VADO launches the v-touch basin mixer

The bathroom is the one room of the house where function prevails over style. We often choose fixtures that satisfy us in terms of function and efficiency even when the design is not exactly suitable to our tastes. However, some of the most recent creations manage to combine the two features into one great design. The v-touch basin mixer is one of them.

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The design of this fixture is very simple and yet very sophisticated. It’s unlike any other bathroom faucet we’ve seen. This innovation is offered by VADO. It features the latest technology and a very attractive design that would look beautiful in any modern or contemporary bathroom, whether it’s in a private home, in a luxury hotel or anywhere else. The v-touch basin mixer features a touch pad. This allows you to change and adapt the water flow and to control the water temperature. The details are shown on the digital display.

As you can see, the design is very clean and minimalist. The sleek curves and the simple lines are complemented by a matte black sprout. The arched shape of the faucet is visually pleasing and has a very nice aesthetical appeal. The simplicity of the design and the level of technological features used for this piece are characteristic to most new creations. The v- touch basin mixer is a luxury fixture that impresses with more than its sleek looks.