Warm Norwegian Apartment

We are at the middle of spring and days seem warmer and warmer. We almost forgot about the cold winter days although sometimes the cold weather seems to remind of them. Now we can enjoy the warm rays of sun, the nice walks in the park watching the rebirth of nature. Trees seem to catch color while the fields are already green. The only thing that is missing is the trees in blossom which offer spectacular views.

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If you are in search of a warm place too you may think of this warm Norwegian apartment where you can relax and enjoy all its comfort.Its white interiors make of it a spacious and bright place, but the decorations and the art works add some spots of color and charm. Thus there are used huge paintings on the walls, colored pieces of lighting or furniture and vintage items which are very attractive.

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It is a place full of personality and color at the same time.ou may admire the modern dinner table chairs with the lovely red chandelier. The living room with its charming fireplace is irresistible. The round, green carpet with the green colored cushions adds some freshness to this area.

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There is also a modern meeting room where the red pieces of furniture contrast the white interior and a simplistic and comfortable bedroom where you may relax and feel full of life while you try the colored bedding. Everything is arranged and designed in a comfortable and lovely way so that you can enjoy the warm atmosphere and all the charm brought by the details.{found on designattacator}.