Well Organized Laundry Rooms That Take The Hassle Away

Wash day is a chore and the key to making it as little of a hassle as possible is to design it in a well organized way. Whether your washing machine is set away in a tiny utility room or occupies a spacious basement, ensure that every square inch of the area is used in the most coordinated way. With limited shelving space, keep your working area as tidy as you can to avoid clutter.

Tyny laundry room

A built in counter top over a washer and a dryer, for instance, will allow you a convenient storage surface which you can use for sorting your laundry. In a smaller laundry room, design it so the space is well lit with task or accent lighting, particularly if no natural light is available.

Laundry bin

Well organized laundry rooms allow for a simple methodology to be used on wash day. If the room is laid out for sorting, washing, drying and ironing in a formulated way, you can get several loads of washing completed with the minimum of fuss and in half of the time.

Laundry organized

Keeping all of the different functions accessible from a central location helps speed up the process. Even in small laundry rooms this can be achieved by using fold away and recessed equipment. When you next come to decorate or update your laundry room, set it out in an organized way and never feel like wash day is a hassle again.

Get Your Washing Sorted.

Laundry storage

Sorting your washing into different loads for the machine is the first step to a hassle free wash day. No one wants to carefully select a programme for laundering white linen, only to find that a colored sock has not been picked out, ruining the wash. Use different laundry bins to get your washing sorted into whites, coloreds and delicates, so that the different garments get the correct sort of wash program.

Laundry table design

Stackable bins are the best ones to go for so that they can be set aside neatly when not it use. White, or plain working surfaces, help to get the laundry sorted effectively first time, with out errors. Use a plain table surface that you can pull out, if your laundry room is pushed for space.

Shut It Away.

Laundry doors

Once you have your laundry neatly sorted and a load on the go in the washing machine, there’s little point hanging about in the utility room until the next load is ready to go.

Laundry doors1

Shut away your laundry room when it is in use, but not occupied. As utility rooms tend to be adjoined to a kitchen, or a back lobby, there can be little room for a hinged door. Simply install a bi-folding door or a sliding one, so you can shut off the room when it is being used.

Does Side By Side Stack Up?

Turquoise laundry paint

Modern laundry room

Contemporary laundry room designers tend to place a dryer on top of a washing machine to save floor space. This works, but if you have the room, set yours side by side instead. This makes them much easier to load and to unload.


Laundry hangers

Hangers laundry

Even if you regularly use a dryer, there are some garments that your will prefer to hang dry instead. Install a horizontal pole which you can use with coat hangers somewhere in your laundry room. Keep it at eye level or, alternatively, use a wall mounted shirt hanger that is high enough so that your shirts don’t flop onto the floor.

Fold Away Functionality.

Fold way small space laundry

Shelves for stowing your laundered garments and linen are usually at a premium in the confined space of most laundry rooms. However, even a couple of shelves are worth installing to help you get organized. Remember that the items you have laundered will not be permanently stored in the room.

Fold iron board laundry

A fold down shelf is the ideal solution if you have no available wall space to use. And this will stop you from being tempted to use the floor for a pile of neatly folded laundry. Fold down options don’t just end with shelving. Ironing boards are ideal for the fold away treatment, too.

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