery.

And that’s where the fun begins.