The Best Strategies For Adding A Vintage Look To Your Home

An interior design that contains a few vintage accents allows any room to feel more inviting, warm and comfortable. There are plenty of ways to do that but some are better and more efficient than others. Also, certain rooms accommodate these vintage elements better than others.

Vintage bathroom accents.

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A few carefully-chosen vintage accessories can turn the bathroom into a soothing and relaxing space with stylish appeal. For example: a pedestal sink can get you the look you want with its trademark design. Pedestal sinks are not particularly space-efficient as they don’t include storage underneath but they definitely make a statement.

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Another easy and stylish way to add some vintage charm to your bathroom is with apothecary bottles and jars. You them to store your liquid soap and cotton pads in an old-fashioned but elegant way.

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Globe sconces also immediately send us back in time so if you want a little bit of vintage beauty in your bathroom, get one of these for the space above your sink.

Vintage-style bedrooms.

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Bring instant vintage style in your bedroom with the right headboard. Make your own using card. It’s all about creating the illusion of a headboard without actually including one in your bedroom. Create a symmetrical template and then cut the shape out of wallpaper.

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Lace definitely has that typical vintage look no matter how you use it. Make lace curtains for your bedroom and take advantage of their delicate look to create a bohemian ambiance.

Dining room ideas.

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Hang a vintage chandelier above your dining room table for instant beauty. Finding one in the stores can be difficult and time-consuming so instead you can make your own out of a hanging wire planter. Decorate it with strands of beads to give it that vintage look.

Vintage living room accents.

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For the living room, you can try covering the sofas and chairs with patterned blankets. They’ll make your furniture even cozier and, if you choose the right pattern and fabric, you can also give them a vintage look. It’s a great way of changing styles without getting new furniture.