22 Fabulous Ways to Use Honeycomb Patterns in Home Decor

Geometric patterns and prints are hot right now, especially honeycomb (or hex) patterns. Their arresting graphicality add a cool, sleek aesthetic to any space. One of the greatest features of geometrics is their versatility in being incorporated into home design – from the smallest details to the largest eye-catching components of a space. Here are 22 fabulous ideas to inspire you in bringing honeycomb geometrics into your own space.

honeycomb shelves

Contrasting colors, such as black and white, emphasize the honeycomb pattern, like on this large living room area rug. A glass coffee table is visually lightweight, helping the honeycomb to take center stage.{found on gregnatale}.

honeycomb-shaped mirrors

Rose-golden honeycomb-shaped mirrors can be arranged in an artistic pattern and stuck to the wall for a totally custom focal piece. Talk about glammed-up mudroom potential!


If you can get your hands on some fabulous non-traditional geometric furniture, like these hexagon-shaped pieces, snatch them right up! {found on incorporatedny}.

honeycomb printend wallpaper

Honeycomb-printed paper or fabric in the back of a hutch or bookshelf transforms the simplest of furniture pieces into a custom showpiece.


An informal, loose translation of honeycomb makes an eye-catching outline for bookshelves, adding an interesting visual detail when they are white-on-white.{found on pepecalderindesign}.

Magnetic-lidded glass spice jars

Magnetic-lidded glass spice jars combine gorgeous geometric forms with totally basic functions – such as these easily accessible spices for efficiency in the kitchen. Who says practical decorating can’t be attractive? {found on etsy}.


Moroccan style hexagon shaped twin wooden side tables coordinate nicely (without being matchy-matchy) with a hexagonal ottoman and hanging pendant. When geometrics are concerned, the more the merrier!


Wall tile in a modern-style bathroom creates a unique look while keeping the aesthetic streamlined and contemporary. A contrasting plain concrete wall adjacent to the hex wall serves to emphasize the geometric pattern as well.


Honeycomb patterns don’t have to be confined to the interior of your home décor – just look at this fabulous hexagon trellis that resembles a garden sculpture!


Smaller-scale hex tiles on a contemporary kitchen’s backsplash mimic a honeycomb look but don’t draw undue attention to themselves. Rather, they add to the look of the whole.


Honeycomb penny tiles cover not only the bathroom floor but also the tub surround for a chic, glamorous bathroom. We love the mix of tiles in this space.


Incorporate honeycomb-shaped accessories, like these Hex Boxes, into any space for a low-key yet super trendy detail. The wooden boxes’ complementary pastel lid colors are “punched up” with metallic counterparts, making the accessories completely chic.{found on eviegroup}.


Hex-shaped wall shelves provide a loose honeycomb geometric flair and add visual interest to the sofa focal wall in this airy living room space. We love how the outside of the boxes shows wood grain (and, therefore, makes the shape itself stand out) while the insides are white (which helps the objects shine).{found on claudia-georgi}.

Marble hex trays

Marble hex trays combine a classic element (marble) with modern edginess (honeycomb trend). We love a gorgeous statement piece that’s easy to incorporate into a space!


Cut simple hex sides out of inexpensive craft boards, attach to the wall, and paint inside the honeycomb shapes. We love the horizontal ombre effect with multiple colors here.{found on vintagerevivals}.


By nature, geometric shapes are simple and graphic. Play this up by using two large honeycomb mirrors flanking the bed for simplicity that is anything but boring.{found on lindseyheneinteriors}.

stenciled honeycomb pattern

A stenciled honeycomb pattern creates an instant feature wall. The larger-scaled hexagons are highly graphic and visually appealing, especially as a background to simple, neutral pieces such as a cream headboard, chunky wooden nightstand, and brass lamp. {found on remodelaholic}.


Probably the easiest way to incorporate honeycomb (or other geometrics) into any space is through textiles, such as these large bed throw pillows.


A simple yet effective DIY option for incorporating honeycomb geometrics subtly into your home is this throw pillow with felt honeycombs fabric-glued onto the pillow cover. Gorgeous and understated.{found on etsy}.


Replace a traditional console or entertainment center with honeycomb shelving. It doubles as functional storage AND art, which is definitely a win-win in a living room.{found on tanyaschoenroth}.


Hexagonal trim pieces adhered to a flat door create a first-impression masterpiece out of the ordinary. Love this unique look! For an even bolder look, increase the contrast between the door color and the hexagon colors – black and white, for example, would be particularly striking.


Painted oversized honeycomb-pattern floors are the perfect touch to a large, spacious room. We love how the floor serves almost as artwork, and the rest of the space is kept somewhat simplified so there is no competition between the design elements.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate honeycomb geometrics into your home decor? Do you like the loose geometric vibe of hexagon-shaped framed mirrors scattered on the living room wall? Do you prefer smaller or larger scaled geometrics? Permanent or more transient installations? Regardless, we hope you’ve been inspired by some of these incorporations of hexagons in home décor!