Alpine Lodge Completely Wrapped In Wood But With A Modern Look

Small but extremely welcoming and alluring, this mountain cabin was built in South Tyrol Italy, at an elevation of 1400 meters. It was a project by EM2 Architekten and it was named Jagdhaus Tamers. There are actually two buildings that compose the lodge: this cozy cabin and an adjacent studio. Together they have a floor area of 130 square meters which is around 1,399 square feet.


One of the most interesting features of the cabin is a wall which can be opened up to reveal a glass partition. This allows the owners to connect to the great views and to admire the wildlife. All the windows of the cabin are long, linear and not wider than a wood plank.


The reason for that is security. It’s impossible to fit through one of those windows, even for a small wild animal. Plus, when the owners are away, the wall closes and the cabin becomes completely wrapped in wood. This can also be done if it’s particularly cold outside to reduce heat loss.


The ground floor contains the living, living and kitchen areas. A cozy seating area formed by a black sofa, an armchair and a coffee table in between is organized in front on the glass partition so the views of the forest and the mountains can be admired from here.


On the other side of the open plan is the kitchen, built into a nook between a modern wood-burning stove and the window wall. Attached to the white stove wall there is wooden bench that together with a table form the dining space.


The whole interior of the cabin is wrapped in wood except for the stove. The firewood storage basket however reestablishes the balance. The floor, walls and ceiling are made of the same type of wood while the furniture is different but with a texture and color very similar to that.


The kitchen is small but practical. The built-in furniture and the slim but operable window give it an open look. The black counter tops provide a strong and elegant contrast when combined with the wood found everywhere around them.


A wooden staircase illuminated by a series of slim windows leads upstairs. A long and narrow hallway features a small work station at the end, with a desk, a chair and nothing more.


This is a quiet place where one could take care of some work-related problems. The upstairs area is a private zone that contains two bedrooms and a bathroom.


The bedrooms are found behind those wooden partitions that were designed to not reach the ceiling in order to create a sense of openness. Those partitions also double as storage spaces in order to allow the bedroom walls and floor to remain free of furniture. There’s addition storage under the bed.


The bedrooms are placed next to each other and they are not completely sealed off from one another. The window slits allow some views of the surroundings and they can be opened to let the fresh air in. their size and shape may prevent panoramic views from being enjoyed from up here but they do keep the room warmer and more secure and private.


The bathroom, unlike the rest of the cabin, has a matte black finish but only for one particular space. It includes a walk-in shower, a wall-mounted vanity with a large counter space and a toilet nook.


The studio contains a hang-out space and a bathroom. It’s designed the same way as the main cabin, with built-in wooden furniture and cozy textures. The bathroom is not completely enclosed and partially opens onto the living space/ bedroom area.


It too has an operable wall that opens to reveal the exterior. You can see that the studio is facing the main cabin.