5 Ways In Which You Can Sound-Proof Your Home

After a long and busy day at work all you want to do is go home and relax, have some peace and quiet. Well, good luck with that. Unless you’re living in a quiet and tranquil area surrounded by trees and what not, you’re going to have a hard time. But don’t worry because there are solutions. Obviously, you can sound-proof your home.

Insulate the walls and ceiling.

Media room sound proof

Consider insulating your walls and ceilings to reduce the noise that gets in. this is something you should preferably do at the beginning, before you start adding all the furniture and before even painting the walls. There are several types of insulators to choose from, each with their own characteristics.

Weatherstrip the windows.

Media room sound proof

All your windows and doors are weak links in the sound defense of your home. Sound can get through any opening, no matter how small. You should weatherstrip all of your windows to fill the tiny gaps and to keep out the street noise. The noise can be very disturbing in the bedroom, especially at night.

Get solid doors.

Hollow-core doors are usually cheaper than the solid-cored ones and for good reason. They provide very little insulation. A solid door will act as a barrier between the rooms, keeping all the noise contained. Aside from that, you should also always make sure that the header and sill are sealed properly.

Use rugs and carpets.

Media room sound proof
Media room sound proof

A room that has no rugs, carpets and even no drapes allows sound to travel freely and this can offer an unwanted echo. To reduce this effect and to also make the room feel warm and inviting, add a thick area rug or a carpet that covers the entire floor. You should definitely do this for the bedroom but other rooms could use a cozy rug as well.

Install acoustic panels.

Media room sound proof

Areas such as the music or the media/ home theater room need a little bit of extra insulation if you want them to really be sound-proof. In that case, you can choose to install acoustic panels. You can even personalize them, decorate them and turn them into works or art.
After analyzing these options, which one do you think would be the most efficient and profitable for your home?