Awesome Ways To Repurpose Simple Objects Into Home Accessories

To repurpose something means to give it a second chance, to find a way to make that item useful in a new and unusual way. You’ve probably already repurposed things without even realizing it. For example, it’s pretty common to use Mason jars as flower vases or buckets as planters. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of some other great repurposing ideas that you might like to give a try these days.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Succulent PlanterView in gallery

Have you every thought of using an embroidery hoop for something other than its intended purpose? There are plenty of ways to do that and some ideas are very creative, like this one from ourcraftymom for example. The tutorial featured here teaches you how to make a hanging planter using embroidery hoops and faux succulents. Some moss and a glue gun are also needed. The solar candle is optional.

DIY pallet garden or balcony herbView in gallery

Pallets are perhaps the most common subject for repurposing projects. You can use them in a lot of cool ways. For example you can make a pallet herb garden. You have to remove some of the boards and you might have to reposition a few others. The coolest detail in this particular case is the use of chalkboard paint. Check out all the details of this amazing DIY project and don’t hesitate to improve or modify the design.

Chair into a Garden BedView in gallery

Chances are that you have an old chair which you no longer like or which can’t be used anymore for various reasons. There’s no reason to think of it as completely useless, not when you can turn it into a garden bed. It’s a simple and wonderful idea which works not just if you have a garden but also if you have a porch, a terrace or even a balcony.

Clock Fairy GardenView in gallery

Remember these old alarm clocks? They’ve become completely outdated and useless these days but don’t throw them in the garbage bin just yet. Wouldn’t you prefer to turn such an old clock into a beautiful fairy garden? You can fill it with tiny succulents and cute little ornaments like a minuscule garden swing like the one shown on acraftymix.

Bookcase With Wooden CratesView in gallery

If it’s furniture you’d rather build, perhaps you’d like the idea or repurposing a bunch of wooden crates into a stylish bookcase. You can basically arrange the crates in any configuration you prefer, based on the available space, the layout of the room as well as your storage needs. Once you secure the crates together the new storage unit starts to take shape.

Shelf by Using Repurposed Wood ShuttersView in gallery

Old shutters can be repurposed too. In fact, they can be used to create some wonderful headboards or, as suggested here, a shelf. The repurposed wood shutter shelf can be displayed in pretty much any area of the house. You can put it in the bathroom, the bedroom, the entryway, the living room or even the office and it can be useful in all sorts of ways. Paint the shutter if you want it to match your existing room decor.

DIY display boxView in gallery

There’s also plenty that you can do with an old wine box. One of the possibilities is to turn the box into a display shelf. You can mount the shelf on a wall or place it in the corner of a room and it can hold things like books, planters, flower vases and anything that fits. Of course, size matters so look for a box that’s just right. You can sand it down and then stain it or you can paint it. You can also line its back and sides with fabric or paper.

Cable reel coffee tableView in gallery

Some ideas can come as a real surprise. For example, did you know you can repurpose a discarded cable reel into a beautiful spinning table? It’s not even that difficult. The table would be perfect for a reading corner. It can store books and you can spin it to browse and to pick the book that you want to read. This is a very fun project with a lot of potential and it definitely deserves a chance.

Cutting Board Tablet StandView in gallery

There’s not much you can do with an old cutting board, or so might some of you think. That’s not entirely true. One of the options is to turn a cutting board into a tablet holder so you can browse recipes or look at videos while you’re cooking. A cool thing about this idea is that you can still store the stand as you would a cutting board, more or less.

Wooden Hanging JewelryView in gallery

Small things like hangers can be repurposed too. In fact, how would you like to see how you can make a hanging jewelry organizer? Spoiler alert: it’s just a hanger with a bunch of hooks attached to its underside. It’s such a simple and practical idea it’s unusual that we didn’t know about it sooner. In any case, you should think of ways to customize your new hanging organizer to make it look special.

Old tire cozy seatingView in gallery

What do you normally do with your old tires? These are a lot of cool ways in which you can repurpose these heavy and bulky things. For example, you could turn them into flower beds for your garden or you could make a cute outdoor storage stool like this one. If you use waterproof fabric you’ll also be able to keep it outdoors which means you can have a bunch of these things on the porch or in the garden for everyone to enjoy.

Table lamp from clothespinView in gallery

As a kid I had a lot of fun playing with clothespins and building robots and other stuff with them so this particular project sounds like a lot of fun because it lets you enjoy doing the same thing as an adult. The difference is you’ll be building a clothespin table lamp instead of a robot. The lamp looks really cool at night and you can make it look stylish during the day also so be creative.

Old Keys coat rackView in gallery

In case you happen to have a few old and useless keys just lying around we’ll show you now how you can repurpose them into key holders. Isn’t that fun? You’ll actually get to hang your keys on other keys. There’s really not much to say about this project. You just have to bend the keys a bit and to attach them to a piece of wood.

Glass bottle centerpieceView in gallery

At the beginning of this article we mentioned how mason jars are often repurposed into flower vases. Well, wine bottles can work too. Check out this beautiful DIY bottle centerpiece and use it as a reference for your next project. You can make your centerpiece smaller by using a single bottle or bigger by adding more bottles.

Colander-Light-FixtureView in gallery

There’s one more project that we want to share with you today and it’s probably something you’d never expect: a colander light fixture. That’s right, you can even repurpose an old colander. it would make an awesome accessory for the kitchen or you can hang it above the dining table.