30 Penny Tile Designs That Look Like A Million Bucks

Penny tiles are making a comeback in the contemporary tile world. Although they’ve been around for over a hundred years, penny round tiles haven’t taken off like their small hex tile counterparts…until now. Now these charming little rounds are fresh and invigorating in many spaces, particularly kitchens and bathrooms. They’ve even crept into modern foyer or entryway floors as well.

Green and few blue penny tiles
White penny tiles for bathroom backsplash

Porcelain penny tiles are not only attractive due to their visual appeal (which is quite high, as you might guess), but they’re an ideal medium for slippery surfaces or high-traffic areas. Ceramic penny round tiles are used frequently for showers, fireplace surrounds, and backsplashes.

Full tilled with penny

However they’re used, penny round tiles are a fantastic material to make your home look and feel more expensive…without sacrificing charm and personality. Here are 30 penny tile designs and implementation ideas that will inspire and excite.


Round penny tile backsplash

1. The thing about penny round tiles that’s completely appealing is their versatility – they are simultaneously understated yet bold. They have a classic, graphic aesthetic that both reads as a neutral yet has a huge impact on the space. This bluey-grey kitchen backsplash is one example of this.

Sleek and smooth primary penny tiles

2. In a kitchen whose primary texture is sleek and smooth, penny round tiles provide a lovely and much-needed contrast. By having beautiful off-white aqua-trimmed penny round tiles as the textural contrast, the sink wall and framed window transform this main part of the kitchen into an eye-catcher.

Architectural column tiled with penny tiles

3. Sometimes an architectural element that might be considered a problem can be transformed into a focal feature with a little bit of strategy. Certainly a weight-bearing pillar in the middle of any room can prove challenging, design-wise, but when highlighted with fantastic dark chocolate-covered penny round tiles, this kitchen pillar becomes the backbone upon which rests the entire kitchen’s design success.{found on rdarc}.

standard penny round tile is 3-4 in diameter

4. The standard penny round tile is 3/4″ in diameter (just like…wait for it…a penny!); however, this size rule has expanded over the years to include a variety of sizes. There’s just something about the polka-dot sight, whether dark tile on white grout or white tile on dark, that is both timeless and utterly fresh and inspiring.

Grey Grounded Penny tiles

5. Pair grey-grouted white penny tiles with yellow metallic elements (think brass and gold) in the kitchen for an ultra-luxe look that’s simultaneously sophisticated and charming. Notice how the round penny tiles work so well, visually, with the rounded faucet? Beautiful.

Mosaic penny round tiles

6. Mosaic penny round tiles that coordinate with both the cabinetry and the countertop create an excellent visual “glue” in a kitchen. As the backsplash connects the two elements (cabinetry and countertop), it only makes sense that tones from both elements are represented. We love the softness of the creamy whites and cashew browns chosen here.

Variety of colors and styles for penny tiles

7. Penny tiles are offered in a variety of colors and styles – mosaics as well as solids. This pistachio kitchen backsplash has a refreshingly retro vibe. White grout helps the tile color pop while quietly emphasizing the appeal of the individual round tiles themselves. Love it!

Mirrored penny round tiles

8. Mirrored penny round tiles add sparkle to the kitchen. We like the combination of silvery metallic penny tiles with stainless steel in this chef’s kitchen – it’s congruent with the professional look and feel but adds a ton of glam as well.{found on rillarchitects}.


Mosaic bathroom floor from penny tiles

9. An installation of mosaic penny tiles on the bathroom floor can add warmth and visual appeal to the one room in the house that is heavy on sterile, shiny white components – the bathroom. This warm grey-blue floor, for example, helps to ground the space without detracting from other features, like that fabulous subway tile tub surround.{found on westelm}.

Walk in shower with a timeless appeal and penny tiles

10. Penny round tiles have a timeless appeal – they are a perfect décor choice for the old and young alike. In this teen bath, for example, a combination of aqua penny tiles with subway tiles in the shower create an ultracool water-inspired aesthetic.{found on traceystephens}.

Bathroom floor and half wall with penny tiles

11. Carry the penny tiles from the floor up onto the wall (or vice versa, with the penny tiles on the walls down onto the floor) to create a stunning waterfall imitation in the bathroom. A solid yet light blue color choice furthers the similarity for a gorgeous and unique bathroom design.

Brass bathroom accents and subway tiles

12. A non-traditional vanity, such as a credenza painted and fitted with countertop and sinks, is a charming element in the bathroom. Penny round tiles are a sweet historical-feeling design juxtaposition; both elements are attractive and secure in their own non-competing aesthetic.

Combination of penny tiles

13. The combinations of penny tile and grout color options are limitless, but there’s something inherently classic and classy about dark grout and white tiles, especially when the tile covers every visible surface in the bathroom. The look is equally clean and interesting, which isn’t always an easy balance to strike.

