Explore Your Dark Side – How To Decorate With Skulls

Sure, skulls are creepy, gloomy, scary and all that but they also have a beautiful and interesting side. In fact, you can even use them as decorations. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do that although you shouldn’t need a special reason to explore your creativity any other time. Skulls can be artistic, unconventional, even elegant and together we’ll explore the methods through which you can achieve the desired look.

DIY schedel bloempot

A plastic skull can become a planter if you follow a few simple steps. First of all, you need to find the right skull. Check for any educational magazines that might include such an attachment. Cover up the holes at the base of the skull with tape. The seal off the holes from the outside with putty and sand down the excess. You can also sand and then paint the entire skull giving it a coarse look. Then add the soil and the plant. {found on bohomia}.

Halloween Skull Planter

You can also find a tutorial on how to turn a skull into a planter on Themerrythought. You need a hack saw, sandpaper and a plant. First draw a circle on the top of a skull and cut that part off using the saw. Sand down the rough edges and then slid a piece of black paper behind the openings (eyes and nose). Then add the soil and the plant.

Mexican sugar skull planter

Of course, you don’t necessarily need a skull in order to design a planter that looks like one. Check out Sugaranddinosaurs for a cute idea in this sense. It all starts with a simple pot. Paint the pot white and let it dry. Then draw a pattern with a pencil. Paint the contour in black and then add the color.

Halloween Skull centerpieces

Another related design can be found on Sugarandcharm. The skull centerpiece featured here can be created using a styrofoam skeleton head, succulents, duct tape, knife, soil and moss. You can search for a decorated skull like this one or you can decorate one yourself with markers. Check out the instructions and have fun.

DIY Skull Floral Centerpiece

A skull centerpiece such as the one featured on Honestlyyum can be a suitable decoration for the Halloween table. It would replace the traditional flower vase. To make something similar, you need a skull with a removable top, a wet floral foam block, a large ziplock bag and a variety of fresh flowers. You cut the floral foam to size and make it fit inside the skull. You then line the inside of the skull with a plastic bag and you start inserting the flowers.

Upcycle dollar store skull

Crafting a skull vase is actually really simple. If you can’t find a skull with a removable top you can just cut a hole there. Preferably, the skull wouldn’t have any holes for the eyes and nose. That way you can just fill it with water and use it as a vase for colorful fresh flowers. Feel free to spray paint the skull first. {found on prettylifegirls}

Bold Skull Centerpiece

The skull centerpiece featured on Bespoke-bride is very bold and really intriguing. So let’s see how you could make something similar if you so desire. You’ll need a plastic skull, silver spray paint, self-adhesive craft tiles (a lot of them) and fresh flowers. Spray paint the skull with two coats and start applying the mosaic tiles starting with the jaw. At the end, glue the flowers into the eyes.

Glitter skull centerpiece

Not all skull centerpieces have to be vases. In fact, there are tons of other ideas to explore. One of them can be found on Vickyb. The instructions for the project are very simple. You need a skull, mod podge, a paint brush, fine black glitter and an LED tealight. Apply mod podge to the skull with a paint brush, one section at a time. Then sprinkle glitter. Repeat until you cover the entire skull. Then seal it.

Skull Votive Holders

Skulls can also be integrated in a lot of other DIY projects, such as the votive holders featured on Erynwithay. You need a skull, a votive, black glitter, glue and black gloss spray paint for each piece. First glue the votive to the skull. Let the glue dry and then spray paint them. Then dab some glue around the eye sockets and put glitter in. do the same thing for the rim of the votive. You can do the project with black paint as well.

DIY Skull Candle Holder

A skull candle holder would look awesome for Halloween. It would also make an interesting decoration the rest of the year as well. Check out Endlesslyinspired to find out how you can make such a thing. You need a few little plastic skulls and two terra cotta saucers to make the candle holder. After you paint them they’ll look a lot better.

Halloween Skull Wreath

In case you’re looking for a suitable wreath design for Halloween, we just found the perfect one on Triedandtrueblog. To make it you need styrofoam mini skulls, sturdy wire, a hot glue gun and ribbon. Push the wire through each skull trying to be symmetrical. Then make a tight circle and bend the wires. Put some hot glue between the skulls to keep them in place. Add the ribbon and you’re done.

Spider and skull wreath

Another spooky wreath design that uses tiny skulls can be found on Apumpkinandaprincess. For this project you need a glittered wreath form, spider web decorations, fabric flowers, moss and tiny skull decorations as well as any other similar ornaments you’d like to add.

Sugar skull plates

For the Halloween dinner table you can plan on using sugar skull plates such as the ones featured on Markmontanoblogs. You can craft the designs yourself using clear glass plates, spray adhesive, spray paint in various different colors, printable images and a black paint pen.

skull stitched hand towel

You can always add a touch of color and uniqueness to your kitchen. An interesting example is the skull stitched hand towel featured on Ilovedoityourself. The supplies needed for the project include a towel, fabric glue, thread and a needle, a printable skull design and an iron.

Skull bookends

For your bookshelves, try skull bookends. A single skull is enough to make two symmetrical bookends. Start with a foam skull. Carefully cut it in half. Then spray paint it and, when dry, glue it onto a piece of wood. Press down firmly for several minutes. You can also glue first and spray paint at the end. {found on adventuresinfashion}.

3D painted skull art

There’s something disturbing and, at the same time, very beautiful about this image. The fact that a skull is the symbol chosen for the painting is definitely intriguing and so are the colors. But the hand holding the poster make the whole thing even more intriguing and actually quite creepy. {found on design-milk}.