Ways To Add Color to Your Room

A room decorated with neutral and nude tones unquestionably looks sophisticated and evergreen, but there is something very appealing, unique and welcoming about rooms decorated in a colorful manner which sets them apart from the rest. Many homeowners tend to believe that the most effective way to add color to the room is through paint. However, this is not true. You will be delighted to know that there are a myriad of interesting ways to add splashes of color in a room without disturbing the walls of the room. Needless to be mentioned, but these ideas work excellent for rented apartment where one is not allowed to paint the walls.

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Pillows – One of the effortless and effective ideas to add color to a room is to introduce a number of throw pillows in bright colors. Besides accentuating the furniture pieces, throw pillows shall create an amorous space for you to enjoy.

Window treatments – You can easily spruce up the room décor by choosing curtains and drapes featuring vibrant prints and colors instead of basic and uninspiring tones. Stripes, polka dots, floral designs, geometrical prints, etc are few options which you may choose. Alternatively, you may even create your customized window treatment by stitching together pieces of clothes, hanging colorful beads on the curtain, etc.

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Bookshelves – Bookshelves are a great selection to add color in a room effortlessly. Introduce a freestanding tall bookshelf in the room and stock it with books with colorful binding. In addition, you may also use the bookshelf to display your collection of glassware, figures and pottery.

Lighting – Lighting is another simple trick to add quick color to a room. Simply add colorful bulbs to light fixtures in the room for a brighter and distinct feel. Moreover, you may even consider introducing additional accent lighting fixtures in the room to highlight specific portions.

Rugs – if you have always brought brown area rugs as they are simple and evergreen, it is high time to think creatively. Area rugs in bright hues with vivid patterns shall definitely introduce easy splash of color in the room without disturbing the other elements. Alternatively, you may even consider hanging a beautiful rug as a tapestry on the wall.

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Photographs – Photographs provide an excellent easy way to add color in a room as well as customize it. You may either get photographs framed or simply create a colorful collage out of several pictures.