Vintage Battani pouf with stripes

Poufs are some of the most versatile items for the home. They make wonderful occasional seats for guests or for anyone who simply wants to be cozy. They also come in all sorts of models in different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. This is the Battani pouf, a cozy and beautiful piece.

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The Battani pouf has a design with a vintage feel. This particular model features stripes in different colors and combinations. It’s a way of putting your signature in the design without making that visible. Each pouf is crafted and sewn from a Moroccan Battani rug. This makes each pouf unique and also an authentic item for your home.

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This is the type of one-of-a-kind items that people usually bring back in their travels. The poufs are handwoven from wool and cotton yams and their overall dimensions are 24’’ sq x 7’’h. they have zipper enclosure and they are made in Morocco. The covers can be removed and cleaned. The Battani poufs are cute, casual, colorful and cozy. They would look lovely in any room of the house. Also, because of their double function, they can be used both as extra seats and as colorful accessories for the home.The price for a Battani pouf is 241.35 euros.