Powder room with penny tiles on walls

14. Going against tradition but making a definite stand in the tile design world, dark penny round tiles with light grout make a masculine, earthy statement. We love how the oversized circle mirror plays off the tiny penny rounds all over the walls here.

Create a design with penny tiles

15. Because penny round tiles are themselves so small, it makes sense that using them in a smaller space or area would prove highly effective. This is certainly the case here, where a window casing area is tiled with penny round tiles that match a similar accent in the rest of the bathroom. A beautiful tiny connecting detail that makes a huge impact.{found on frisson-design}.

Multicolored penny tiles for a shower

16. Take liberties in designing your space with penny round tiles, and use the tiles themselves to emphasize certain areas of your space. Using various colors, install chunky horizontal stripes to the shower surround to make a huge impact in the bathroom. Also, consider using smaller sized rounds on the walls and larger round tiles on the floor, as is done here, for a lovely contrasting detail.

Penny tiles design to the next level

17. Take your love of all things ombre and combine it with your love of classic penny round tiles, and you have just stumbled upon the recipe for sheer tub surround perfection. The sparkling ombre effect is whimsical yet stunning, and the entire bathroom really need no other adornment. Bonus: Built-in bathroom art!

Ceramic penny round tiles for shower

18. Ceramic penny round tiles make an excellent choice for accents, like these stripes in a clean-lined shower. Using them in small yet strategically impactful doses is a great way to incorporate the appeal of penny round tiles into a bathroom.{found on houseofturquoise}.

Popular contemporary look

19. At their onset in the early 1900s, penny round tiles were often used in classic black and white patterns. This expanded into colorful designs. But a popular contemporary look eschews both pattern and color and simply allows the penny tile to subtly, almost shyly, fill in the textural spaces.{found on agoodchicktoknow}.

wainscoting tiles on the walls and penny tiles on the floor

20. An authentically historical design is upheld with the combination of penny round tiles on the floor and wainscoting on the walls (this done in white subway tiles, here). What better way to emphasize the beautiful penny tiles, too, than to incorporate a historically inspired freestanding chrome clawfoot tub?

Silver toned penny tiles

21. Silver-toned penny round tiles are a perfect complement to grey paint in any space. Being placed directly underneath a bathroom mirror, as is the case here, makes the bathroom feel large and light. Dark wood vanity cabinetry serves as a gorgeous counterbalance to the space.

Solid choice for penny tiles

22. Penny tiles are a solid choice for floors where water-slippage is a definite possibility due to water – specifically bathrooms and laundry rooms. The small tiles allow for plenty of grout and are touted as a non-slip surface. This is a definite perk in those potentially wet-floor areas.

Classic lines and patterns for bathroom

23. If you are inherently drawn to classic patterns and lines, this look might be your match made in heaven – navy penny round tiles on the floor of a no-fuss bathroom. The look is ultimately crisp and neat without being sterile and cold.

vent be gone

24. Pair penny round tiles on the floor with some fun, vibrant wallpaper for an updated, fresh, and grow-with-me look in a child’s bathroom.{found on kimberleemarie}.

Bathroom vanity backsplash with penny tiles

25. An equally mod, fun look is created when multiple colors of penny round tiles are combined in a random pattern, such as is the case with this bathroom backsplash. The colors are vivid and bold but are tempered with plenty of white penny round tiles so as to maintain a fresh look and feel.

Contemporary white bathroom with penny tiles on wall and freestanding tub

26. Surround yourself with the things you love, and if you love penny round tiles, this photo might be all the inspiration you need.


Fireplace penny tiles wrap

27. A fireplace is a natural feature of any space it’s in. To make the fireplace even more prominent, but in an unobtrusive, tasteful way, you could consider installing penny tile on the fireplace surround. Pairing it with a chunky wood mantel helps to contain and frame the penny round tiles and also balances the cold glossiness of the tile with natural wood warmth. This is an easy and beautiful upgrade for a potentially ho-hum fireplace.

Cool pennies floor tile

28. Are you a literal person? Then eschewing the penny round tiles for actual pennies just might be the thing for you and your home. This method would work anywhere you want to showcase your personality – in an entryway, a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room…really, anywhere. The variations of the pennies themselves make for an interesting and fun color palette.

Entryway penny tiles floor design

29. With a simple penny round tile design, you can install a visual “rug” into your entryway that will never slip, trip, or be stained! This simple outline packs a powerful punch in an entryway, and we love the clean yet unique penny tile sensibility shown here.

Laundry room with a dark penny wall design

30. Penny mosaic tiles up the ante in this already chic contemporary laundry room. Particularly in a windowless space (think basement bathrooms or corner home office), penny round tiles provide a fluid, reflective appearance to the wall, bouncing light and energy around and mimicking the feel of natural light.