Make a Display Shelf Out of an Old Wine Box

Recycling old items has long been known as a way to help the environment. But it can also help you create genuinely unique, beautiful, and even functional pieces for your home. This display shelf is made from an old wooden wine box. Instead of just re-using it as a storage device, you can show off a really interesting piece in an entirely new way. Here’s how to make your own.

diy box shelf

DIY Wine Box Display Shelf Supplies.

  • wooden wine box
  • painter’s tape
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • small hook

Step 1: Prep the box.

wine box

To start this project, you’ll need to be sure that the box is fully cleaned out and prepped. Your average wine box should not be very “finished” so it should feature a natural wood on the inside already prepped for painting. However, if the inside of your wine box is smooth, use some sandpaper on the back surface. Then simply wipe out the inside to make sure there is no dirt or dust.

Step 2: Cover with tape

painting box

Then you’ll need to prepare to paint the inside of the box. Add some painter’s tape around the sides and top and bottom of the box so that you can paint the back of each section a brighter color to make it stand out.

Step 3: Paint back surface.

painted box shelf

Choose a color that will complement your home decor or the items you want to store in the box. Then apply the paint to the back of the top and bottom of the box. Apply multiple coats until you reach your desired color. Then allow the paint to dry fully before removing the tape.

Step 4: Add a hook.

display shelf

The actual wine box itself should include a small shelf toward the top already. But the lid of the box should be completely open. It isn’t quite deep enough to add a full shelf that would be able to hold anything substantial, but it is the perfect size to hang some jewelry or similar items. So simply screw in a small hook toward the top of the lid or just add a 3M hook like the one pictured.

Step 5: Display your items.

diy display box

Now your shelf should be pretty much assembled. Add some of your favorite items and place your box shelf in a prominent area to show off your creation and the decorations inside.