Mountain Cabin Overflowing With Rustic Character And Handcrafted Beauty

Not exactly imposing in stature but packed full with natural design accents and rustic elements, this mountain cabin located in the Martis Camp development in California and designed by Walton Architecture features so many marvelous elements it’s hard to even pinpoint the dominant style.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture exteriorView in gallery

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture garage drivewayView in gallery

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture forestView in gallery

Surrounded by stunning landscape from all angles, the cabin blends in beautifully with its charming design and architecture.

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It’s easy to see why this would be an ideal getaway destination, even before you get to see the interior. On a starry night, relax on the deck, admire the views while lounging in one of those rocking chairs and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Or gather around the outdoor fireplace and cozy up between the cushions and enjoy each other’s company as well as the surroundings.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture large open living roomView in gallery

The 3,500 square foot space was built by Greenwood Home and the interior design was done by High Camp Home. They combines natural materials such as stone and wood to create a warm and inviting design. At the same time, sliding door open up the living space to the exterior and offer a strong connection with nature.

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Reclaimed materials used throughout the cabin let their natural patina envelop the whole cabin. Rustic charm characterizes a lot of the interior design elements. The ground floor living space is organized around a wooden coffee table and two soft and fluffy stools resembling cute little sheep offer the space a really comfortable ambiance.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture handcrafted furnitureView in gallery

Look at the space from this angle and you’ll also notice that the sofa and armchairs have that cowhide-covered frame, yet another unique and quirky feature.

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Austin Cabin Walton Architecture interior accessories sheep stoolView in gallery

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture interior stoolView in gallery

The stone fireplace is the main focal point. Despite being huge and imposing, it fits in perfectly, becoming the element that gives the cabin its strong personality. Add to that all the unique, handcrafted furniture pieces and accessories and you get the perfect blend between modern elegance and Texan character.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture livingView in gallery

The cabin doesn’t have a lot of large windows or glass walls but when the oversized sliding doors open to connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces, all the beauty that governs the surrounding landscape rushes in and with it all the natural light that can enter.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture sofaView in gallery

The comfortable and inviting living area we’ve just analyzed is part of a much larger open floor plan. You can see the dining space at the back from this angle.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture round dining tableView in gallery

Beautiful, high-back dining chairs are arranged around a round table and a stunning antler chandelier is hanging beautifully above this area. There’s no clear visual delimitation between the spaces, an intentional feature meant to bring all the functions closer together and creating a warm and familiar sensation throughout.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture dining kitchenView in gallery

Occupying a corner, the kitchen has a set of windows that let sunlight and that also let you catch a glimpse at the outstanding views. A long, rectangular table serves as a kitchen island as well as the delimitator between the kitchen and the rest of the space.

Austin cabin wood and metal stairsView in gallery

A wooden staircase with metal railings and a bit of rustic-industrial charm lets you reach the upper volume. Decorated with potted plants and unique antler sconces, the staircase takes you back to a simpler time and the large window lets all the beauty envelop you with its strong embrace.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture fireplace bedroomView in gallery

Upstairs you find the private zone that contains the bedrooms and bathrooms. From up here, the views are even more amazing and they can be admired through the large windows. A fireplace in front of the bed warms up the atmosphere and a candle chandelier makes the room feel even more inviting.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture second bedroomView in gallery

The beds are handcrafted and feature intricate carved details and gorgeous designs. The headboard in particular stands out in this case.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture bedroomView in gallery

Another bedroom features a slightly different interior design. The bed has that turquoise shade with a worm finish and the curtains feature the same combination of colors.

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The bedroom’s en-suite bathroom reveals a vanity that matches the bed to perfection. The wooden floors offer a cohesive look throughout.

Austin Cabin Walton Architecture copper bathtubView in gallery

Mountain rustic bathroom copper bathtubView in gallery

The other bathroom has a different design approach. The combination of wood and metal is simply stunning. The three cylindrical posts complement the freestanding metal tub and soften the mood.

Cabin decor attractive design for bunk bedsView in gallery

A third bedroom contains a series of bunk beds. They sit on a wooden platform with built-in storage and wrap around an entire wall. A column of metal pipes installed in between offers access to the upper bunks and the railings match their finish. A cowhide rug serves as an accessory for the room and a cozy window nook features beanbag seats.

Cozy nook curtainsView in gallery

There’s also this super cozy nook with wall-mounted sconces and curtains that can hide if needed. Cozy up in this sofa to read your favorite book or to simply relax and organize your thoughts. The throw pillows in shades of turquoise and brown capture the overall color palette and the unique handcrafted charm of the cabin.